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Keep a Changelog
Don’t let your friends dump git logs into changelogs.
development  programming  documentation  versioning  semantic  version_control  Git  SVN  CVS  VCS 
august 2018 by aldolat
Semantic Versioning 2.0.0 | Semantic Versioning
I propose a simple set of rules and requirements that dictate how version numbers are assigned and incremented.
development  programming  documentation  version_control  Git  SVN  CVS  VCS  versioning  semantic 
august 2018 by aldolat
weDocs – the documentation plugin — WordPress Plugins
Create great looking documentation for your products. Organize your product documentation in your site, beautifully!
WordPress  plugin  themes  documentation 
april 2018 by aldolat
Pubblicare documenti: da “Google Docs“ a “Read the Docs” senza fermate intermedie
Oggi esistono diverse soluzioni per rendere un formato di pubblicazione di documenti più comodo, una delle più efficaci è Read the Docs.
documentation  docs  development 
april 2018 by aldolat
Read the Docs
Crea, ospita e sfoglia la documentazione.
documentation  docs  development 
april 2018 by aldolat
La documentazione di Conky.
conky  documentation 
july 2011 by aldolat
ps2pdf: PostScript-to-PDF converter
ps2pdf is a work-alike for nearly all the functionality (but not the user interface) of Adobe's AcrobatTM DistillerTM product: it converts PostScript files to Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
pdf  postscript  linux  documentation  reference 
february 2011 by aldolat
DocBook: The Definitive Guide
docbook  xml  documentation  reference 
december 2010 by aldolat
WordPress API
WPDocs provides the standard WordPress documentation in a delightful search interface (rendered using RDoc).
Hopefully it’s self-explanatory. Start typing the name of a function or template tag in the box at the top left to get started.
wordpress  api  documentation  rdoc 
april 2010 by aldolat
Ubuntu Manual
Il manuale ufficiale di Ubuntu
ubuntu  manual  reference  documentation  guide 
april 2010 by aldolat

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