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Tom Walsh: Detroit area has tech jobs base to build on | Detroit Free Press |
Southeast Michigan has the highest concentration of technology-related employment in the Midwest, and trails only San Jose, Calif.'s Silicon Valley region nationally in architecture and engineering employment, according to a new study to be released on Mackinac Island today.

The study, conducted by Anderson Economic Group of East Lansing for the Automation Alley business accelerator, compares the seven-county Detroit region with 14 other U.S. metros, including Boston, San Jose, Seattle, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Dallas and Austin, Texas. Midwest metros included Chicago, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Grand Rapids.
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WordPress, Twitter, the Elks Club: 10 new routines at a news startup » Nieman Journalism Lab
“I wouldn’t trade this job for anything,” he said. “Mary and I were both reflecting the other day on the fact that if there were an opportunity to become an employee of another entity doing pretty much the same thing, there would be no way.”

“I’m not a very good cog,” Askins went on. “If we had to apply for jobs, I wouldn’t hire me. I would say, ‘That guy’s tasted what it feels like to be his own boss.’”
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Content Bridges: In Desperation, Detroit Papers Flip the Switch
As Lou Mleczko, president of the Detroit Newspaper Guild Local 22, reported:

"And [Detroit Media Partnership CEO David] Hunke said, if we don't do this, the current model is unsustainable. So he'd rather take the calculated risk of going to a new format -- rather than sit back and do incremental cutbacks."
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Chicago Reader | Hot Type | The Rust Belt Reader: Could a regional newspaper improve the midwest’s prospects?
"Today’s newspaper racks offer a mix of national newspapers that the elites read and hyperlocal papers strong on obituaries and chicken dinners. The trouble is, those national newspapers don’t focus on the special problems of the midwest."
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