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Holding Out for a Hero
When Tony was a prince and Steve was his manservant, they were young and reckless and hopelessly in love. But an attack on Tony's life convinces Steve that he can't protect Tony, so he leaves in the dead of night to train until he can. Ten years later, Steve returns to the kingdom a strong and able knight, but his king is both furious and broken-hearted.
fic  au  marvel  steve/tony  harlequin/regency/royalty  superfamily 
august 2018 by allieyy
Weeds or Wildflowers
“Him.” Steve says it quietly, but with the steely determination Tony knows all too well. “He’s the one.” His gaze is clearly fixed on a skinny boy of about nine years old, arms buried up to the elbows in freshly turned soil.

In which Steve and Tony visit an orphanage, find a young Peter Parker, and become a family - all because of a patch of tulips.
fic  au  marvel  steve/tony  kidfic  superfamily 
december 2016 by allieyy
My Son, My Sun
Just before the events of Iron Man, a baby is left on Tony's doorstep. He wants nothing to do with it at first, but his time in Afghanistan changes his mind and Tony vows to become a better man for his son's sake.
fic  au  marvel  steve/tony  baby  kidfic  superfamily 
november 2016 by allieyy
You Wear My Name Over Your Heart Like It's Invisible
"Why don’t you ever let me see it? If you have the name already, why can’t you tell me whose it is? I thought we were best friends."

Everyone gets their Name when they turn twenty-one. It isn’t their own name either. It’s the name of their Soulmate. When Wade Wilson wakes on his twenty-first birthday, he looks down at his chest and sees Peter Benjamin Parker. He stares for a moment then shrugs, gets dressed, and doesn’t think about it for another six weeks.
fic  au  marvel  peter/wade  soulmate  superfamily 
november 2016 by allieyy
By Numbers
It occurs to Tony one day that he’s never done anything in the right order and Steve is no exception to the rule.
fic  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily 
november 2013 by allieyy
But the Heart
"Okay. So. Kids. It can't be too hard, right? People dumber than us raise kids all the time. Not much to them. Just feed them, water them, distract them with shiny things and make sure they aren't unsupervised for too long. Speaking of which, how long has tiny-spawn been alone in your kitchen?"

Steve and Tony (and The Avengers!) from the movie!cast + child!Peter Parker with a very AU backstory involving genetic experimentation aboard an abandoned space station (but that doesn't--strangely enough--feature all that heavily).
fic  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily 
july 2013 by allieyy
Key To The Heart
This is the story of how Peter Parker-Rogers-Stark fell in love with a S.H.I.E.L.D assassin.
fic  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily  series 
december 2012 by allieyy
Superheroes At School
Peter is getting teased at school and his daddies try to fix it by turning up at the school. In their superhero outfits.
fic  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily 
december 2012 by allieyy
Career Day
It’s Career Day at Peter’s school and his dad’s can’t make it. But then again, they’ve always been ones to surprise him…
fic  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily 
december 2012 by allieyy
What Makes A Parent
Steve wants to adopt a child and Tony’s reluctant. And then there’s Peter.
fic  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily 
december 2012 by allieyy
Don't Sell Pots
Peter has a very important question for his fathers.
fic  au  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily 
november 2012 by allieyy
Hush My Baby (Don't You Cry)
In which Peter is six and is keeping secrets that make him miserable, and his Dads swoop in and save the day. Sort of. Also, Tony gets to go on a Captain America sanctioned rampage, but that's neither here nor there.
fic  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily 
october 2012 by allieyy
The Young Midgardian and Loki
Peter finds out about Loki. Then he finds out what the word adopted means.

“Don’t like yelling,” Peter says, and it’s true. He hates yelling, from everyone. Not just Uncle Thor. “No more yelling.”

“Awwww,” Darcy says, before motioning to take Peter in her arms. Peter concedes and goes to his aunt. “They were yelling? Can you tell me what about?” Darcy asks softly, poking his nose.

“Loki,” Peter says, blinking. Darcy blinks as well, looking up at Thor, who sighs.

“It is true,” Thor mutters and Peter nods. “Adopted!” he says, repeating the word he heard his Dad say. Then he blinks. “What’s it mean?”

Aunt Darcy stares at him for a bit, before smiling. “It’s when first, you have one set of parents, and then the next, you have another!” she says, brightly. “Like me. I’m adopted.”

“You are?” Peter says softly. “You evil, too?”
fic  au  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily  series 
october 2012 by allieyy
Building Stars Together
“JARVIS. Lights.”

The lights go off and for a brief moment they’re both in darkness. Peter shifts uncomfortably, the darkness too close to a closet that he hid himself in as he heard seven gunshots downstairs at his aunt and uncle's house. But then the soft blue light inside the night light comes to life and stars light up on Pete’s ceiling and around the walls; a few even fall on the floor.

“Well, how ‘bout that, Peter Pan. You got all the stars right here in your room.”
fic  au  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily  series 
september 2012 by allieyy
Call Me Anytime You've Got a Ghost
If he couldn’t get Peter to settle in the bed and go back to sleep he’d get up and walk around the tower to show the boy that everything was okay. If it wasn’t too cold, Tony would go out onto the balcony and point to the various buildings lit up in the distance, making a little game out of it by misidentifying them every now and again just so Peter would correct him. It not only distracted Peter from whatever had scared him to begin with, but also made Peter happy being ‘smarter than Papa’.


In which Peter has another nightmare, Tony blames Clint for everything, and Steve sits back and smiles.
fic  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily 
august 2012 by allieyy
JARVIS Said I Could
In which five year old Peter wreaks havoc via Tony’s workshop.
fic  au  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily 
july 2012 by allieyy
The Life and Times of Anthony Stark: Family Man
A bunch of ficlets focusing on Tony and Steve being Peter's parent's, and their attempt and struggle to be more than a superhero (and somewhat dysfunctional) family with all the Avengers around.
fic  marvel  steve/tony  clint/coulson  baby  series  superfamily 
july 2012 by allieyy
light brought in buckets
Tony and Steve adopt a young Peter, and Tony handles being a father with all the grace that can be expected of him.
fic  au  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily 
june 2012 by allieyy
Steve and Tony just keep finding new ways to make Peter's life horribly and painfully awkward.
fic  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily 
june 2012 by allieyy
The Avengers' Babysitters' Club
Tony and Steve adopt Peter. It's hard to find a suitable babysitter, even if you're Tony Stark (or especially when you're Tony Stark). Unapologetic fluff, no spoilers for the movie, written as a Christmas' gift for a friend and now translated into English.
fic  au  marvel  steve/tony  superfamily 
june 2012 by allieyy
Two Sides of the Coin
The reactions of Tony and Steve upon discovering that their adopted son, Peter Parker, has decided to go into the family business.
fic  marvel  steve/tony  marriage  superfamily 
february 2012 by allieyy

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