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Life is beutiful - To Have and To Hold
Written for this prompt: Geno is Sidney's mail-order husband from Russia. They use each other for their own selfish reasons, but after time, they develop actual feelings for each other.

Sadly unfinished =(
hockeyrpf  rpf  sid/geno  author:demens_fic  fanfiction  slash  WIP  crosby/malkin 
march 2012 by alamerysl
There are some mornings - I do the best imitation of myself
smithereen's WIP commentfic (locked, but liketheroad has a lurker-friendly adding policy)

Patrick Kane doesn't really understand why it's so fucking impossible for him to get laid. He knows he's not George Clooney over here, but he's rich! And a little bit famous! There are plenty of rich guys way worse looking than him who still manage to get laid. "Donald Trump!" he says, smacking the table with the flat of his hand. "That guy gets pussy like crazy." Burish starts laughing his ass off, and Sharpy reaches over to take away Kaner's beer even though he wasn't finished with it, but whatever- Kaner is totally right. Larry King! That guy looks like a jockstrap with glasses, and he's still had about a million wives. Maybe those guys are more famous than Kaner is, but they're way uglier so it should balance out.

Kaner's a virgin, Tazer's a surly hooker, it is SO GOOD FOR ME.
hockey  hookerfic  rps  RPF  ficrec  hawks  Kane/Toews  WIP  locked  via:lynnmonster  fanfiction 
march 2012 by alamerysl

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