iOS Safe Area – Rosberry – Medium
Fantastic article that explains in detail changes brought in by safeAreaInsets in iOS 11
ios11  uiscrollview  contentinset  safearea  iphonex  learn  iosdev 
26 days ago
Jerry Walker @ JayWalker8012 4h Replying to @JoelDTD Great post. I wonder if it's easier for an camel to go through the eye of a needle than for Paul Ryan to…
from instapaper
29 days ago
Reduce - Swift Unboxed
Excellent explanation how reduce works
swift  learn  fp  reduce  map  filter 
6 weeks ago
@objc and dynamic - Swift Unboxed
Great under the hood look how Swift and Obj-C interoperate.
dynamic  swift  interop  advanced  objc 
6 weeks ago
Mikaela Shiffrin Does Not Have Time for a Beer | Outside Online
Amazing insight into the world of world's top skier and what it takes to get there.
sports  skiing  parenting  competition  training  success 
7 weeks ago
Dependency Injection with the Cake Pattern – Swift Programming – Medium
This seems way too much abstractions for an imaginary reusable case.
architecture  pattern  swift  di  cake  testing 
11 weeks ago
Catching Leaky View Controllers Without Instruments
Sort-of automatic and pretty effortless way to catch bugs
xcode  uikit  debug 
october 2017
Cédric Luthi on Twitter: Useful Xcode breakpoint.
When you dismiss a controller and you don’t hear the pop sound (or see the log), you probably have a retain cycle.
xcode  debug  dealloc  breakpoints 
october 2017
Developing For Apple Watch - Benjamin Mayo
When you need to support your claim to a client why something can’t be done in their app even though they see it in Apple apps.
freelance  watchdev 
october 2017
Search all APIs compiled by API.gurus
api  documentation  rest  paw  reference 
september 2017
APIs as infrastructure: future-proofing Stripe with versioning
This is very good approach, but certainly requires quite a team
stripe  api  bestpractices  webdev  version 
august 2017
A Practical Guide To Convert Your Sketches To Working Prototypes
Great interview about the design process of Yaroslav Zubko, a great interation designer
design  process  ui  ux  tools  howto  tutorial 
july 2017
Troy Hunt: Life Is About to Get a Whole Lot Harder for Websites Without HTTPS
Bottom line: Browsers will shame you now in some cases if you are not using HTTPS
https  security  ux 
july 2017
Modelling state in Swift — Swift by Sundell
Main takeaway: make a single point of truth and you are 90% there.
state  swift  model  architecture  iosdev 
july 2017
Core Data Progressive Migrations | Alexander Grebenyuk
Interesting approach to processive migrations, when you absolutely must do it.
coredata  migration  advanced 
june 2017
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