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The Big Reveal - Chapter 1 - Anonymous - Merlin (TV), Merlin (TV) RPF, Mage: The Ascension [Archive of Our Own]
Bradley and Colin swap places with Merlin and Arthur. Fill of this kinkme_merlin prompt: "Arthur/Merlin,Bradley/Colin. Friendship stuff only, no slash if possible. Something magical happens, and the two pairs of boys get dimension-swapped. IE, Merlin and Arthur are here, trying to act in the series, and Bradley and Colin are stuck in Camelot. Others can be involved too...would love to see an Anthony and Uther reality-swap."
merlin  merlin.rpf  rpf  c:merlin.emrys  c:arthur.pendragon  c:bradley.james  c:colin.morgan  author:anon  fanfiction  toread 
august 2013 by alamerysl
fahye_fic: [Merlin: meteorology]
In retrospect, it had taken a surprisingly short time for Merlin to decide that Arthur Pendragon was not actually a complete prat. No: through careful observation and pattern-spotting of which he felt Gaius would have been very proud, Merlin had concluded that Arthur was in fact a selective prat, and predicting the worst fits of prattery was no more difficult than looking out of the window and predicting rain based on the presence of charcoal clouds.
merlin  c:merlin.emrys  c:arthur.pendragon  merlin/arthur  pre-slash  gen  author:fahye  fanfiction  rereadable 
february 2013 by alamerysl
How They Find Out Chapter 1: Gwaine, a merlin fanfic | FanFiction
Merlin is really good at keeping secrets, but surely he's not that good. Chapter 8 - Arthur: Part II Arthur's just found out that Merlin has magic, and he's about to find out he was the last to know... somehow, this annoys him more.
merlin  c:merlin.emrys  c:arthur.pendragon  magicreveal  author:lilacsky128  fanfiction  gen  toread 
february 2013 by alamerysl
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #15
The dragon is attacking and Uther, in his 'wisdom', offers up a virgin sacrifice. Unfortunantly, the only person he can think of is Merlin.
merlin  c:merlin.emrys  c:arthur.pendragon  c:uther.pendragon  genre:humor  genre:crack  author:anon  fanfiction 
october 2012 by alamerysl
Kink Me, Merlin! - Kink Me! #31
When Arthur comes out to his father, Uther decides he needs someone to tutor him in the ways of the gays. Enter Merlin, who agrees to help Uther become less of a bigot as a favor to his uncle Gaius. To his horror, he finds himself forging a sort of friendship with Uther and being helplessly dragged into the Pendragon family.

This is just an utter delight. The interactions between Uther and Merlin are wonderful and priceless, and for all his hang ups and prejudices, it's nice to see Uther as just a man wanting the best for his son and willing to change himself.
merlin  merlin/arthur  c:merlin.emrys  c:uther.pendragon  c:morgana  c:arthur  genre:humor  genre:fluff  family  author:anon  fanfiction  rereadable  fuzzies  epic 
october 2012 by alamerysl
merlinkinkmeme: Tear the Lies Asunder (1/7) [Spoilers for 4x06 and 4x07]
Arthur sees the incisions on the back of Merlin's neck, and finds out Merlin almost never actually goes to the tavern - and it's with this knowledge that he overhears Guinevere explain Merlin's capture and enchantment to the knights.
merlin  c:arthur.pendragon  c:merlin.emrys  c:morgana  c:gwen  knights  author:anon  fanfiction  gen 
december 2011 by alamerysl

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