NHS.UK frontend library
prerelease for use in prototypes and testing
library  dev  webdev  accessibility 
4 weeks ago
The nine lessons of Brexit
Ivan Roger's speech to Liverpool Uni.
5 weeks ago
Tenon-ui | Home page
React components, tested for accessibility
React  library  accessibility 
8 weeks ago
May's Brexit deal is a humiliation for Britain
Pretty definitive view on the Brexit deal.
8 weeks ago
EU myths
collection of hundreds of bollocks reports in the UK press.
Brexit  media 
9 weeks ago
Tints the web pages you visit without the need for an overlay.
accessibility  user-agents  tool  cognitive_issues 
10 weeks ago
Everyone has JavaScript, right?
Little flow diagram from Stuart Langridge, @SIL
javascript  accessibility 
10 weeks ago
Enforcing Accessibility Basics with Component PropTypes
Brad frost tip on using React component validation for alt text.
accessibility  React 
11 weeks ago
Show Width and Scale - Level Access Web Labs
Bookmarklet to show the window inner width and pixel ratio.
accessibility  bookmarklet  tool  testing 
11 weeks ago
Subtitle Edit
a free (open source) editor for video subtitles.
software  captioning  accessibility 
october 2018
Why I Love Remote Working
And commentary on open offices, introversion and extraversion.
work  research  article 
october 2018
Matomo - serverside web analytics
"tracks online visits to one or more websites and displays reports on these visits for analysis."
analytics  tool  php  mysql 
october 2018
WebAIM: Link Contrast Checker
For text links in paragraphs without underline or other indicator.
accessibility  color  tool 
october 2018
Custom gaming computer config
Just seeing what is available in a small case.
product  games 
september 2018
CSS Index of properties
All speced properties, linking to the source draft.
reference  web  CSS 
september 2018
Webhint extension for VS Code
runs and reports diagnostics for workspace files based on webhint analysis.
code  development  extension  editor 
september 2018
Product Management Handbook (UK Gov)
"an attempt to document the role of product management"
management  book 
september 2018
The (history and) Future of Open Source
"an analogy from physics that provides a decent framework for exploring the history of software and the distribution of innovation over time."
opensource  software  history 
september 2018
YouTube and Easy YouTube player
Video of the now defunct player being usability tested.
video  accessibility  cognitive_issues 
september 2018
Add CAA Records in the Linode Manager
A DNS mechanism for saying who can issue certs.
security  admin  hosting  dns 
september 2018
GDS - Readability guidelines - alpha
This is the alpha of the readability guidelines. It's a 12-week project that will end in October, 2018 with a Meetup in London.
readability  guidelines  writing 
september 2018
All about HTML Custom Elements
Custom elements are just HTML elements, with all of the methods and properties of other, built-in elements.
html  dom 
august 2018
Switch font color for different backgrounds with CSS
Idea for research, testing the different contrast algorythm.
accessibility  color  design  css 
august 2018
Kialo - Empowering Reason
Platform for structured argument.
community  politics 
august 2018
Y2k - The Idiot's Guide
What happened, why it was a real problem and how it was mitigated.
software  bugs  Brexit 
august 2018
A Food Brexit: time to get real
Science Policy Research Unit : University of Sussex
Brexit  research 
july 2018
Stylus - user styles in firefox
Replacement for stylish, the naughty plugin.
browser  plugin  CSS 
july 2018
Brexit to have greatest negative impact on regions outside London | Politics | The Guardian
“Even if we had free-trade deals with every single country outside the EU and went to no tariffs, there is no way things will be cheaper. It is still a negative situation for everybody,”
Brexit  research 
july 2018
Drawing Images with CSS Gradients
Beats the traingles with borders I used to do.
css  technique  design 
july 2018
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