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Natural Selection - Chapter 1 - Lake (beyond_belief) - Hockey RPF, Sports RPF [Archive of Our Own]
It's been ten years since Mike's career ended before it really began, and part of him still thinks he doesn't deserve good things. Jeff arrives to prove him wrong.
hockeyrpf  carter/richards  universe:au  author:lake  author:beyond_belief  fanfiction  toread 
october 2012 by alamerysl
continue carefully, in degrees - Lake (beyond_belief) - Hockey RPF, Sports RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Right now, Mike just wants a nap, because if there's another thing he definitely hasn't done in the last two weeks, it's get enough sleep.
hockeyrpf  carter/richards  genre:fluff  cuddling/snuggling  author:beyond_belief  fanfiction  slash 
july 2012 by alamerysl
at the end of all your lines - Lake (beyond_belief) - Hockey RPF, Sports RPF [Archive of Our Own]
The one where Carts and Richie get drunk married in Vegas and totally don't care, because they're more worried about getting traded.

Haha I still seriously cannot believe that Carts was traded to the Kings and reunited with Mike and then won the Stanley Cup together. Cheesier than the cheesiest fanfiction but so freaking awesome
hockeyrpf  carter/richards  accidental.marriage  pining  genre:fluff  author:beyond_belief  fanfiction  slash  rereadable  awesome 
july 2012 by alamerysl
breathe easy for a while - Lake (beyond_belief) - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
In which these dudes are idiots for a while but eventually get their acts together, and Patrick's not as dumb as Jonny sometimes worries he is.
hockeyrpf  rpf  kane/toews  oblivious!tazer  genre:fluff  firsttime  author:beyond_belief  fanfiction 
may 2012 by alamerysl
and my glory shall be love - Lake (beyond_belief) - Generation Kill [Archive of Our Own]
There is little that Agent Mike Wynn takes more seriously than the life of Vice President Nate Fick. When the number of death threats starts to climb, he calls in the one person he's sure he can trust, USMC Sgt. Brad Colbert, and assigns him the 24/7 task of being the Vice President's shadow.
generationkill  brad/nate  universe:au  author:lake  author:beyond_belief  fanfiction  slash 
april 2012 by alamerysl
Après moi le deluge - Lake (beyond_belief) - Generation Kill [Archive of Our Own]
But in the end - I'm glad it was you the universe chose.

I love you and it's not all because of what happened to us. If there ever had been the chance, I think I could have loved you regardless.

In which Brad and Nate have a soul bond.
generationkill  brad/nate  bonds  soulmates  author:lake  author:beyond_belief  fanfiction  slash 
april 2012 by alamerysl

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