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bandom365: fic: no sleep
Gerard looked terrible, hollow-eyed and sweaty, and it was still only just after midnight. Frank tightened his fingers on Gerard's arm, and Gerard turned his head a little in Frank's direction.

"Look," Frank said, "just – just until one, okay? Just till then. You can make it."  author:frausorge  rating:pg  pairing:frank/gerard  band:my.chemical.romance  setting:sobriety 
september 2011 by alltheunheard
How You Do That Trick
Gerard looked out the window at the view, and it was still cornfields. It seemed like it had been cornfields, flat and lined to the horizon, since the sun had come up somewhere south of Rockford.

"When are we due in St. Louis?" he said.
smut:blowjob  pairing:frank/gerard  author:frausorge  band:my.chemical.romance  rating:nc-17  setting:on.tour 
september 2011 by alltheunheard

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