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patch it up - gasmsinc - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Jonny stares at his daughter for a long moment. She stares back, eyes unwavering. She has Kaner’s baby blues, but at five she’s already mastered Jonny’s dead on the inside stare. Her kindergarten teacher claims she uses the unwavering look to bully other students into doing what she wants, and it’s something they should work on at home, but Jonny’s baby is a natural born leader, and he’s not going to get in her way of becoming the president, or, better yet, the supreme ruler of the universe.

“Your patch,” says Jonny.
hockeyrpf  rpf  kidfic  kane/toews  genre:fluff  author:gasmsinc  fanfiction 
march 2015 by alamerysl

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