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Ponderous Ramblings of the Mentally Unstable - Battle of the Lightbulb
Jared thought moving in to an apartment just off campus with four other guys in his second year of college was an amazing idea. It’s not long after World War 3 starts to be fought in his apartment - via notes - that he realises that it really wasn’t. Thankfully he has his insane best friend, Misha, to keep him grounded, the owners of a fetish club to give him a place to hide and his childhood friend, Mike who lives in another apartment… and whose housemate is hot. Jared never thought about love at first sight, but he's considering lust might be possible. Featuring English student!Jared, Med student!Jensen and can't-make-up-his-mind-student!Misha!!

Saved for when I get the urge to read AU J2
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april 2012 by alamerysl

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