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It’s Official: Aardvark Books Will Close in January - October 30, 2018 - SF Weekly
Aardvark’s impending closure marks the end of another independent bookstore in San Francisco. There are about 57 left in the city, according to the city’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development, a figure that includes comic-book shops, museum gift shops, and retailers with small book selections
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december 2018 by allaboutgeorge
Sorry New York, California Is Just Better Now - Eater
So collectively, Los Angeles and the Bay Area project out into the world enlightened multiculturalism, casual confidence, quality born from exceptional farming, freethinking (dishes can taste of a specific village in Mexico or a chef’s tinkerings; if it truly hangs together both are okay!), luxury, and accessibility.
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september 2018 by allaboutgeorge
Otis R. Taylor Jr.: Looking serious while black: Reactions reflect some troubling attitudes
I'm not angry.

But that's the perception some readers have of me based solely on the photo that accompanies my column. I know this because since my column debuted in this space exactly two years ago today, I've received a steady stream of emails and handwritten notes imploring me to smile.
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august 2018 by allaboutgeorge
The Beat Generation: Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gary Snyder, Diane di Prima look back at an American cultural movement - Washington Post
More than a half-century after their emergence, the Beats still offer up wild style, a sense of freedom and wonder for the natural world almost unrivaled in postwar literature. But their work has perhaps been more misinterpreted than nearly any literary group in history — partially because there was no consistent ideology binding them. As Ferlinghetti put it succinctly: “The Beat Generation was just Allen Ginsberg’s friends.”
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july 2017 by allaboutgeorge
Heyday — ABC Oakland
A is for Aviary, a home for the birds; B is for Broadway, from College to Third. C is for Cranes standing tall in the sky; D is for Dogs, wagging tails, saying “hi!”
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june 2017 by allaboutgeorge
Untitled (
: Prayers for Orlando: More written wishes for The Pulse's shooting victims at vigil Sunday
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june 2016 by allaboutgeorge
Untitled (
: Prayers for Orlando: Written wishes share sentiment for The Pulse's shooting victims at vigil Sunday
SanFrancisco  from twitter
june 2016 by allaboutgeorge
I love this pic: Ayman from Bahrain made my day by saying v kind things about my work on the BART
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june 2016 by allaboutgeorge
Camp-paigning on 's Valencia St. After writing-in my name, complete da arrow on yr ballot.
FeelTheBern  SanFrancisco  from twitter_favs
may 2016 by allaboutgeorge
RT : Beautiful day on Bay & the view of , East Bay hills. walking's good for one's body & soul
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january 2016 by allaboutgeorge
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