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should've said no, should've gone home - nebulia - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
[He finally has to say, 'I'm not really into necking,' because Kaner keeps looking at the hickeys Tazer leaves behind. The look is clearly supposed to be get it, bro, but is really more like Kaner is going to hit Brandon over the head with a vase, punch Tazer in the nose, and then plop down on the floor and start crying. No one has called him on it yet, probably out of pity. Tazer, who is very gracious in bed, apologizes and promises to tone it down.

(Brandon loves necking. It's better than making out. The sacrifices he makes for orgasms.)]

The trials and tribulations of being a twenty-year-old hockey player getting laid by your captain, or why one should never think with one's dick, by Brandon Saad.
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