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Angola Unbound
Jeremy Harding reviews ‘Magnificent and Beggar Land’ by Ricardo Soares de Oliveira, ‘A Short History of Modern Angola’ by David Birmingham, ‘Visions of Freedom’ by Piero Gleijeses, ‘A General Theory of Oblivion’ by José Eduardo Agualusa, translated by Daniel Hahn, ‘In the Name of the People’ by Lara Pawson and ‘Cuito Cuanavale’ by G. Shubin, I. Zhdarkin et al, translated by Tamara Reilly · LRB 17 March 2016
Linkage was the lynchpin of Washington’s ‘constructive engagement’ with apartheid, and a blessing in the eyes of Pik Botha, South Africa’s foreign minister. ‘I believe,’ he said in May 1981, reporting back on his meetings with the new administration in Washington, ‘that in the entire period since the Second World War, there has never been a US government as well disposed towards us as the present government.’
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march 2016 by amaah
L’Angola, modèle ou repoussoir pour l’Afrique?
More scrambling for black gold in the great game. Destination: Angola. Africa was never innocent.

L’Angola est le pays qui reçoit le plus d’aides financières chinoises. Une aide qui a bien sûr une contrepartie: près de la moitié du brut angolais part directement alimenter la deuxième puissance économique mondiale.

Ironie de l’histoire, les Chinois sont rejoints par les Portugais, frappés de plein fouet par la crise économique. Appauvris, chômeurs en fin de droit, sans perspective dans leur petit pays, ils arrivent en masse dans leur « nouvelle Amérique », leur ancienne colonie africaine.

Plus de 150.000 d’entre eux ont déjà obtenu un visa pour l’Angola. Un phénomène de cette ampleur est inédit dans l’histoire contemporaine.
africa  greatgame  blackgold  energy  oil  China  Portugal  politics  history  Angola 
may 2012 by amaah
Zambia leader apologises to Angola over past support to Jonas Savimbi
Would Obama ever do the same? Or is the Reagan mythology too strong. I've never seen forthright admissions of wrongdoing let alone apologies for cold war damage.
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may 2012 by amaah
Keeping Foreign Corruption Out Of The United States: Four Case Histories Permanent Subcommittee On Investigations United States Senate (pdf)
$110 Million. Teodoro Obiang, the 40-year old son of the President of Equatorial Guinea... Third Party Accounts... Lost Escrow Business... $18 Million Through Lobbyist Account. Omar Bongo, President of Gabon for 41 years until his death last year, and his eldest son, Ali Bongo,.. In 2007, President Omar Bongo brought $1 million in shrink-wrapped $100 bills into the United States under cover of diplomatic immunity.. Jennifer Douglas, a U.S. citizen and the fourth wife of Atiku Abubakar, former Vice President and former presidential candidate in Nigeria, helped her husband bring more than $40 million in suspect funds into the United States from 2000 to 2008, through wire transfers from offshore corporations.. Pierre Falcone, a notorious Angolan arms dealer had open access to more than 30 U.S. bank accounts in Arizona for 18 years.Aguinaldo Jaime, former head of the Central Bank of Angola, tried twice to transfer $50 million in Angolan government funds to a private account
corruption  finance  money  Africa  Gabon  Angola  EquatorialGuinea  Nigeria  banking  USA  strategy  regulation  sleaze  bongo  culture  politics  power  economics 
february 2010 by amaah
Africa 1989
Oh the memories... The Reign of Locusts, Structural Adjustments, The Great Awakening, A South African Detour, Decentralization... Quote of the year: "The Angolan people, to their infinite sorrow, accept that the war has restarted."
history  review  1989  politics  culture  Africa  democracy  change  Mali  Ghana  SouthAfrica  Angola  Liberia  CharlesTaylor  war  rogues  music  toli 
december 2009 by amaah
France jails 'Angolagate' power players
from Pasqua to Jean-Christophe Mitterand, the nexus of arms smuggling to Angola... The interesting thing is that they sold to both sides although they've been only convicted for their ties to the eventual winners... they had themselves a field day of collateral damage
weapons  arms  corruption  Angola  France  war  business  economics  strategy  rogues  history  politics  gremlins  oil  energy  blackgold 
october 2009 by amaah
Unita to die with Savimbi
from his 2002 obituary: "His fighters laid siege to a country's cities, starved and enslaved its people, and sowed its fields with mines. In 30 years they drove a third of the population from their homes in their battle with the government. "
obituary  rogues  Savimbi  Angola  history 
october 2008 by amaah
Guns, dirty money and French elite on trial
Angola is the key... Mitterand's son and a cast of rogues... laundered money, blood diamonds, kalashnikovs and a free-for-all of a civil war. "Oh they had themselves a field day of collateral damage"
rogues  StrangeBedfellows  weapons  arms  crime  war  civilwar  France  mitterrand  politics  Angola  Africa  corruption  history  trial  GreatGame 
october 2008 by amaah
Angola’s Political and Economic Development
Strictly by the numbers... growing at 16 percent annually, now the largest oil producer, high inequality, large foreign investment (China, US) but skewed towards oil and energy.. very little trickle down to assuage civil war wounds. very young population
angola  economics  Africa  development  strategy  politics  oil  energy 
july 2008 by amaah
Diamonds Are Forever , Wars Are Not. Is Conflict Bad for Private Firms? (pdf)
We find that the stock market perceived this event (the death of Jonas Savimbi and the end of the Angolan civil war) as “bad news” rather than “good news”... research paper on how diamond traders preferred civil war.
economics  business  incentives  monopoly  capitalism  angola  war  conflict  diamond  trade  Africa  markets  research  filetype:pdf  media:document 
may 2008 by amaah
From Old Files, a New Story Of U.S. Role in Angolan War
Plausible deniability. / No fingerprints. / Our hands are clean. / Clean hands. / Strictly business. / Only interests./ [nods]: Only interests.
USA  history  policy  war  civilwar  Angola  Congo  politics  coldwar  Africa 
may 2008 by amaah
McCain And Charlie Black 2: Angola's Abraham Lincoln
Naming some of the strange bedfellows that enabled Jonas ("In the history of the continent, I think he's unique because of the degree of suffering he caused without showing any remorse") Savimbi. A parade of gremlins and parasites. Conscience optional
rogues  USA  Angola  politics  civilwar  history  strategy  waste  strangebedfellows  gremlins  policy 
may 2008 by amaah
A Luta Continua - African Liberation Movement Posters
modulo the sometimes overblown rhetoric, these make great art - the artist as activist in the independence struggle
Africa  art  politics  history  culture  SouthAfrica  Mozambique  Angola  via:Ennis 
july 2007 by amaah
42 may face trial in France in arms sales to Angola
French prosecutors have requested that 42 people, including the son of late French President Francois Mitterrand, stand trial for suspected roles in illegal arms sales to Angola during the African nation's civil war, judicial officials said Wednesday.
mitterrand  rogues  war  france  policy  weapons  Savimbi  Africa  Angola  strangebedfellows  empire  imperialism  politics  coldwar  BlackGold 
march 2007 by amaah
Nowadays, Angola Is Oil’s Topic A
Angola, which shared the stage with the world’s most powerful oil-producing nations at its first OPEC meeting here Thursday, is an unlikely candidate to be the darling of the global oil industry. How times change." I am the Black Gold of the sun" quot M
Angola  oil  economics  politics  analysis  Africa  trade  USA  France  China  BlackGold  GreatGame 
march 2007 by amaah
In Oil-Rich Angola, Cholera Preys Upon Poorest
good analysis of Angola by the Grey Lady although with its customary blindspots in the exposition, no word or commentatry on the cause, or on the motivation of the players, the long history, value-neutral as usual... still the images are poignant
Angola  Africa  slums  development  poverty  corruption  life 
june 2006 by amaah
"Oh they had themselves a field day of collateral damage... Angola is a state of mind"... and a B-movie starring Jonas Savimbi and Ronald Reagan.
Angola  Africa  Marburg  Ebola  Congo  Savimbi  Reagan  politics  war  history  rogues  neocons  waste  loss  Mobutu  USA  JamesEllroy  literature  perception  image  hardboiled  paranoia  documentary  storytelling  Abramoff  b-movie  HeartOfDarkness  ThingsFallApart  toli  writing  GreatGame  observation  America  RonaldReagan  JonasSavimbi  noir 
april 2006 by amaah
Angola's town of fear and lonely death
At the bottom of the hill, a local man pointed out the hut. Inside was the body of a one-month old baby girl. She had died alone, and in great pain. The Marburg virus had already killed her mother; and the rest of the family had fled in fear.
Angola  Africa  Marburg  virus  disaster  disease  Publichealth  health  waste  loss  tragedy  sad  harrowing  medicine 
may 2005 by amaah
Slideshow - Angola Battles Deadly Marburg Virus
A slideshow of photos from the trenches of those trying ot battle the current outbreak of the Marburg virus
Marburg  Ebola  Angola  health  publichealth  policy  disaster  virus  outbreak  Africa  loss  waste  photos  Uganda  sad  medicine 
april 2005 by amaah
Togo election set to unleash new terror in Africa
Human rights organisations estimated that Eyadema kept a personal fortune approaching $3billion in foreign banks while building himself a $6million French-style chateau in his northern home village. Much of his fortune came from his take of Nigeria’s he
Africa  politics  election  war  Togo  France  Angola  guns  arms  corruption  rogues 
april 2005 by amaah
Strange Bedfellows And The Journalistic Impulse
A rant on the journalistic impulse: I'm willing to expound on every topic imaginable, chasing delightful juxtapositions and seeking out the strange bedfellows of this world.
Africa  toli  journalism  history  culture  politics  writing  obsession  memory  Ghana  Congo  Rwanda  Angola  Nigeria  Iraq  military  mother  family  dad  memoir 
april 2005 by amaah

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