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Claudia Rankine On Her New Play, The White Card
In terms of entertainment and art, there is the sense that the portrayal of this is valuable — and literally valuable. You can’t separate this commodity and supply-and-demand world that we are in. So when the artist goes there, they are going there because the public demands it. So then the question is, What is being bought, given, made, and sold? It’s a question that I’ve had for myself.
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Stanford sociologists explore who does, and doesn’t, want a DNA ancestry test
“The history and timing of migration to the U.S. weakened family ties for some people more than others,” said Horowitz, lead author of the paper, who received his PhD in sociology at Stanford. “Genetic ancestry testing is marketed to relieve uncertainty,” he said.
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Race and Russian interference: Senate reports detail age-old tactic | World news | The Guardian
“Equally important was putting black activist language out on social media in order to scare white citizens into thinking their nation was changing, and mobilize white voters in support of Trump,” he said, pointing to posts that falsely showed Black Lives Matter activists with guns and claimed they planned to exercise their second-amendment rights.

“Black folks were not the target for that,” Johnson said, adding in reference to pro-law enforcement conservative reactionaries: “I’m convinced the ‘Blue Lives Matter’ crowd was the target there.”
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Tristan Walker on the Roman Empire and Selling a Start-Up to Procter & Gamble - The New York Times
I was 24 when I came to Stanford. The other 24-year-olds here were not only making millions of dollars but fundamentally changing the world. Why did I not have any idea this place existed? There was this world, this innovation economy, that by design I was unable to participate in because I didn’t know about it.
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The Reality of Being a Black Journalist Covering Local D.C. News
“Some black people move through life without being conscious of their own racial makeup and how the world sees them, but I can’t do that.”
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The Queer Generation Gap
This is an acknowledgment of that resentment, of the eye rolling and the snickering with which we respond to the youth (ah, youth!). In the end we are not judging you for being empowered. We are judging ourselves for not being empowered enough.
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The Proposal's Jasmine Guillory on How to Write Consent - The Atlantic
“There are so many hard things going on. [But] reading romances about women of color finding joy and finding love is just something so affirming to me and something that I need to read,” she said. “Because all day you’re looking at the news or you’re on Twitter and you’re seeing all of the bad things that are happening to women out there, and I just need to see men treating women well in a book, you know?”

“Women who have their voices heard and have joy and love and agency—that's the thing I really love about romance.”
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Kiese Laymon and Casey Gerald Confront American Success - The Atlantic
“It ain’t about making white folk feel what you feel,” she told him—advice that Gerald’s Granny seems to have lived by too. “It’s about not feeling what they want you to feel. Do you hear me? You better know from whence you came and forget about those folk.” Unlike the American Memoir, our stories must be honest. That is how we get free.
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The True Story of "The Greatest Showman on Earth" | History | Smithsonian
“He had these new ways of making racism seem fun and for people to engage in activities that degraded a racially subjected person in ways that were intimate and funny and surprising and novel,” says Reiss. “That’s part of his legacy, that’s part of what he left us, just as he also left us some really great jokes and circus acts and this kind of charming, wise-cracking ‘America’s uncle’ reputation. This is equally a part of his legacy.”
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Is Streetwear the New Americana? - Fashionista
"There is a lot of interesting variations because this country is not monocultural or monotonic," says Clark. "That's what has been fascinating about this country in the last 100 years. It has been truly multicultural, multiethnic and multiracial and that is also embedded in different takes in Americana."
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I Am Not a Fish Dating a Bird | G’Ra Asim
Ascribing some kind of nobility to the choice not to date a black woman if you’re a black person or not to date an Asian man if you’re an Asian person is more likely to play into existing stigmas than ameliorate them.
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Did Obama Win Because He Addressed White Americans as Individuals? - Atlantic Mobile
"Independence was more motivating," she said. "...Instead of saying something like, 'We're responsible for one another so we must do x behavior' -- do more gun control, recycle more -- it might be better to say, 'You can make this better for all Americans' ... really emphasizing their individual agency."
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Black Freaks, Black Fags, Black Dykes: Re-imagining Rebecca Walker’s “Black Cool” | The Feminist Wire
Given this, it seems to me that any notion of black cool that is only imagined as being exercised or embodied by black masculine men and/or some masculine women is, well, played out. Black cool is multi-textured, unrestrictive, and forever changing. We, black folk are diverse in our embodiments, sexual identities, and gender expressions; therefore, our imaginations of black cool, if they are to be unrestrictive, should be vast enough to consider feminine women, feminine men, gender variant/trans men and women, and differently-abled individuals.
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The Persistence of Racial Resentment -
Despite how controversial it has been to talk about race, researchers have gathered a substantial amount of information on the opinions of white American voters.
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february 2013 by allaboutgeorge
Sepia Mutiny’s Closure Is a Reminder: Blogging While Brown Ain’t Easy - COLORLINES
For Mukhopadhyay, the shift in blogging culture signals a lack of infrastructure for people who want to talk about important issues in ways that don’t generate income. She suggests a progressive startup plan that’s funded by big non-profits and advocacy groups whose campaigns are often supported by bloggers and that can generate income. “The larger activist community needs to come together to figure out how to support our voices, since they matter.”
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Opinion: What does Blackness look like? – In America - Blogs
"And somehow I made it my mission to identify that “one-drop” any chance I could get."
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Clarence Clemons, Much More Than Springsteen’s Sideman -
Of course Mr. Clemons was the band’s abiding African-American musician, who kept the E Street Band multiracial after the early departure of a keyboardist, David Sancious, also African-American. Along with the sound his saxophone brought to the songs — of soul and R&B, of urban sophistication and wildness — Mr. Clemons’s imposing figure declared that the E Street Band was sharing rock ’n’ roll’s black heritage, not plundering it. In America’s long, vexed cultural history of race, his bond with Mr. Springsteen made Mr. Clemons a symbol of unity and reconciliation.
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Clarence Clemons, E Street Band Saxophonist, Dies at 69 -
He was older than Mr. Springsteen and most of his future band mates, and he often commented on the oddity — even the liability — of being a racially integrated group in those days.

“You had your black bands and you had your white bands,” he wrote in his memoir, “and if you mixed the two you found less places to play.”
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june 2011 by allaboutgeorge
Looking for a 'Hangover' cure
Here's how it might work: Get together a group of smart, influential tastemakers -- journalists, critics, student leaders, bloggers. Have them select five indie Asian American creators -- writers, filmmakers, musicians -- from an open call that includes anyone with a brand-new, brashly different and commercially viable product.

Send these creators on a collective national barnstorming tour of the college campuses with the biggest Asian American student representation -- reading, performing, speaking, and showing their work and their potential. The costs of the tour would be covered by student organization funds and corporate sponsors.

Here's the kicker: Although attendance at these events would be free, every attendee would have to purchase one of the five products these artists are promoting on the spot, while enrolling in an online community that gives the artists long-term engagement with their consumers.
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june 2011 by allaboutgeorge
How Drudge "stays on top"? Pandering on race, right-wing paranoia | Philly | 05/16/2011
We should by all means talk about Matt Drudge, but we need to be honest about who he is, who he influences and how -- and that is a far uglier picture that the one that New York Times readers got today. Of all the exaggerated, half-bogus story lines that have been spun on the Drudge Report, none has been more successful or more enduring than the legend of Matt Drudge himself.
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may 2011 by allaboutgeorge
WE ARE ALL AFRICAN NOW | More Intelligent Life
It is not the Rastafarian return to the Rift Valley that comes to mind as I listen, genetically elegant though it now seems, but the first hunter-gatherers making it through the Gate of Tears and heading for every point in our world.
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The One Drop Rule: How Black Is "Black?" | Psychology Today
"In one study, participants were presented with faces on a computer screen." (h/t )
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Once Rare in Rural America, Divorce Is Changing the Face of Its Families -
Maria Kefalas, a sociology professor at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and co-author of “Hollowing Out the Middle,” a 2009 book about the migration of the educated class from rural Iowa, said that changes in families have been profound. She noted that the alarm sounded by Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 1965 about the rise of out-of-wedlock births among African-Americans applies to the country as a whole today: One in three babies is born to unmarried parents.

“It has hit the whitest, most married, most idyllic heart of America — Iowa,” Professor Kefalas said. “The cultural narrative about marriage — you get a job, you marry your sweetheart, you buy a house, you educate your kids — has been torn to shreds. Without that economic foundation, the story cannot support itself.”
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march 2011 by allaboutgeorge
Tanya Hamilton's 'Night Catches Us' captures a point in time - Los Angeles Times
I've always been interested in politics, poverty and the working class," says the director. "And the price you pay for dedication to a political movement."

Hamilton sets the tone in the opening credits, turning a series of classic Black Power posters into a potent visual statement but "it was important to me to show the variations of class in black life," she says.

As much as anything, Hamilton says she is drawn to the ordinary within black life, rather than the extremes. "There's a distinct lack of content specific to what it is to be a black American, the variations in that experience, what life is like for people who are ordinary. Those are the stories I want to tell."
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november 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Queer Oakland: Julia Serano uses activism, art to save the day | Oakland Local
"What is oppression? Oppression is about double standards. My hope is that we’ll eventually reach a point where all of these double standards don’t exist."
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october 2010 by allaboutgeorge
A Culture of Poverty - Ta-Nehisi Coates - Personal - The Atlantic
I suspect that a large part of the problem, when we talk about culture, is an inability to code-switch, to understand that the language of Rohan is not the language of Mordor. I don't say this to minimize culture, to the contrary, I say it to point how difficult it is to get people to discard practices which were essential to them in one world, but hinder their advancement into another. And then there's the fear of that other world, that sense that if you discard those practices, you have discarded some of yourself, and done it in pursuit of a world, that you may not master.
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october 2010 by allaboutgeorge
This Is Your Brain on Technophobia. Any Questions? | techyum ::
[...] The sickness, as I see it, is not tech addiction but consumerism. Disagree with me? Then explain why all discussions of technology in the media are governed by the assumption that there’s an “average” consumer — and that said consumer is professional, college-educated, middle-class, and presumably white? And then explain why, if you hang out at the emergency room in East Oakland at three in the morning, you see a hell of a lot more people texting than you’ll ever see at a high-end cafe?

These panicked discussions of technology focus on the behavior of those perceived as having average interests and “typical” behaviors. But this very idea is bankrupt, and assumes a life made fantastically rich by such “average” interests — by implication, said interests being family, God, and middle-of-the-road politics.

But I contain multitudes, bitch. What about the people, like me, for whom learning and reading were agony until computers made it interactive? [...]
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august 2010 by allaboutgeorge
How black people use Twitter. - By Farhad Manjoo - Slate Magazine
"It's my impression that these hashtags start in dense communities—people who are highly connected to each other," Meeder says. "If you have 50 of these people talking about it, think about the number of outsiders who follow at least one of those 50—it's pretty high at that point. So you can actually get a pretty big network effect by having high density."
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august 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Courtland Milloy - WWII hero Vernon Baker fought fascism over there, racism at home
"My hero's mantle has been crafted out of carnage, the senseless sacrifice of young men and my mad-dog desperation to outlast the enemy and disprove the fiction that black soldiers were afraid to fight," he wrote. "It's not a cause for national celebration or the incarnation of heroes. It is reason for us to mourn our losses and question our motivation."
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july 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Viewers Peek at Politico's Diversity -- or Not | The Maynard Institute
The American Society of News Editors encourages news organizations to be forthcoming about their diversity figures, using them for the census of newsrooms it has conducted since 1978, primarily as a means of measuring minority employment.

It found last year that although blacks, Hispanics, Asian Americans and Native Americans represented 33 percent of the U.S. population, the percentage of those groups in newsrooms stood at 13.41 percent.
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march 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Ogilvy Hosts 'Blacks In Tech Panel' At SXSW
Ogilvy & Mather North America will host and moderate a panel and discuss the impact a multicultural and multi-ethnic society has had on technology and the digital space on March 12th at the acclaimed South by Southwest Interactive Conference (SXSW). [Networking will follow ...] Featured panelists include musician and new media pioneer Ryan Leslie (, Kety Esquivel (, CEO for Latinos in Social Media; James Andrews (, founder of digital strategic consulting firm Everywhere; and Nichelle Stephens (, blogger and social media expert. This year's panel follows last year's successful Blacks in Tech launch at SXSW that attracted over 100 participants and provided a forum to engage the black technology community in the festival itself. With this event, the group is expanding its reach to include the Asian and Hispanic communities to provide a multicultural exchange. [...]"
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march 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Huffington Post: Bryan Monroe: Why New Media Looks A Whole Lot Like Old Media
[...] For the underlying DNA of journalism --accuracy, inclusion, clarity, storytelling, fairness and truth -- to live on it must now find a new host. To succeed, we must make sure diverse voices -- all voices -- are represented in digital and on the Web.

So far, though, online journalism ventures haven't figured out that to not just survive, but thrive, they must reflect a changing nation. [...]
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december 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Negro Sunshine « All of the Above (Nov. 14, 2007)
I went to a talk today by prominent self-proclaimed-painter-but-everyone-else-calls-him-a-conceptual-artist Glenn Ligon. He is Black, he is Gay, but beyond those two I think he is a really pretty awesome Artist and Human Being.
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october 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Luc Sante on Robert Frank’s The Americans -
The overt influence of the book on the young may be on the wane these days, in large part because of the different possibilities and demands of digital photography. Among art photographers there may be more interest in manipulation, narrative, scale and deliberate control of the image. In documentary photography, on the other hand, its influence is deep-rooted and seemingly permanent. "The Americans" might be said to have brought agnosticism to photography; it forcefully introduced doubt, as expressed by asymmetry, overlaps, tilts, radical cropping, out-of-focus foregrounds and the use of massed shadows and pulsing glare. That quality has come to be synonymous with truth-telling, even if it has been abused over the years. Until someone comes up with a transformative new way of taking pictures that can convince us it has an even stronger mimetic relationship to the way we actually see, it is likely to stand as such.
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september 2009 by allaboutgeorge
White conservatives say it's their turn for empowerment --
Last weekend, Cindy Wilkerson, a 44-year-old former social worker, helped organize three busloads of protesters who rode from Mississippi to Washington for the big protest targeting President Obama and his policies. The passengers, all white, wore T-shirts identifying themselves without irony as "Freedom Riders."
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september 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Greetings, Golden Gate Bridge jumper / Guess who commits suicide most often from our world-famous span?
I do know that when I cross the GG Bridge these days, I tend to glance over at those guard rails and safety wires with a different sort of appreciation, awareness and sighing sense of wonder. Here is this astonishing architectual icon set against one of the most beautiful backdrops in the world, all teeming with life and movement and possibility, and all quietly underscored with a dark thread of sadness and depression and death.

It is, of course, a metaphor, a microcosm, a symbol that's neither white, nor male, nor middle aged. It's simply universal.
architecture  death  sanfrancisco  demographics  race  gender  white  male  suicide  aging 
september 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Fans overlook Michael Jackson's dark side | U.S. | Reuters
"I think we can multi-task when it comes to our cultural icons," said Jefferson. "We can live simultaneously with their enormous talent, be it a Michael Jackson, or a Marlon Brando or a Judy Garland or an Elvis. And we can live with the knowledge of the enormous damage that they did to themselves, that was done to them, and that they did to other people."
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july 2009 by allaboutgeorge
New York - Sound of the City - From the Voice Archives: Robert Christgau on the Mass Culture Spectacle of Michael Jackson in 1984
The Victory Tour's $30 prices aren't as out of line as they ought to be (Marvin Gaye charged $25 at Radio City--though Bruce's top is $16), but they do seem to keep black kids away, and black kids would have made good company at the Garden. After all, they're the ones who've cared about Michael longest and deepest, who feel his success as more than an exotic accident of statistics and modern communication--and they're also the unnamed potential perpetrators who inspired the tour's massive-to-paranoid security outlay. As delighted as I am to see white America recognize a black heir, I'm not going to think the affection in which he's held means a whole lot racially until it gets generalized a little.
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july 2009 by allaboutgeorge
The Coolness Index « Music Machinery
It may be too hard to tell whether an artist is cool, but we have all sorts of ways to tell that an artist is definitely not cool. For instance, if lots of listeners really don’t want people to know that they are listening to a particular artist, then that artist is probably not too cool. Luckily, there’s an interesting source for just this kind of data. Recently, the researchers at published a list of the ‘most unwanted scrobbles‘. This is a list of tracks that were most frequently deleted by the community from their scrobbles in the last month. These are the tracks that listeners didn’t want people to know that the listened to. Here’s the first page of the most unwanted scrobbles:
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july 2009 by allaboutgeorge
More Thoughts On Being PC - Ta-Nehisi Coates
The luxury of being the majority in a democracy is the right to act like other people don't exist. But the world is changing around them and Birnam Wood is on the march.
politics  race  culture  racism  language  power 
june 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Ronald T. Takaki dies at 70; pioneer in the field of ethnic studies - Los Angeles Times
Takaki was hired and in 1967 taught the university's first African American history class.

When the young Japanese American, sporting a crew cut, walked into the classroom for the first time, the students, some wearing Afros and dashikis, fell silent. One student finally spoke up.

"Well, Prof. Takaki," the student said in a challenging tone, "what revolutionary tools are we going to learn in this course?" Takaki replied: "We're going to study the history of the U.S. as it relates to African Americans. We're going to strengthen our critical-thinking skills and our writing skills. These can be revolutionary tools if we make them so.' "
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may 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Afromusicology by Kyraocity
"Blogging my thoughts about ethnomusicology and the African diaspora. I'm Kyra D. Gaunt, an Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology & Ethnomusicology in NYC."
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may 2009 by allaboutgeorge
Future of White Boys’ Clubs Redux #fowaspeak | FactoryCity
The future of web apps — and the conferences that tell their stories — should not be gender-neutral or gender-blind — but gender-balanced. Today, as it was two years ago, we suffer from a severe imbalance. It is my hope that, in raising the specter of consequences of the lack of women in technology, we begin to make as much progress in stitching diversity into the fabric of our society as we are making in producing source code.
women  gender  technology  race  men  conference  social  innovation  web  feminism 
february 2009 by allaboutgeorge
African immigrants help shape Portland's small black community - Breaking News From Oregon & Portland -
"African American is birth and tradition, but it's also who people say you are," she says. "It's not enough to be African, because that's just who you are by yourself. If you are African American, then you are part of a community."
race  portland  black  oregon  africa  food  immigration  identity  community 
january 2009 by allaboutgeorge | Ideas | For urban idealists, staying power
"I have to be optimistic. I've chosen Toronto as my home. But I've always been really proud of the city. I'd rather be here than any other city in North America, even New York. We don't have race riots or ghettoes."
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december 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Confessions of an Aca/Fan: Race in Digital Space (Revisited): An Interview with Sarah N. Gatson (Part One)
While one might assume that a fandom identity takes the ultimately salient position in a fandom space, what exactly might that fandom identity entail, and who is to say what is the "appropriate" salience a fan's other identities should take in that fan-expressive space? Not talking about race, gender, class, sexuality - or being pressured not to do so - in a fandom space ends up offering a "generic" or "normalized" fan. If that fan is generic, what has typically been the go-to generic fan identity? The fanboy, who also has a presumed race, class, and sexuality, right? We're being disingenuous if we pretend that this isn't so.
attention  identity  presence  reputation  games  race  gender  class  sex  creativity  online  sports 
december 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Science Daily: White Men Attach Greater Stigma To Mental Health Care
"The findings suggest that non-Latino white males, compared to all women and men of other ethnicities, were most likely to mistrust the mental health care system and were also likely to perceive mental illness as a stigma and therefore avoid formal mental health care."
health  white  race  education  money  men  ethnicity  psychology 
september 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Ta-Nehisi Coates (August 12, 2008) - Billy Dee Williams says "Step away from the Cotillion, ma'am"
"I try to render the world through an African-American male lens--its the only one I have. But I also try to remember that the world is bigger than that."
race  identity  quotes  ethnicity  writing  aesthetics 
august 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Data shows nearly even racial mix in Silicon Valley - San Jose Mercury News
"A mix like the Bay Area's is rare. Alameda County could argue that its racial mix is even more balanced than Santa Clara's, because it has a more significant black population, although Santa Clara has larger Asian and Hispanic populations."
race  ethnicity  alamedacounty  santaclara  california  data  information  bayarea 
august 2008 by allaboutgeorge
The Happiness Gap: USC College : News : 2008 : July : Anke Plagnol & Richard Easterlin
"In their analysis, the researchers control for birth cohort and demographic characteristics such as race and education. They find that women are, on average, happier than men in early adulthood — but the glow wears off with time. Specifically, after the age of 48, men’s overall happiness exceeds women’s happiness."
happiness  research  academia  men  women  race  education  science 
august 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Randall Kennedy's "A Note On The Word 'Nigger'" - NPS Ethnography: African American Heritage & Ethnography
"To paper over that term or to constantly obscure it by euphemism is to flinch from coming to grips with racial prejudice that continues to haunt the American social landscape."
language  black  usa  history  culture  thinking  race  racism 
july 2008 by allaboutgeorge
The White Stuff | The American Prospect
"They like running marathons and eating sushi, venerating Jon Stewart and bragging about not owning a TV. They talk endlessly about HBO's The Wire and dance self-consciously to '80s music. [...]"
class  race  racism  white  online  blogging  writing  humor 
july 2008 by allaboutgeorge » Gay interracial relationships: On being “sticky rice” and loving other Asian men: An Asian American/Asian Canadian Blog
"Hopefully, this post — however long-winded as it is — will put an end to my own personal frustration of seeing all the straight Asian people bitch and moan. You all got it lucky. Look at my frickin’ dating pool."
men  asian  dating  relationships  gay  aesthetics  identity  love  gender  race  racism  writing 
june 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Race Matters | The Daily Dish | By Andrew Sullivan
"I still believe a black president is possible in America. Within another generation, it is far more conceivable than it would have been a generation ago. But I also now understand better why it will be an almighty struggle. [...]"
race  president  obama  clinton  2008  elections  campaigns  democrats  pennsylvania 
april 2008 by allaboutgeorge
The Enquirer - Wright's teachings are part of African-American opposition to empire
"Black religious language is inherently evocative, hyperbolic and impassioned - aimed more toward devotion than debate. It is intended to convey divine ecstasy and anger to parishioners, not dialogue among pundits."
religion  spirituality  christianity  black  race  usa  identity  politics  power 
april 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Urban Legends Reference Pages: Barack Obama Endorsed by the KKK
"It's not surprising a spoof article claiming the Ku Klux Klan has endorsed the latter for President (since 'anything is better than Hillary Clinton') would gain currency."
president  politics  obama  music  interviews  hiphop  election  race 
april 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Keystone Research Center (via PR Newswire): Unionization Substantially Improves the Pay and Benefits of African-Americans Workers
"The data demonstrate that unions raise wages and increase access to health insurance and pensions. Unions continue to be a central element of any plan to improve economic equality in this country."
unions  work  jobs  blacks  race  business  health 
march 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Intersectionality Extends to Fat Acceptance Too! at Racialicious - the intersection of race and pop culture
"It appears that all the people of color who don’t feel quite a part of the fat acceptance movement have a new manifesto. [...]"
race  size  fat  beauty  identity  racism  feminism  activism  fashion 
march 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Reading Obama ::
"On the Flesch-Kincaid readability scale, Obama's sentence requires a Grade 12 education. On the Flesch Reading Ease scale, it comes in at 21.1 out of 100. That's hard."
obama  writing  race  politics  elections  english 
march 2008 by allaboutgeorge
FindLaw's Writ - Dean: Barack Obama's Smart Speech "A More Perfect Union" Did It Reveal Him To Be Too Intellectual To Be President?
"Computers have made it rather simple to determine the intelligence or grade level of a speech by measuring it with the Flesch-Kincaid test, which is found on the Tools/Options menu of Microsoft Word."
obama  elections  information  story  writing  c  computers  english  politics  race 
march 2008 by allaboutgeorge
The Race Card - Richard Thompson Ford - Book Review - New York Times
"We should begin by looking at racial injustice as a social problem to be solved collectively rather than as a series of discrete wrongs perpetrated by bad people."
books  politics  race  reviews  nonfiction  criticism  black  white  asian  latino  justice  social  ethics 
february 2008 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Radical Love Gets a Holiday
"[H]e asked if that meant I grew up 'fondling snakes in trailers.' I replied: 'You know that book club you're in? Well, my church was a lot like that, except that we actually read the book.'"
religion  race  politics  spirituality  love  ethics 
january 2008 by allaboutgeorge
WebMD: Vitamin D May Ease Depression
"But how much vitamin D you need depends on several factors, such as the environment you live in, what time of year it is, your skin type, and sun exposure."
health  medicine  brain  psychology  race 
january 2008 by allaboutgeorge
..::Black PR Wire, Inc. - Car designs cater to the public
"Honda was listed as the sixth car maker out of the 10 most purchased brands for African Americans in 2005 yet experts believe that Honda can climb higher up the ranks if focused more of the black consumers’ expectations and self-perception."
marketing  cars  japan  black  race  identity 
december 2007 by allaboutgeorge
News & Politics: The Snitch - Obama in Oakland — Barack's California Epicenter Draws Neophyte Canvassers; "Never go inside the house"
"[I]t’s not Obama’s position or strategy or idea of race that lets him walk into Oakland like he’s the new sheriff in town – it’s the fact that he’s comfortable with it. His personal ability to defang the issue is what really, really, has them
obama  race  politics  oakland  elections  2008  democrats  identity 
december 2007 by allaboutgeorge
The Real Chicago Blues, an interview with David Grazian
"The search for authenticity is more often based on what we think places and people ought to be like, instead of what they actually are like."
blues  books  music  society  chicago  illinois  aesthetics  identity  race 
december 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Okay, He Wore Polyester. But He Still Speaks to Us. -
"'The ethnic American feels unappreciated for the contribution he makes to society. In many ways he is treated like the machine he operates or the pencil he pushes.'"
ethnicity  dance  1970s  music  race  nyc 
december 2007 by allaboutgeorge From the Author - Daniel Walker Howe - What Hath God Wrought
"I use it without punctuation as an ambiguous quotation, that serves, as does my book, both to affirm and question the American experience in the years between 1815 and 1848."
books  race  usa  history  nonfiction  aesthetics 
november 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Ross Douthat (October 10, 2007) - Reihan: Defending Wes Anderson
"Once we give up on the idea that white people are the center of the universe, which we should, it makes sense to have a Tyler Perry of the white man. That's Wes Anderson."
film  cinema  ethnicity  race  identity  india  white 
october 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Tony Gleaton aims lens at black Mexicans - Los Angeles Times
"A lot of what we believe now is based on the myth of the past. And there are a lot of interesting things that most people don't know."
race  mexico  photography  art  travel  interviews  ethnicity  beauty  aesthetics  latino  black  immigration 
october 2007 by allaboutgeorge
ABC News: Part I: My Grandfather's Son
"People feel free to say about me what they think about lots of blacks. Because of the heterodox views I've taken, they have license to say it about me with impunity." How's this makes you special again?
politics  race  supremecourt  interviews  law  books 
october 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Clarence Thomas: The Justice Nobody Knows, Supreme Court Justice Gives First Television Interview To 60 Minutes' Steve Kroft - CBS News
"It's fascinating that people, there's so many people now who will make judgments based on what you look like." As opposed to what one does and how one acts?
interview  law  news  politics  supremecourt  books  race 
october 2007 by allaboutgeorge
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