Jxnblk Reading List
UX, Design, Front End in General reading list.
may 2014
Tips for Mobile Design by @lukew (with images, tweets) · bombayhustle · Storify
Collection of Luke Wroblewski's twitter images of mobile design guidance.
design  mobile  ux 
april 2014
10 Creative Rituals You Should Steal - 99U
"The most impactful thing I’ve done is to take a week off the grid every quarter. [My wife] Amy and I head to the airport on Saturday to go somewhere. I leave my computer at home and give her my smart phone at the airport. She gives it back to me the following Saturday when we return home."
april 2014
Narcissistic Relationships
"When you are in a relationship with a narcissist, you may feel very lonely, as if you are just an accessory, and as though your needs and wants are unimportant. Narcissistic partners act as if they are always right, that they know better and that their partner is wrong or incompetent, leaving the other person in the relationship either angry and trying to defend themselves or identifying with this negative self-image and feeling badly about themselves."
april 2014
Flipping Through Drawing Ideas | UX Magazine
"Your ability to draw is a fast, powerful means for thinking, reasoning, and visually exploring ideas—providing visual information for self-reflection and focused discussion with your colleagues, teams, and clients."
book  UX 
november 2013
How Relationships Refine Our Truths: Adrienne Rich on the Dignity of Love | Brain Pickings
[Love] is a process, delicate, violent, often terrifying to both persons involved, a process of refining the truths they can tell each other.
august 2013
Adidas Springblade Sneakers Have Bounce - WSJ.com
Sneaker story, but broad UX idea. After users take a step, how does your returning of energy propel them?
august 2013
Ranking America's Metropolises
Interesting way of ranking American cities. Interactivity is simple and effective.
america  cities  interactive  MIT 
july 2013
My Klonopin fog - Salon.com
"Because an artist’s work is never done, whenever I’m not writing, I’m worrying that I should be."
july 2013
Kids Watch TV As Parents Do, Not As They Say
I used to watch a lot of television as a kid, and am very thankful (and perplexed as to how) I am no longer in the habit. Like, at all. Can't remember the last time I turned on the TV.
television  children  npr 
july 2013
Creating Games for Journalism - ProPublica
Our job as journalists is to inform the public. By using emotion and empathy, games allow us to inform readers in a new way—and one in which they both remember and understand.
gamification  journalism  gaming  storytelling 
july 2013
Woman's work : Columbia Journalism Review
Borri says journalists have failed to explain Syria’s civil war because editors only want ‘blood.’
july 2013
Personal Space - CNNMoney
Simple population density interactive
graphic  interactive  news 
june 2013
The Idiocy of Eliminating a Photo Staff
The best reporters use a different hemisphere of the brain to do their jobs than the best photographers. Visual and spatial thinking in three dimensions is very different than verbal and analytical thinking. Even if you don’t believe that bit of science, the reality is that visual reporting and written reporting will take you to different parts of a scene and hold you there longer. I have never been in a newsroom where you could do someone else’s job and also do yours well.
june 2013
Creative Ambition vs. Financial Stability
“Women have much more complex goals, but they also do want money and power. They recognize you’re likely to have much more control over your life if you have those.”
from instapaper
april 2013
Tour - Helena Price
"Needed to get across the country to move to San Francisco. Concepted, planned and executed a six-week cross-country phototour working with Flywheel Design, Bowerbirds, Megafaun and Hometapes Records."
april 2013
Junot Di­az's Book is a Difficult but Illuminating Tale of Failure and Growth | Wired.com
"All people must carry with them the scars and pains caused by their imperfections."
from instapaper
april 2013
Top 5 Things to Expect as You Go Through Your Twitter Archive
The observations, complaints and experiences of the person I was when I first joined twitter were almost as fresh to me as those from anyone with a Twitter account that I follow today.
april 2013
your phone vs. your heart
"It’s micro-moments like these that build your capacity to empathize as well as to improve your health."
from instapaper
march 2013
webseries h/t grant
march 2013
Larissa MacFarquhar: The Tragedy of Aaron Swartz : The New Yorker
He had a beautiful willingness to change his mind completely.” It is a vertiginous thing to have so much freedom—to be always self-skeptical, always testing the reasons for your beliefs, always prepared to abandon them for something better. If you can do anything you want, then every day becomes an existential problem—an empty space of possibility that has no ceiling but also no walls and no floor.
from instapaper
march 2013
It’s All About the Images
"Content featuring compelling images averages 94 percent more total views than those without. It also illustrates how articles featuring news, political, and sports content appear to benefit the most from relevant images."
photography  photojournalism  news  newsdesign 
january 2013
Questions for Das Racist - NYTimes.com
This is the greatest article/interview of all time.
deborahchill  fallback  dasracist  nytimes 
december 2012
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