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Getting Started with the WordPress Customizer
For different sites with the same theme in different colours.
wordpress  dev 
december 2015 by alastc
Wordpress to Jekyll Exporter
Something I'd use if I worked out how to do comments in Jekyll properly.
wordpress  jekyll  plugin 
january 2015 by alastc
How To Self-Publish a Book With WordPress
Some convert a wordpress site to epub options.
wordpress  epub  plugin 
january 2014 by alastc
How to Make a Local Copy of a WordPress Site in 5 Minutes
Running wordperss locally, bit like MAMP but easier, specific to wordpress.
wordpress  tool  software 
december 2013 by alastc
Generate WP code
Currently there are 5 working generators - Taxonomy Generator, Post Type Generator, Post Status Generator, Navigation Menus Generator and Sidebar Generator. Two more generators are under development.
wordpress  webdev  tools 
january 2013 by alastc
The anatomy of a WordPress theme
V. useful, simple explanation of what's going on.
wordpress  tutorial  development 
january 2011 by alastc
Mobile Plugin + Theme for WordPress, used by Mark Pilgrim (and perhaps Stephen Fry).
wordpress  iphone  plugin  mobile 
november 2009 by alastc
Carrington, Theme framework for Wordpress
Looks like it creates better separation of templates from logic.
wordpress  development  framework 
august 2009 by alastc
Custom Fields Hacks For WordPress
I definitely missed a few things from here in previous wordpress work.
wordpress  tutorial  webdev  technique 
june 2009 by alastc
Wordpress to Django - Part 2
Useful looking methods for transfer of content.
django  wordpress  xml  python  migration 
january 2009 by alastc
SSL and Cookies in WordPress 2.6 Ryan Boren
Interesting article about the cookie management for SSL vs regular connections for authorised users.
wordpress  security  admin  software 
january 2009 by alastc
paltman's shiftingbits blog
Including Wordpress import, not sure if it's for each post or whole DB?
django  plugin  blog  wordpress 
november 2008 by alastc
404s and WordPress Server Load
Moved the folders, and Wordpress had to server thousands of static files by searching the DB.
wordpress  server  admin 
august 2008 by alastc
Mollom for WordPress
Anti-spam service from Drupal guy. Like Akismet, but adds a CAPTCHA (bah)
wordpress  spam  cms 
july 2008 by alastc
Content Management Without the Killing
Useful overview of what to look for. Check out the audio on @media site as well.
cms  drupal  wordpress  presentation 
june 2008 by alastc
File change notifications for your WordPress blog on Linux
There is porbably a straight command line way of doing it, but useful technique.
security  wordpress  admin 
june 2008 by alastc
WordPress 2.5 file uploader and IE7
Couple of spare commas need removing, should be fixed in 2.6.
wordpress  bugs 
april 2008 by alastc
Using the gallery shortcode
Options for the gallery. Shame about the code produced.
wordpress  documentation 
april 2008 by alastc
NextGEN Gallery at alex.rabe
Awsome looking gallery pluggin for wordpress.
plugin  wordpress  pics 
march 2008 by alastc
Gravatars and WordPress 2.5
Useful 'combined' snippet of code for WP 2.5 and versions below.
wordpress  plugin 
march 2008 by alastc
How to successfully spam blogs (and how to fight back)
Interesting comments on how people find blogs to spam in the first place.
wordpress  spam  plugin  article 
february 2008 by alastc
Prologue Demo Blog
Turning Wordpress into a (demo) twitter group. Could aid collaboration for distributed groups, and you would password protect it.
collaboration  wordpress 
january 2008 by alastc
Wordpress templating
The main pages to know about for theme development.
wordpress  development 
january 2008 by alastc
ANIga gallery (WP plugin)
A wordpress gallery feature to test.
wordpress  extension 
may 2007 by alastc
Word 07 Supports WordPress
Posting to wordpress straight from Word 2007. I can imagine that will need testing...
office_apps  wordpress  tutorial 
february 2007 by alastc
Scheduling in WordPress
Getting a cron-type scheduling feature into the core of WordPress
tutorial  wordpress 
february 2007 by alastc

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