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Kiese Laymon and Casey Gerald Confront American Success - The Atlantic
“It ain’t about making white folk feel what you feel,” she told him—advice that Gerald’s Granny seems to have lived by too. “It’s about not feeling what they want you to feel. Do you hear me? You better know from whence you came and forget about those folk.” Unlike the American Memoir, our stories must be honest. That is how we get free.
memory  books  nonfiction  writing  race  usa  academia  family  identity  presence 
october 2018 by allaboutgeorge
The New Yorker: Crying in H Mart
I wonder how many people at H Mart miss their families. How many are thinking of them as they bring their trays back from the different stalls. Whether they’re eating to feel connected, to celebrate these people through food. Which ones weren’t able to fly back home this year, or for the past ten years? Which ones are like me, missing the people who are gone from their lives forever?
memory  family  southkorea  food  shopping  identity  philadelphia  cancer  asianamerican 
august 2018 by allaboutgeorge
Ask Polly: ‘I Hate Men.’
But even as the sky falls, know that you are the decider. Feel that in your heart. Yes, you’re broken and the world is exploding. But you’re still alive. You’ve been staring into a tiny diorama instead of seeing the gorgeous, windy, overheated horizon right in front of your eyes. Step onto this broad landscape, feel the hot wind in your hair, and know that you are powerful beyond measure.
feminism  relationships  power  men  women  family  advice 
november 2017 by allaboutgeorge
I Wish I Had Videos of My Dad's Accent - Father's Day Essay
The last remaining evidence of my father's voice, the final thing that roots him and his existence in my brain, will eventually cease to exist–just like VHS tapes, and the accent he spoke with, and my memories of him, too.
language  speech  parenting  memory  technology  culture  curation  family  english 
june 2017 by allaboutgeorge
Spending on pet funerals increases in Sacramento and beyond - Sac Paws -
Despite a shaky economy, owners are expected to spend almost $51 billion on their pets in 2011, up from about $48 billion in 2010. Sixty-two percent of U.S. households, or 72.9 million homes, own a pet according to a survey by the America Pet Products Association.

Numbers are not available on how much owners spend on pet burial services, but those in the industry say they have seen a jump.
pets  business  california  animals  family  death 
july 2011 by allaboutgeorge
Dan Savage on the Virtues of Infidelity -
“One size never fits all, and it isn’t just dividing between men and women and gay and straight. Monoga­my is not natural, nonmonogamy is not natural. Variation is what’s natural.”
marriage  sex  polyamory  love  disclosure  family  relationships  reputation  men  women  gay 
july 2011 by allaboutgeorge
Charlie Louvin, Country Singer, Dies at 83 -
“When it comes time for the harmonies to come in, I will move to my left because my brother and I always used ... one microphone,” he said of performing solo. “Even today, I will move over to the left to give the harmony room, knowing in my mind that there’s no harmony standing on my right.”
family  music  country  obituaries  death 
january 2011 by allaboutgeorge
Interview: Kathleen Hanna on The Raincoats and Building an Archive « The FADER
It’s not so much about nostalgia, it’s about leaving a record so that people can view things in the future. I think of punk rock as more of an idea than a genre, and I don’t see it as antithetical to the notion of building on things. I didn’t have a grandma who like, left me a trunk full of shit. I always wanted to leave that trunk full of shit for someone else, you know? Feminism created a family structure for me.
music  history  academia  rock  activism  women  feminism  power  family 
november 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Why I Returned My iPad - Peter Bregman - Harvard Business Review
Being bored is a precious thing, a state of mind we should pursue. Once boredom sets in, our minds begin to wander, looking for something exciting, something interesting to land on. And that's where creativity arises.

My best ideas come to me when I am unproductive. When I am running but not listening to my iPod. When I am sitting, doing nothing, waiting for someone. When I am lying in bed as my mind wanders before falling to sleep. These "wasted" moments, moments not filled with anything in particular, are vital.

They are the moments in which we, often unconsciously, organize our minds, make sense of our lives, and connect the dots. They're the moments in which we talk to ourselves. And listen.

To lose those moments, to replace them with tasks and efficiency, is a mistake. What's worse is that we don't just lose them. We actively throw them away.
addiction  attention  creativity  family  parenting  brain  ipad  work  socialmedia  time  technology  psychology  gtd  apple  innovation 
june 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Screw happiness - Feminism -
Here is what I have deduced so far both from my experiences and from the hissed warnings of those who propel me toward their idea of happiness and simultaneously warn me it will never really be attainable: There will be peaks -- falling in love, seeing new places, enjoying whatever form a family takes, drinking a beer on a warm night, seeing a baseball team win a long coveted pennant. And there will be valleys -- divorces and illnesses, joblessness and money trouble, watching those you love in pain, a ninth inning playoff loss. In those valleys, I'm not sure that it's happiness we first strive for, but rather the power to not get stuck, to move toward just slightly higher ground. A spot within view of a peak will often do just as nicely as a seat atop it.
happiness  psychology  health  attention  beauty  love  family 
may 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Is Marriage Good for Your Health? -
“When someone holds your hand in a study or just shows that they are there for you by giving you a back rub, when you’re in their presence, that becomes a cue that you don’t have to regulate your negative emotion,” he told me. “The other person is essentially regulating your negative emotion but without your prefrontal cortex. It’s much less wear and tear on us if we have someone there to help regulate us.”
marriage  health  relationships  love  family  brain  emotion  research  science 
april 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Sacramento professor asks 30-year couples what keeps them married - Sacramento Living - Sacramento Food and Wine, Home, Health | Sacramento Bee
[...] Communication, respect and shared interests are among the themes emerging from his interviews.

"These are not check boxes," he said. "You develop a communication style and openness, and from that comes common interests and respect for the individual. I'm trying to get my students to stop looking for check boxes and the ideal picture."

He also wants his students to learn that sooner or later, every marriage faces difficulties.

"The key is how you overcome obstacles," he said. "Every marriage that's together 40 years is not perfect all the time. These people had their problems, and they worked through them.

"Just because it's hard doesn't mean it's bad," he added. "It means you're working through something you're committed to."
marriage  relationships  love  communication  presence  research  family 
january 2010 by allaboutgeorge
An Irishman's Diary - The Irish Times - Wed, Jan 20, 2010
ONE OF the features of recent decades here has been a big revival in the use of old Irish names. Parents of new-born babies have scoured the history books for names of saints or kings or warriors: the more ancient-sounding and unusual the better. [...]
names  attention  ireland  family  children  parenting  beauty  language 
january 2010 by allaboutgeorge
Anthropology Matters, Vol 11, No 2 (2009) -- Being cool or being good: researching mobile phones in Mozambique by Julie Soleil Archambault (SOAS)
Drawing on my fieldwork experience in Inhambane, southern Mozambique, where I conducted research on mobile phone use amongst youth, my paper tackles issues of acceptance and rejection. As I sought to gain acceptance amongst youth I found myself participating in various controversial and, at times, dangerous activities that made me the victim of intense gossip and outright rejection by some. The fact that I came to the field accompanied by my husband and daughter only made matters worse. In this paper, I present the challenges of “being cool”, while also “being good”, and the repercussions of my research choices on my social standing. I then discuss how, instead of compromising my research, this predicament had a positive outcome by revealing social dynamics that might otherwise have remained hidden, namely the importance of concealment and the ambiguous role mobile phones play in deceit.
mobile  africa  research  science  social  behavior  ethics  family  story 
december 2009 by allaboutgeorge
‘The Brothers Warner’: of film and family |
"Power is an interesting state of existence, and it's a very delicate and potentially dangerous tool if you don't know how to control it."
power  identity  cinema  film  hollywood  california  family  creativity 
september 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Greetings from the energized GOP base - Los Angeles Times
"That family is so American. The pregnant daughter, the baby with Down syndrome, the husband who doesn't have as big a career as his wife." "The boyfriend with the embarrassing MySpace page. That's real life! Go Sarah Barracuda!"
palin  republicans  elections  campaigns  usa  politics  family  social  losangeles 
september 2008 by allaboutgeorge
Love & Money -
"The truth is that fighting about money is easy. Much harder is to talk and listen and fashion together a solution that makes both people content."
money  work  love  relationships  marriage  communication  family  families 
december 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Raise a glass and toast the remarkable Guinness family - Food & Drink - Features - Belfast Telegraph
"For, far being from high-born, the original Down Guinnesses were probably of the helot-class, virtual slaves whose lack of blood or connection meant that they were excluded from positions of wealth or influence in patrilineal Gaelic society."
beverages  alcohol  ireland  family  books  europe 
december 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Tighter Border Delays Re-entry by U.S. Citizens - New York Times
“These two communities are very interlinked, not only by trade and commerce, but by family, religion, education. When a person leaves El Paso to go to Juárez, it’s like going across the street. They don’t consider it leaving the country."
immigration  usa  mexico  travel  family  religion  education  texas 
october 2007 by allaboutgeorge
a sense of face: the acht brothers, 1891
"[S]omehow in meeting people, in talking to them, i feel as though i gather up pieces of myself that i didn’t know were there, in some measure unraveling essential truths about who i am and where i am from."
judaism  family  history  israel  russia  identity  genocide  memory  story  relationships 
september 2007 by allaboutgeorge
The genes that build America: Piecing together the DNA jigsaw | Magazine | The Observer
"I want to reclaim my history. My wife is Indian. She speaks her native language. She knows where her family is from. I want to know my history, too."
family  genealogy  history  news  politics  race  racism  science  usa 
july 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Project X: Bringing The Family Along - Idolator
"There's little introduction necessary for this one. While on vacation in Minneapolis two weeks ago, I played my family the Top 10 of Billlboard's Hot 100 for July 7, 2007, and recorded their comments as best as I could."
music  family  minneapolis  weblogs  criticism  hiphop  pop  aesthetics 
july 2007 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Judd Apatow's Family Values
"I finally learned something maybe most people learn as a kid. If you want someone to come around to your point of view, it’s not wise to curse and then tell them they're idiots."
family  families  cinema  story  fiction  memory  creativity  friendship 
may 2007 by allaboutgeorge
My First Lesson in Motherhood - New York Times
"We would not have chosen the burdens we anticipated, and in fact we declared upfront our inability to handle such burdens. But we are stronger than we thought."
parenting  women  family  families  marriage  china  usa 
may 2007 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: The Amis Inheritance
“You have to distinguish between what is universal for your age group [...] and what is reality [...] I believe that a writer has a solemn duty to be cheerful and to guard against the failures of tolerance which characterize age."
aging  creativity  writing  fiction  novels  uk  family  memory 
april 2007 by allaboutgeorge Life | My backroad memorial
"About 10 times a year, I get completely airborne in my vehicle while speeding over the railroad tracks just past my daughters' elementary school a mile from our house."
nonfiction  family  memory  california  rock  music  cars 
april 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Lord of the Rings star: I'm settled with a new family but I'll never leave my ailing wife | the Daily Mail
"I don't think my dear old wife has too many years left, but I would like to stay married to her until she dies. Then I might get down on my knee - if Lisa hasn't moved on by then."
polyamory  relationships  aging  health  cinema  newzealand  love  marriage  family  lordoftherings 
april 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Cooking and Chromosomes » jugalbandi
"When someone tells me I’m lucky to have J, I agree. I’m fortunate I found him when I did, and not when I am 70. However, the fact remains, I refuse to settle for less. He’s equally lucky to have me. [...]"
cooking  food  men  women  feminism  identity  family  families  marriage  relationships  beverages 
march 2007 by allaboutgeorge Lisa Gabriele's "Pretty in Penury"
"Class and all its implications really sets in in high school, when teenagers become aware that, indeed, they are held hostage by their family's socioeconomic status. After all, you live with these people. What they are, you are."
class  poverty  education  cinema  1980s  family  parenting  money  work  jobs  school  illinois  chicago  fashion 
march 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Band aid -
"You got the band together. You found a practice space. You've even started writing your own songs and performing for friends and family. Now comes the hard part."
music  marketing  friendship  family  pop  rock 
march 2007 by allaboutgeorge
Why do men ignore nagging wives? It's all science | Press Esc
"The main finding of this research is that people with a tendency toward reactance may nonconsciously and quite unintentionally act in a counterproductive manner simply because they are trying to resist someone else's encroachment on their freedom."
research  science  psychology  freed  women  sociology  social  relationships  men  marriage  love  family  brain  behavior 
march 2007 by allaboutgeorge
BBC NEWS | Europe | Poles discover their Jewish roots
"When I looked into the mirror I asked myself: why should I be a Jew? It was the biggest shock of my life. It was really a huge blow. For most of my life I hated them. It was too much to take in at once."
judaism  identity  religion  europe  poland  family  history 
november 2006 by allaboutgeorge
SFGate: Foley walked a tightrope as gay Republican / He kept orientation quiet, but he had other, deeper secrets
"I said, how could you vote against me, my family, your own self-interest?" "I could never compare any relationship I have ever had to the nature of my mother and father's relationship."
gay  politics  rnc  republicans  power  family  washington  gop  florida 
october 2006 by allaboutgeorge
NNS: Young Iranians Find New Meaning in Ancient Death Rituals
It's out of respect for our family so we do it, but when I go to visit him alone, I feel he knows I'm there. That's when I think I'm actually reaching him again."
death  iran  islam  family  families  ritual  memory  food  obituaries  religion 
october 2006 by allaboutgeorge
Newhouse News: Dru Sefton's "The Challenge of Sharing a Bed"
"A different job, a deadline, a new boss, someone in the extended family dying, all come to bed with a couple. And it affects sleeping."
sleep  health  men  women  relationships  marriage  family 
september 2006 by allaboutgeorge
WaPo: Estranged Bedfellows
"To be honest, I have never really seen the appeal of spending the whole night sleeping next to somebody. Just because I love someone and want to spend my life with them, doesn't mean I want to be in the same bed at the same time."
sleep  men  women  health  family  sex  relationships  marriage  love 
january 2006 by allaboutgeorge
Guardian UK: Jack in a box
"What else is photography about if it is not about mortality, the passing of time, about life and death? People say, 'Christ, you're a morbid fucker at heart,' but you cannot help but dwell on mortality if you are serious about taking pictures."
death  photography  magazines  art  family 
january 2006 by allaboutgeorge
OT: Hayward mom bored by daughter's alternative lifestyle
"People hear [...] (triad) and they're always expecting wild pagan rituals. I'd like to say there's a bunch of weird things going on, but it's so traditional that it's pitiful. They get up and go to work and come home and eat dinner like everybody else."
polyamory  marriage  men  women  family  children  relationships  parenting  love 
december 2005 by allaboutgeorge
WaPo: Who Controls the Family?
"The population and family planning law affects everyone's individual rights, so a case like this is an important test."
china  family  activism  politics 
august 2005 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Courtship Ideas of South Asians Get a U.S. Touch
"Among South Asian men and women here in their 20's and 30's, the vast majority of whom are foreign born, fewer than 10 percent marry outside their ethnic group, according to an analysis of the Census Bureau's 2003 American Community Survey [...]"
india  marriage  men  women  usa  family  friendship  love 
august 2005 by allaboutgeorge
Slate: Beauty and the Beast
"Yes, I'm supercompetent and I even look great, despite all the crap I have to deal with, and, yes, that's my husband over there, the fat, useless one scratching his nuts."
television  marketing  men  women  gender  family 
january 2005 by allaboutgeorge
NYT: Where Are Icelanders From? The Answer Is in the Genes
"The fact of the matter is that you have to understand the population structure in detail to design association studies in a rational manner."
genealogy  ethnicity  science  family 
january 2005 by allaboutgeorge
WaPo: On Montaigne: Straight Talk Goes Unbent Through Time's Prism
"We still find his words, written in tiny, careful script on the backs of photographs, taped to the objects he left us and in the boxes of papers that remain. It's as if he's found a way to pop up and say hello now and then."
family  parenting  writing 
november 2004 by allaboutgeorge
WaPo: A Conversation with my Late Father
"I wanted so badly to make him proud, to feel his eyes shine on me. But had I created an impossible version of him? Could I let go of it, without letting go of him?"
family  parenting 
november 2004 by allaboutgeorge Today
"Since I’m his father, I want to tell him things, I want to impart some of the wisdom I accumulated while alive, but unfortunately I’ve never been able to think of what that would be."
family  parenting 
november 2004 by allaboutgeorge

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