How to Use a Third Party Framework in a Private CocoaPod
Could be useful for closed source binary without podspec
cocoapods  private 
swift-evolution/0064-property-selectors.md at master · apple/swift-evolution
This is the syntax to use when you need to target property's getter and/or setter to swizzle
swift  swizzle  selector  getter  setter  advanced 
9 days ago
iOS Project Architecture: Using VIPER | Cheesecake Labs
This article tries to make a case *for* VIPER. I see as excellent case against it. So much bloat.
viper  architecture  iosdev 
12 days ago
Theft and Loss Recovery for iOS Users — Fraser Speirs
How to recover from the situation where your devices are stolen
backup  mobile  ios  restore  iphone  fraserspeirs  troubleshooting  recovery  2fa  2sa 
12 days ago
A different way to deal with Localized strings in Swift – Medium
A Swift-ier way to deal with translations. Bypasses Localizable.strings and uses one plist file which you can update as you wish.

Does not work for storyboards though
localization  i18n  iosdev  swift 
9 weeks ago
How To Change Localization Internally In Your iOS Application — Factorial Complexity Blog
Fantastic approach for on-the-fly language change, which is usable in Swift too
localization  iosdev  i18n 
9 weeks ago
Working with Localization
Good roundup of all possible angles
iosdev  localization  i18n 
9 weeks ago
uraimo.com | Unowned or Weak? Lifetime and Performance
Amazing deep dive into performance diffs between weak and unowned in closure's capture lists
swift  learn  reference  cycle  stackoverflow  closure  unowned  weak 
11 weeks ago
Understanding Swift’s reduce Method | iJoshSmith
Great illustration to explain how reduce works
swift  learn  reduce  fp 
january 2017
Easy struct initialization in Swift – Medium
This takes about 30s to write and can save you much more typing in the future
swift  learn  struct  init 
january 2017
Wi-Fi Mesh Systems Compared: eero, Orbi, AmpliFi - The Mac Observer
Excellent review of available options for the home wifi solution
home  hardware  wifi  mesh  network 
november 2016
Using self-signed SSL certificates with Postman – Postman Blog
Essentially, force-mark the certificate as alwasy trusted in Keychain and there will be no issues.
paw  postman  ssl  certificate  authentication 
november 2016
Grokking Lazy Sequences
This is hurting mu head now, but I guess it will clear out in the future
swift  lazy  sequence  advanced  learn 
november 2016
milen.me — Swift Generic Protocols
More on type members vs type parameters and why protocols with associated types can't be used as regular types
generics  swift  protocols  learn 
november 2016
Russ Bishop - Swift: Associated Types
On type members and type parameters and the hurt in between
protocol  generics  swift  learn 
november 2016
Asynchronous NSOperation: Why and how? – A Swift engineer's diary
Very nice explanation of both NSOperation and how to make it work propertly with async work
iosdev  async  nsoperation 
november 2016
Interactive UICatalog: UIKit Playground - UIKit Playground - Swift Example Code
Excellent series of playgrounds to interactivelly learn UIKit (in Swift)
uikit  swift  learn  playgrounds  iosdev 
october 2016
How to Use dispatch_after in Swift 3 - Cocoacasts
Swift 3 brings dramatically changed GCD usage. This is so much nicer after all the that C
swift  learn  gcd 
october 2016
Exploring Swift 2.0 OptionSetTypes — Swift Studies
This is very curious replacement for NS_ENUM() in Objective-C
swift  learn  optionset  enum 
october 2016
Delegate calls wrapped in computed properties
Great use of computed properties to safely fetch values provided by delegate / dataSource and without too much code repetition.
swift  bestpractices  delegate 
october 2016
Swift Equatable and Hashable
Using proper hash for Int-heavy structs is both simple and error-prone.
Also example of small perf. improvements for Equatable
swift  learn  hash  struct  protocols 
october 2016
SSH-agent does not automatically load passphrases on the OSX Sierra keychain during startup
As all security stuff - this change is annoying but better from the sec. perspective
mac  ssh  sierra 
october 2016
Inversion of view controllers: dependency injection on iOS · Bryan Irace
I love that Bryan is reasonable and aware if the inherent limitations of going all-in for this in iOS environment. Great article.
iosdev  architecture  di 
october 2016
Beware the UIKit Visitors! · [Thinking inside a large box];
Great explanation of the process how you can debug frameworks you don't own the source code for
iosdev  debug  hopper  uikit  assembly 
october 2016
Closures Capture Semantics, Part 1: Catch them all! – Crunchy Development
Learning to control and avoid reference cycles when using closures
swift  closure  learn 
october 2016
Reduce all the things
Great explanation of how reduce actually works
swift  learn  reduce  fp 
october 2016
Optional Non-Escaping Closures – Ole Begemann
This can become very messed-up very quickly. Lots of small details to be aware of.
swift  learn  oleb  closure 
october 2016
Option Sets in Swift – Ole Begemann
This is create implementation of NS_OPTIONS from Objective-C
swift  learn  options  flags 
october 2016
Unwrapping Optional Values in Swift 3.0 — Guard Let vs If Let? – Medium
Excellent explanation on the proper usage of guard let for simpler, easier to read code
guard  swift  learn  error  handling  optionals 
october 2016
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