The travesty of liberalism
Conservatism consists of exactly one proposition, to wit:

There must be in-groups whom the law protectes but does not bind, alongside out-groups whom the law binds but does not protect.
zingers  politics  culture 
9 days ago
Malfunctioning Sex Robot
Patricia Lockwood reviews ‘Novels, 1959-65’ by John Updike
review  appreciation  hatchetjob  humour  Literature  usa  culture  writing  observation  perception  gender 
20 days ago
Donald Trump Truly Has No Idea What He's Even Talking About
Donald Trump is one of the worst people his generation produced, a vain and vicious and relentlessly exploitive nullity. But there is something pitiable in watching him try to defend himself with the weapons he’s been given by the culture that created him. He opens his mouth to answer for what he’s done and finds that these silly, sordid questions are all he has.
Rogues  Language  comprehension  huhudious  Culture  USA  Politics 
25 days ago
Dictators: the great performers
Enter the useful idiot, the foreign influencer who can be fooled by fireside chats and a tour of carefully curated Potemkin countryside populated by merry peasants.
dictator  History  rogues  politics  strategy  review 
4 weeks ago
Weirding Diary: 10
unraveling glamourous institutions
culture  observation  social  perception 
5 weeks ago
Ghanaians saw Mugabe as their 'in-law'
In Ghana, your in-law is your in-law, and deserves respect, no matter what happens.
Mugabe  History  Zimbabwe  Ghana  observation  mum 
6 weeks ago
Cybersecurity is not very important
Furthermore, in both the cyber and the physical realms, the main vulnerabilities reside in people. Those creatures are not amenable to reengineering, and are only slightly amenable to reasoning and education.
Technology  security  BestPractices  social  standards  risk  web  internet  networks  humanfactors 
7 weeks ago
A Twitch
One might say that there’s a kind of
disease of the right-wing mind which prevents people like Bret
Stephens—especially when they are straight, white, rich, and male—from
perceiving the validity of group identities.
culture  language  hatchetjob  celebrity  rogues  ObserversAreWorried 
8 weeks ago
Through all the changing scenes
n Ghana nobody cares that years of records vanish every day with people changing their dates of birth regularly.
Ghana  culture  bureaucracy  standards  Regulation  law  Africa  mum 
8 weeks ago
Should we all protect our own?
Six of them had been sacked for sexual misconduct with students and four for stealing.

Now this write-up was not seriously contesting the guilt of those who had been sacked.

The complaint was that you do not expose or disgrace your own.
groups  crime  standards  morality  values  Ghana  Culture  observation  perception  Africa  mum 
8 weeks ago
Female footballers to the rescue
I wasn’t in the mood to worry about what was a normal Ghanaian situation of going from construction to rehabilitation, with no maintenance in between.
sports  football  maintenance  Development  Ghana  Africa  culture  mum 
8 weeks ago
Spreading it thin
I discovered in 2003 that if the entire budget of the republic were allocated to only the Ministry of Education, we would still not have enough money to build and equip schools from kindergarten to universities, train and pay our teachers adequately and modernise education to make us competitive in the world.
Economics  Development  poverty  ghana  Africa  mum  policy  Politics 
8 weeks ago
We can’t disgrace yams
Why are we all not eating every day, fried yams, roasted yams, baked yams, yam mpotompoto, yam ampesi, yam fufu and all the other yam recipes my grandmother had?
farming  agriculture  Development  ghana  Africa  culture  Economics  mum  observation 
8 weeks ago
Who speaks for the Ewes?
One of the things I learnt as a child about the Ewes was that after their experience of a dictator king and the flight from Notsie to their present-day abodes, they vowed that never again would they subjugate themselves under one king.

That is why there are so many independent chiefdoms in present-day Eweland and there are and there is no king of Ewes or Volta Region.
Ghana  tribes  Africa  politics  mum  culture  history 
8 weeks ago
The man to clean up our banks
The first time I heard the word “failed” used in relation to an inanimate thing, I was puzzled and got increasingly fascinated by the concept.

I heard it from an engineer friend who, in referring to a newly constructed road, said parts of the road had failed.
Humour  banking  Ghana  Africa  mum  culture  observation  failure  development 
8 weeks ago
Defeated by the typhoon in Shanghai
I took two things away from that visit: (1) Mathematics is critical for any society that wants rapid progress and orderliness is not new to Chinese society, (2) concubines have always had a better deal than wives.
China  travel  culture  observation  ghana  africa  mum  humour 
8 weeks ago
The earth belongs to them also
What is really on my mind today is something that strikes me forcibly every time I go on that road and which seems to exacerbate every day. On this 150-kilometre stretch of road now, it is not possible to find a five-kilometre stretch without human activity of some kind.
Development  urban  city  Ghana  Africa  culture  mum  environment 
8 weeks ago
Reduced to a wreck on the street
I have it on good authority that the biggest number of people arriving at Accident and Emergency departments in all hospitals and clinics in the country are motorbike riders and those they have been in contact with.
roads  safety  transportation  Development  Ghana  Africa  culture  mum 
8 weeks ago
Justice in ramshackle courts
it is impossible to conduct any honourable business in the ramshackle structures that pass for courthouses in parts of the country. And I will have great difficulty submitting to the pretension that these were official buildings where the people worked, deserved any respect.
law  Infrastructure  Ghana  Development  poverty  politics  culture  observation  mum  Africa 
8 weeks ago
Watching Nigeria from afar
I once sat in on Nigeria Senate Budget hearings. Don’t now remember how and why the matter came up, but I certainly remember a Senator dismiss Ghana as having a national budget which was “less, much less than the budget of Lagos State”.
Nigeria  Ghana  Economics  politics  culture  history  Africa  mum  observation 
8 weeks ago
Roy Fielding's protocol that influenced HTTP2 and now 3
Design  http  web  Networks  Technology  Architecture  adoption  BestPractices  REST 
8 weeks ago
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