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Ta-Nehisi Coates Is an Optimist Now
"[O]ur politics occurs within the imagination of the citizen. If I don’t believe that black people are human, it really doesn’t matter what you say to me about policy. So the question is: How do we decide who gets to be human and who doesn’t? How do we decide who our heroes are, and who our heroes aren’t? All of that is tied together in the stories we tell ourselves. [...]"
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New Yorker Reporter Jane Mayer on Kavanaugh, the Koch Brothers, and Trump
In general, when I ask her this kind of question, about the impact of her work or lack thereof, she repeats a version of the phrase “It’s not resistance, it’s reporting”—her point being that journalism is meant to inform, not influence. “Some people say reporters are the last naïves,” she told the audience during a recent talk at the University of Vermont. “I think most of us believe if we give people information, democracy will work.”
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Using information security to explain why disinformation makes autocracies stronger and democracies weaker / Boing Boing
Without a sense of which political views are genuine and which are disinformation, all debate degenerates into people calling each other shills or bots, and never arriving at compromises with the stamp of broad legitimacy.
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Did Obama Win Because He Addressed White Americans as Individuals? - Atlantic Mobile
"Independence was more motivating," she said. "...Instead of saying something like, 'We're responsible for one another so we must do x behavior' -- do more gun control, recycle more -- it might be better to say, 'You can make this better for all Americans' ... really emphasizing their individual agency."
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Francis Fukuyama’s New History of Human Social Structures -
“My argument is that the rule of law comes out of organized religion, and that democracy is a weird accident of history,” he said. “Parliaments in Europe had legal rights, and it was a complete historical accident that the English Parliament could fight a civil war and produce a constitutional settlement that became the basis of modern democracy.”
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It’s Morning in India -
India and America are both democracies, a top Indian official explained to me, but emotionally they are now ships passing in the night. Because today the poorest Indian maid believes that if she can just save a few dollars to get her kid English lessons, that kid will have a better life than she does. So she is an optimist. “But the guy in Kansas,” he added, “who today is enjoying a better life than that maid, is worried that he can’t pass it on to his kids. So he’s a pessimist.”
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FCC comments by CSM fellow reveal how public media can spur broadband adoption -- News from the Future of Public Media -- Center for Social Media at American University
Titled “Digital Public Media Networks to Advance Broadband And Enrich Connected Communities,” Goodman’s comments examine a variety of current public media projects that rely on high-speed connections to reach and engage users, and observe that universal broadband service is needed to support further innovation in this sector. What’s more, she suggests that public media should be understood as a key asset to drive broadband adoption by a wide array of publics.
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