a song unheard (but a voice found) - lyricalleviathan - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Jungkook is a selkie who lost his coat on land while resting by the seashore, and Namjoon is the human who finds it and returns it-

or, well, he tries to return it, but Jungkook is weirdly insistent that he keep it.
fandom:bts  c:kim.namjoon  c:jeon.jungkook  p:namjoon/jungkook  universe:au  universe:magical  magicalcreatures  length:<1000  fanfiction  rec:4/5 
24 days ago
Every Kind of Way - Oh_Hey_Tae - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
And then he realizes, quite belatedly, that he’s not supposed to be shaking the hand of the barista. Because that’s weird. And uncalled for. And really, really weird.

So Jungkook draws back his arm, grips the straps of his backpack, and promptly flees the building without a word spoken. Which is fine. Sometimes you have to get out of awkward social situations and blacklist particular cafés and adjust your route to school to avoid said café and the barista with the heart shaped face and his sweet pea scented hands. It happens.

“Jungkook-ah, meet Kim Namjoon.”

And sometimes during your bi-weekly dinner one of your good friends introduces you to said barista with the terribly soft hands who also happens to be getting his masters in social work to help underprivileged youth in inner city neighborhoods. Which is fine. This is fine. Jungkook is doing just fine.


(Or: Jungkook adores everything about Namjoon except that the man can't catch a clue.)
Uh the face punching ruined the fic for me. It was good for the first half tho.
fandom:bts  c:jeon.jungkook  c:kim.namjoon  c:bts.ensemble  p:namjoon/jungkook  universe:au  pining  misunderstandings  fanfiction  rec:3/5 
28 days ago
come take it (if you want a piece of me) - babyblue (wormkun) - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Jimin forces Jungkook to make a Tinder, and there's no way that profile of Kim Namjoon is real.
Kookie matches with Kin Namjoon, famous rapper, on Tinder and thinks he's being being catfished. He's not.
fandom:bts  c:jeon.jungkook  c:kim.namjoon  p:namjoon/jungkook  c:bts.ensemble  universe:au  universe:modern.au  universe:non-idol.au  length:20k-50k  fanfiction  rec:4/5 
4 weeks ago
How Loud Your Heart Gets - tiny_joon - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
They’ve been talking all night, for hours and hours. They’ve been talking until the sweat from rehearsal has dried on his body. They’ve been talking long enough that the weight of another album, another tour, another responsibility doesn’t feel so heavy anymore. They’ve been talking and laughing and holding onto each other for a long time. It’s been a little while since Jimin himself has said anything, at least a handful of minutes, content to just watch and listen and laugh. He could be tired, it is late after all, but mostly he just thinks he’s happy.
fandom:bts  c:park.jimin  c:kim.namjoon  c:bts.ensemble  gen  genre:fluff  universe:canon  fanfiction  rec:3/5 
4 weeks ago
Champagne Supernova - tiny_joon - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
The waitress returns toting a silver bucket and a bottle they didn't order.

“Now, it’s customary to offer a complimentary champagne toast to anyone celebrating with us,” she says, setting the bucket filled with ice down on their table, “but I just think y’all are so sweet I pulled some strings. Congratulations, to many more!"


When Bangtan wins their first big award in the US for their music Namjoon and Yoongi go out to celebrate.
fandom:bts  c:kim.namjoon  c:min.yoongi  p:namjoon/yoongi  universe:canon  universe:canon!au  genre:fluff  firsttime  pining  mutual.pining  fanfiction  rec:5/5 
4 weeks ago
Something New - minipop - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Namjoon and Jungkook have been dating for a while. Namjoon isn't really big on the sex thing but is huge on the making out thing. But he thinks maybe Jungkook isn't as huge on the making out thing. He's wrong.


Then, Jungkook started making these really quiet whining noises and all Namjoon could think was ‘Fuck, I hope this kiss never ends’.

And, like he’d jinxed it, Jungkook very suddenly pulled away entirely, moving to sit on the opposite end of the sofa, pulling a blanket around him.

“Let’s carry on watching the movie,” Jungkook had mumbled, clearly trying very hard not to make eye contact with Namjoon.
fandom:bts  c:kim.namjoon  c:jeon.jungkook  p:namjoon/jungkook  grey-ace!namjoon  smut  fanfiction  rec:4/5 
4 weeks ago
Take a chance on me - Aguacates - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
When Kim Namjoon shows up for their second date, Jeongguk is filled with a strange mixture of dismay and fondness that he’s not sure what to do with.

The thing is: their first date was also the first time they met.

The other thing is: Kim Namjoon is handing him a bouquet of flowers.


(Jeongguk and Namjoon go on a disastrous first date. Namjoon is a little overzealous in making it right.)
The secondhand embarrassment wasn't as bad as I was afraid of but it's still a little cringey.
fandom:bts  c:kim.namjoon  c:jeon.jungkook  p:namjoon/jungkook  fanfiction  rec:3/5 
4 weeks ago
Better than our first kiss - Aguacates - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
It’s not a secret between the two of them that they’re romantics. So it was really hard to leave the apartment today--really hard for them to stop kissing and saying mushy things that made each other laugh in embarrassment, really hard for them to quit looking at each other and thinking how has this man been my husband for a whole year?


(It's Namjoon and Jeongguk's first wedding anniversary. Not everything goes to plan.)
fandom:bts  c:kim.namjoon  c:jeon.jungkook  p:namjoon/jungkook  genre:fluff  married:namjoon/jungkook  established  fanfiction  rec:4/5 
4 weeks ago
I want your midnights - Aguacates - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
"You missed your midnight kiss," Jeongguk says. It comes out surprisingly steady.

Namjoon huffs a laugh through his nose. "And who was gonna kiss me?"

Jeongguk’s heart tries to claw its way out of his chest and he lets too long a moment pass before he says, "I had hoped to."


(Jeongguk wants Namjoon to be his New Year's kiss, and a lot of other things, too.)
fandom:bts  c:jeon.jungkook  c:kim.namjoon  p:namjoon/jungkook  c:bts.ensemble  background:jimin/taehyung  firsttime  fanfiction  rec:3/5 
4 weeks ago
I’ll be home for Christmas - Aguacates - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
“Sing me something.”

There’s quiet for a second, and then Jeongguk starts to sing, “I’ll be home for Christmas, you can plan on me.”

Namjoon pushes him over and smacks him in the chest. “You brat! You said you’d forgive me.”


(Namjoon is bringing his boyfriend home for Christmas.)
By "home", author means OT7 found family!!! *sobs forever*

Jungkook is meeting Namjoon's co-dependent group of 5 friends for the first time, and he's even more nervous when Namjoon's flight gets delayed and he has to meet them by himself.

I just love the worn-in domesticity of this group of good boys. The only thing I wish is for Joon to move back to his friends so they can all be grossly domestic and loving together forever. Jin would finally rest easy to have all his babies close by.
fandom:bts  c:kim.namjoon  c:jeon.jungkook  c:bts.ensemble  p:namjoon/jungkook  genre:fluff  holidays  domestic  foundfamily  fanfiction  rereadable  rec:4/5 
4 weeks ago
This is not a dream - Aguacates - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
He would think they were ships in the night if not for the fact that every night, Jimin lays his head in Taehyung’s lap and Taehyung runs fingers without nerve endings through his hair. If they didn't have this false, teasing closeness long enough to learn every detail of each other's lives, long enough that Jimin is the person Taehyung spends the most time with by a mile.


(Jimin leaves. Two months later, he falls in love with Taehyung.)
I'll be honest - I skimmed anything that didn't have Namjoon, but the Vmin was cute. Tae's struggle and personal growth was well done and relatable. Namjoon was amazing. I love how important he is to Tae and how much Tae relies on Joon.
fandom:bts  c:kim.taehyung  c:park.jimin  c:kim.namjoon  c:bts.ensemble  p:jimin/taehyung  soulmates  dreams  magicalrealism  universe:modern.au  universe:non-idol.au  length:10k-20k  fanfiction  background:namjoon/yoongi  rec:3/5 
4 weeks ago
Shine on, diamond - Aguacates - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
It was just a matter of being too close, wasn’t it? Maybe it’s always been just a matter of being too close.


(Jeongguk and Namjoon get drunk and make out, and it's kind of a disaster.)
fandom:bts  c:kim.namjoon  c:jeon.jungkook  p:namjoon/jungkook  universe:non-idol.au  pining  mutual.pining  demi!jungkook  length:5k-10k  genre:fluff  fanfiction  kook-loves-joon  rec:4/5 
4 weeks ago
you are so gorgeous it makes me so mad - ameliabedelias - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Park Jimin is Instagram famous. Or he was, until Kim Namjoon walked into one of his pictures and stole the spotlight.
Jimin is angrily attracted to the most beautiful and perfect man in the world.
fandom:bts  c:park.jimin  c:kim.taehyung  c:kim.namjoon  c:bts.ensemble  p:namjoon/jimin  universe:non-idol.au  universe:au  universe:modern.au  fanfiction  rec:4/5 
5 weeks ago
a feel so sweet - ameliabedelias - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
In which Namjoon, Yoongi & Jeongguk are in love, the world is generally not made for things that come in threes, and they find a way to make it work anyhow.
fandom:bts  c:kim.namjoon  c:min.yoongi  c:jeon.jungkook  p:namjoon/yoongi  p:namjoon/jungkook/yoongi  genre:fluff  fanfiction  rec:4/5 
5 weeks ago
without warning (you shook me up) - brightlight - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
“He’s the most beautiful man I have ever met in my life,” Namjoon said in a slow, empty voice. “And I am going to make an utter fool of myself.”

“You’ve already made a fool of yourself a few times,” Yoongi pointed out. “He seems fine with that.”


Namjoon had never met Taehyung, and after he does, he doesn't know how to recover.
This has such a great atmosphere. It felt less romantic and more like two people finding common ground in a weirdly satisfying way. Just, so good.
fandom:BTS  c:kim.namjoon  c:kim.taehyung  p:namjoon/taehyung  fanfiction  rec:4/5 
5 weeks ago
i want it? i got it - brightlight - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
“And what if I was asking? What if I asked what you want?” Taehyung enjoyed the way this put-together, successful man seemed to be shy at this, the way he looked flustered.

Namjoon swallowed, looking at him. “I want you to meet my husband.”


Hoseok and Namjoon live comfortably, and now Taehyung does too.
A nice and soft Sugar Daddy Poly AU. Tae feels more aro than anything, and it's done very well.
fandom:bts  universe:non-idol.au  c:kim.namjoon  c:jung.hoseok  c:kim.taehyung  p:namjoon/hoseok  p:namjoon/hoseok/taehyung  poly  fanfiction  trope:sugar.daddy  rec:3/5 
5 weeks ago
deeply rooted - brightlight - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Yoongi has the urge to buy Namjoon flowers just looking at him, sunflowers to match his smile, and you’d think after living together for eight years these urges would die down, but here Yoongi is.
<i>(and honestly, why does Namjoon speak Japanese? Why does Namjoon have any of the inexplicable skills he possesses?)</i>

This is just so soft and full of feeling.
fandom:bts  c:min.yoongi  c:kim.namjoon  p:namjoon/yoongi  universe:non-idol.au  genre:fluff  rereadable  fanfiction  domestic  rec:5/5 
5 weeks ago
stop right next to you - brightlight - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
As the years pass, Yoongi can’t help himself from reaching out and holding Namjoon’s hand, when the others can’t see him frowning but Yoongi can. He can’t help himself from sprawling across Namjoon’s lap in the little sofa in the studio, when Namjoon looks so tired and so stressed and there’s only two weeks until the deadline on the next track. He can’t help himself from smiling, pleased, when Namjoon crawls into Yoongi’s bed late at night, muttering that he can’t sleep. They move dorms, gain privacy, change roommates, but Namjoon still keeps coming.


Namjoon and Yoongi, through seven years of living together, rely on each other.
Soft Namgi with feelings over several years. *sobs gently*
fandom:bts  p:namjoon/yoongi  c:kim.namjoon  c:min.yoongi  fanfiction  rec:4/5 
5 weeks ago
Golden Grand Piano - dawnstruck - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
“Better?” Namjoon asks, just to make certain, but Yoongi only hums again. Namjoon cocks an eyebrow.
“You want a hug?” he asks, because sometimes you just have to bluntly offer these things for Yoongi to accept them.
And still Yoongi hesitates, just for a moment, before he nods.
Features a pining Yoongi and a completely oblivious Namjoon who has had his eyes opened. The way the reveal and subsequent discussion of feelings is treated is very, very good.
fandom:bts  c:min.yoongi  c:kim.namjoon  p:namjoon/yoongi  fanfiction 
5 weeks ago
BTS: Lost in the Woods - aquariuslover - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
The members of BTS sign up for an unusual reality show that focuses on survival skills. Their teamwork will be challenged when they are dropped off in the wilderness naked and completely off the grid. A startling secret will come to light. Love will blossom and grow for one couple but remain one-sided for another. Unknown dangers lurk in the woods...
I really enjoyed this for the BTS group dynamics and interactions and just basically how it showcases how much everyone in the group loves each other and supports each other. And confirms my headcanon that Namjoon is the glue holding the group together and is the one who pushed for BTS to remain genuine in its music and the messages it sends rather than conforming to the generic k-pop idol love songs that say nothing. He's the one guiding the direction of the group's future and makes sure that they don't fracture.
Some of the stuff was weird to me and there were bits I didn't enjoy but not enough to kick me out of the fic.
One-sided Jin loving Joon romantically (although the sequel series ends up with Joonie getting his head out of his ass and realizing that he's bi) which doesn't really bug me because I love this fic for its gen-ness. Jikook was unnecessary here, honestly.
fandom:bts  c:kim.namjoon  genius!namjoon  c:bts.ensemble  fanfiction  rec:5/5 
5 weeks ago
Things Keep Getting Better - miss_begonia - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
When Yoongi tells Namjoon that he’s nominated him for this reality TV show where five gay guys come and make over your life, Namjoon thinks he’s kidding.

“No,” Yoongi says, with his typical lack of elaboration. “I’m not.”

“But…why would you do that?” Namjoon says.

“Because you’re a mess,” Yoongi says. “And I thought it would be funny.”

Namjoon thinks he needs more and better friends.

“Oh, did I mention they actually picked you?” Yoongi says. “Because they did.”


Or: Queer Eye AU. (Jimin: Grooming, Taehyung: Fashion, Jin: Food, J-Hope: Design, Jungkook: Culture)
Pushing the Queer Eye mold onto these characters was a bit awkward, but I enjoyed it for the RM loving.
fandom:bts  c:kim.namjoon  c:bts.ensemble  genre:fluff  fanfiction  rec:3/5 
5 weeks ago
Burn Me Like an Ember - wickedproper - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
If this is all he gets to have from Namjoon, he’s going to take it for all it’s worth.
Excellent pining Jin and a Namjoon who works through his feelings quickly. Pet peeve is always when the pining is so one-sided that you end up hating the other character, but the pining was done SO WELL here.
fandom:bts  c:kim.namjoon  c:kim.seokjin  p:namjoon/jin  pining  fanfiction  rec:4/5 
5 weeks ago
Like You're Whispering - joonphases - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Namjoon needs a new laptop, and Seokjin needs a fake boyfriend.
Trope inversion of Sugar daddy and fake AU but not in the most clever sense. Basically Jin just paid Joon to be his friend and there was a lot of preaching about healthy relationship dynamics in a jarring way. Still fun though, and there are never enough fics where Namjin isn't just the side pairing.
fandom:bts  c:kim.seokjin  c:kim.namjoon  universe:au  universe:non-idol.au  p:namjoon/jin  fanfiction  rec:3/5 
5 weeks ago
Imprints (For the Boys in the Back) - Anna (arctic_grey) - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
Seokjin is not looking for a relationship – he’s been there, done that, lesson learned. So when he somehow ends up in a fuck buddy arrangement with supposed one-night-stand Namjoon, he knows that he needs to handle the fling without emotionally compromising himself. He’s definitely got this! (Dear reader, he did not have it.)

Namjoon dropped the used condom onto the floor – gross – and said, “So, you have issues with sex.”

Seokjin blinked at the virtual stranger whose bed he was in. “What the fuck? No, I don’t.” He processed the words. “Hey! Fuck you!”
Well written but damn I spent the entire fic feeling progressively shittier on behalf of Namjoon because Jin was in the worst place possible for a relationship with the best man alive and it just sucked to read.
fandom:bts  c:kim.seokjin  c:kim.namjoon  c:bts.ensemble  universe:au  angst  p:namjoon/jin  rec:3/5 
5 weeks ago
A Week in the Life of Kim Namjoon - citruscake - 방탄소년단 | Bangtan Boys | BTS [Archive of Our Own]
It’s hard being the leader of the world’s fastest growing boy band, but for Kim Namjoon, he wouldn’t have it any other way. All of their hard work paid off every time he got to see how many fans’ lives they had touched through their music.

Every now and then, management gave them a week of peace and relaxation. It just so happened that this was one of those weeks. What better way to spend it than with his favorite people?

(also known as, namjoon pays special attention to every member and makes all of them fall for him even more without realizing it)
fandom:bts  c:kim.namjoon  p:namjoon/all  c:bts.ensemble  namjoon-centric  fluff  crack  oblivious!namjoon  fanfiction  rec:3/5 
5 weeks ago
Galaxies Imploding
Masterpost: Supreme Chancellor Obi-Wan Kenobi
fandom:starwars  c:obi-wan.kenobi  fanfiction 
10 weeks ago
Everyone Thinks That I Like Him – Mosstree Translations
Title: Everyone Thinks That I Like Him (所有人都以为我喜欢他)

Author: Dashing Small Snail (飞奔的小蜗牛)

Original Raw: http://www.jjwxc.net/onebook.php?novelid=3132161

Length: 70 chapters + 4 extras

Genre: BL, Romance, Yaoi

Tags: urban romance, proximity breeds affection, sweet text

Brief Synopsis:

The biggest goal of the second place Ye Zhou was to beat the first place and capture the prize. However, once he was caught taking sneak shots, Ye Zhou was forcefully bound to the first place Shang Jin whom he disliked the most. Originally thinking this was the end of the world, who knew that as the time they spent together grew longer, Ye Zhou gradually discovered that not only was Shang Jin not so annoying, but even sometimes when he showed a frown or a smile, it made his heart jump with a ‘thump thump’. In front of a beautiful man, what did the first count for? Conquering the first was the real skill!

This text is real and vivid, and the plot is humorous and interesting. The cold and aloof, black-bellied Shang Jin, due to a series of coincidental events, had to start a warm and sweet cohabitation life with Ye Zhou who was “secretly in love with him”. Afterwards, Shang Jin transformed from the original “being pursued” into the genuine pursuer.  The two people’s emotional development is a canal forming where the water flows, the role change is novel and interesting, and the various matchmaking incidents even more fiercely poke at the hilarious point, making people laugh uproariously.
type:chinese.webnovel  title:EveryoneThinksThatILikeHim  setting:modern  setting:college  ToC 
december 2018
Screen Partner (Complete) – Translating Tolerably
Title: 萤幕拍档 | Screen Partner

Author: Qi You | 七优

Summary: Xu Zheyi is a 30 year old actor. Abandoned by his friend after co-signing a loan, he was burdened with a massive debt. Without any foreseeable way out, he was reduced to acting in a gay AV in order to make enough money and pay off the debt.

Ruka is a twenty-some year old popular AV actor. He lost a bet when he was drunk and had to act in a gay AV.

The two men cross paths during filming. Be prepared for a sweet, funny, sexy ride!
type:chinese.webnovel  title:ScreenPartner  setting:modern  translation  complete  ToC 
november 2018
Reborn as a System – Translating Tolerably
Title: 重生成系统 | Reborn As A System

Author: Long Qi | 龙柒

Summary: Space, System, Treasure, Spirit Tools … other protagonists all have golden fingers, Shi Qing: this young grandpa [Xiao Ye] is a golden finger.

It’s just that …he is now a golden finger and even more importantly bound to a host?

And so this host, has a backstory resulting a bloody darkened heart and soul, truly a psychopath!

A psychopath I can endure, but I also have to work together with the psychopath through different worlds, can I endure?

Ancient times, modern times, apocalypse, futuristic….

Traveling throughout the worlds, Shi Qing thinks the host isn’t as bad as he imagined? Strange.

Reading Guide: Fast paced, CP Clear, 1v1, HE, good morals
type:chinese.webnovel  title:RebornAsASystem  trope:Transmigration  trope:System.Admins  trope:Multiple.Worlds  translation  WIP  ToC 
november 2018
Heroic Death System – Snowy Codex
Raws: http://www.danmeila.com/chongsheng/24085.html


【I curse you to never have a peaceful death!】

Thus, Shang Ke started a never-ending (forced) cycle of constantly throwing away his miserable life.

He would always show himself as a martyr while letting others cry over his death.

It was because of a woman’s curse that Shang Ke was hit by a car and turned into a human vegetable. This led to him becoming bound by an unlucky system in which he was cursed to die. The most unfortunate part was that he never cheated on anyone’s feelings. The reason for why he was cursed by a woman was because of a guy named Qi Chen. Qi Chen was a ladies man, and he would always use Shang Ke as an excuse to break up with any woman that he was with. As a result, Shang Ke was always blamed for the breakups. Since then, the main character could only be forced to cross into different worlds. He would thus experience for himself, the hero’s “thrill”.

Tags: Romance, Danmei, Comedy, Xianxia, Sci-fi, Tragedy Cycles, HE, etc
type:chinese.webnovel  title:HeroicDeathSystem  trope:System.Admins  trope:Multiple.Worlds  translation  WIP  ToC 
november 2018
Table of Contents – Phiare
The MC is from a future scifi world. He gets in a car accident and is dying but is contacted by a system that promises to return him to life if he agrees to travel through countless worlds to save them. His mission? To prevent the destruction of the world by preventing the protagonist's harem!
type:chinese.webnovel  title:ThereWillAlwaysBeProtagonistsWithDelusionsofStartingaHarem  trope:Transmigration  trope:Multiple.Worlds  trope:System.Admins  translation  WIP  ToC 
november 2018
The Villain’s White Lotus Halo – Sakhyulations
The Main Character (MC) has played countless minor villains through countless worlds and he's sick and tired of having only one or two lines before getting killed. He wants to be the BOSS villain for once! Someone sells him an item that promises to let him be the best villain ever, but he soon discovers in this new world that things are not going to plan. Instead of being the big bad scary villain with an icy glare, people are trying to take care of him and comfort him and he can do no wrong.
type:chinese.webnovel  title:TheVillain'sWhiteLotusHalo  trope:Transmigration  trope:System.Admins  ToC  translation  WIP 
november 2018
Summary: Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil – Keztranslations
One of the first chinese BL novels I read, as well as one of the first transmigration, quick wear, and system administration themed novels I read.

The main character is a legendary hacker who finds himself captured by a malevolent entity that forces him to play the villain through countless imaginary worlds before his soul gets harvested. To prevent this, he manages to insert a virus into the system that allows him to take control of the body he ends up inhabiting in each world and make his own choices. Since the bodies he ends up in are typically cannon fodder/stepping stones for the protagonist, he vows to turn things around for that body and help them fulfill his wishes. In the meantime, he also discovers that there is someone familiar following him into each world. Could this be the lover he had from the first world he took control over????

The novel covers 15 separate worlds ranging from wuxia/xangxia/xanghuang to modern setting to a/b/o to scifi.
type:chinese.webnovel  title:QuicklyWeartheFaceoftheDevil  trope:Transmigration  trope:Dimension.Travel  trope:reincarnation  trope:System.Admins  trope:Multiple.Worlds  translation  complete  ToC 
november 2018
Introduction: How to Fall in Love with the Villain《如何与反派谈恋爱》
Three unrelated transmigration stories.

World 1: Beastkin tribe setting with a similar A/B/O-esque gendered society in which the main character (MC) transmigrates into the body of a spoiled "female" who must stop the villain from destroying the world.
World 2: Sci-fi mecha? Not finished translating and mtl is hard to decipher
World 3: Apparently historical/ancient China
type:chinese.webnovel  title:HowtoFallInLoveWithTheVillain  trope:Transmigration  translation  WIP  ToC 
november 2018
As the Minor Gay Love Rival in Het(ero) Novels | 愛主の翻訳 Ainushi Translations
The main character (MC) transmigrates through various worlds playing the token gay man in love with the male lead (ML), but at some point, something's gone wrong and the ML is now chasing after him instead of the female protagonist!
type:chinese.webnovel  title:AsTheMinorGayLoveRivalInHetNovels  trope:Transmigration  trope:Dimension.Travel  translation  WIP  ToC 
november 2018
[BL] I Have Amnesia, Don’t Be Noisy! (失忆了别闹) – Dew And Frost
When Chu Qin found his lover, Zhong Yibin, who lost his memory, Zhong Yibin’s family already arranged a fake person to be his fiancée him.

Fake fiancée: I’m the person you love the most

Zhong Yibin: ……Liar, the person I love is obviously Chu Qin

Fake fiancée: Didn’t you lost your memory?

Zhong Yibin: F**** I’m not retarded! I have lost my memory but I still remember Chu Qin!

Chu Qin: “……”

I have forgotten the world, but only remembered one person……

Don’t forget Chu Qin, must be with him forever.
There are possible hints that their relationship wasn't perfect pre-amnesia.
type:chinese.webnovel  title:IHaveAmnesiaDon'tBeNoisy!  trope:Amnesia  setting:modern  translation  ToC  WIP 
november 2018
Rebirth of the Wolfish Silkpants Bottom – Helli Translations
A young man manipulated and screwed over by his mother and younger brother gets a second chance at his life.

Note: although the translation is complete, the novel itself isn't that great. I got bored and haven't finished reading it yet.
type:chinese.webnovel  title:RebirthoftheWolfishSilkpantsBottom  trope:reincarnation  translation  ToC  setting:modern  Archived 
november 2018
The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love - BC Novels
An anti-fan reader (anti-fans write trolling comments disparaging the work to get attention but they are actually genuine fans of the work/author as well) posts some mean comments that catch the attention of the work's author. The author retaliates by turning a light-hearted stallion harem novel into one of despair and betrayal and suffering by the main protagonist. Poor reader then gets transported into this fictional world and must deal with the blackening protagonist.
type:chinese.webnovel  title:TheReaderandTheProtagonistDefinitelyHaveToBeInTrueLove  trope:Transmigration  trope:Dimension.Travel  ToC  Completed  Archived 
november 2018
Beloved Marriage in High Society – Crescent Moon Translations
There are only two destined outcomes for an illegitimate child of the Meng family.

One is to be useful and then being used to death. The other is to be exploited for being a useless person.

After being reborn, Meng Ting chooses the second option without the slightest hesitation.

As a result, he’s being married off.

“Oh.” =.=


This is a story of a beautiful young man who wants to become a degenerate after coming back to life from death, but is rejected by his upstanding husband in various ways.

This is a story of saving others, and being saved by others in return.

You are my beloved, and I am the light of your life.

Meng Ting: “Nonsense…”

Yan Sui: “Everything my wife says is correct.”
type:chinese.webnovel  title:BelovedMarriageInHighSociety  translation  trope:reincarnation  genre:fluff  Archived  ToC  WIP 
november 2018
The Prince's Loyal Lover - BC Novels
Tao Wen transmigrated and discovered that he had become the brutal, scum lover in a tragic novel that he had just read.

That scum character was a prince who, instead of living a luxurious life in peace, always made trouble for his brother, the emperor. His reckless behavior made him fall out with his secret guard who died trying to protect him. In the end, he regretted causing the death of his lover but it was too late. Then he was killed by the emperor.

Tao Wen thought that if he was that prince, he would never treat his lover like that…
type:chinese.webnovel  title:ThePrince'sLoyalLover  translation  trope:Transmigration  genre:historical  happy.ending  complete  ToC  Archived 
november 2018
The Devil Ships ZeKu - xairylle - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Midoriya Izuku knew what fanfiction was. He just didn't think there was something like THIS out there. About him and Kacchan no less.
Fanfiction ends up getting Kacchan & Deku together, basically. But it's about a lot more than that. A bit meandering and almost more secondhand embarrassment than I can handle, but still a very enjoyable read.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:midoriya.izuku  c:bakugou.katsuki  p:bakudeku  smut  universe:canon!au  c:class1-a  WIP  slowburn  fanfiction  status:read 
october 2018
Paved With Paw Prints - XILVerify - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
An AU where Class 1A aren’t superheroes in training, but rather animals owned as pets by the various teachers of UA, and Shouta Aizawa finds himself gradually becoming the school’s resident crotchety cat lady. (Seriously, where do all these cats keep coming from?)
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:aizawa.shouta  ensemble  genre:fluff  universe:au  WIP  status:read 
october 2018
pls respond - Esselle - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
'Midoriya: UR SO CUTE

Shouto chokes on nothing. How is he supposed to respond to that? Is he supposed to respond at all?

Midoriya: Look at your big head aaaaaaaaaaaaah
Midoriya: *Image Attached*

Oh, Shouto thinks. He was talking about Shouto's Nitotan, which is now smashed to one of Izuku's cheeks in the image Izuku just sent, as Izuku squeezes it joyfully. Even if Izuku wasn't talking to him directly, the butterflies in Shouto's stomach feel a bit joyful, too.

He types out: I wish I were that Nitotan right now. Then he snorts, and erases it.'


Izuku has a wide variety of special moves, but his Key Smash might be the most powerful of all.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  pairing:tododeku  c:midoriya.izuku  c:todoroki.shouto  genre:fluff  genre:romance  gettingtogether  fanfiction  complete 
october 2018
The Loneliest Whale In the World - Starlingthefool - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
wtf is this kayama, he texts, pausing the video she sent him.




Every responsible adult was once a twenty-something that had no damn idea what they were doing with their life. Scenes from a life before anyone would have trusted Aizawa, Yamada, and Kayama with rooms full of impressionable youth.
Just a lovely look at the friendship that Aizawa, Yamada, and Kayama share.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:aizawa.shouta  c:yamada.hizashi  c:kayama.nemuri  pre-relationship  genre:fluff  pre-canon  gen  status:read  rereadable 
october 2018
todofam AU - cyan96 - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
In which Todoroki Rei gets out and takes her children with her before she snaps.

Yamada & Aizawa are cheerful neighbors and Inko becomes a friend through work. Shouto and Izuku become best friends ever and Shouto shanks Bakugou with his knowledge.

The first fic is an excellent depiction of how someone can get trapped in an abusive relationship with no way out, and how someone can go from being a good person to letting their demons take ahold of them.

The second fic is still a WIP, and covers Rei and her kids making a new life for themselves and recovering.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  universe:canon!au  c:todoroki.rei  c:todoroki.shouto  abuse  c:midoriya.izuku  c:midoriya.inko  c:aizawa.shouta  c:yamada.hizashi  gen  WIP  status:read  rereadable 
october 2018
regular boy midoriya tenko - lesbianedgeworth - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
four year old shimura tenko's life takes a different turn. midoriya inko has two sons and loves them equally, even if one of them's sort of a prick.

aka: the one where inko adopted shigaraki tomura
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:shigaraki.tomura  c:midoriya.izuku  c:midoriya.inko  bad!kacchan  adoption  trope:found.family  genre:fluff  domestic  gen  gen-ish  universe:canon!au  fanfiction  status:read  rereadable  WIP 
october 2018
Bloom in Winter - e_va - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Izuku Midoriya used to want to be a hero. It seems a distant dream, now, after everything that he's done—after everything that he's been made to do. But it's still there. It's a dim, flickering flame, burning lower by the day.

He doesn't have time to concern himself with that though, these days he's too focused on staying alive to think too much about what he can never have.

Then All Might takes a job teaching at UA, and the universe says hey you know what would be fun? What if we fucked Izuku over even more than we already have? and thus, Izuku ends up in the General Education class of UA with strict instructions to report everything he can, because, thank fucking no one, he just can't catch a goddamn break.

AKA Hisashi Midoriya is a member of one of the most notorious underground supervillain organizations, and Izuku is being forced to help them (even though, trust him, he'd really rather not). Too bad that they don't predict that Izuku's going to get adopted by half the faculty when they send him to spy on the prestigious hero academy.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:midoriya.izuku  universe:au  universe:canon!au  canon.retelling  length:long  villain!hisashi  ua-traitor!deku  good!deku  genre:drama  angst  WIP  fanfiction  gen  status:read 
october 2018
If I Only Had a Heart - LunartheDragon - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Being born quirkless wasn't a curse, Midoriya Izuku refused to believe that, and he would show the world through astonishing intellect, bravery, and a heart that feels for all paths he crosses that this is true. Even when damaged, ridiculed, and put down, he will be strong, for all these things are a challenge. A challenge from the very universe to become something great and change the foundation of society as he knows it.
In which Deku is something of a massive genius, gets into a horrible accident as a kid, fixes himself using his genius, and accidentally adopts a grumpy older brother and his two friends.

I do think the bits where Deku implants his contraptions to improve his prosthetics to be incredibly disbelief suspension needing, but overall it's a fun fic to read.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:midoriya.izuku  c:aizawa.shouta  c:midoriya.inko  c:yamada.hizashi  c:kayama.nemuri  c:original.character  c:bakugou.katsuki  ok!kacchan  good!kacchan  quirkless!deku  genius!deku  universe:canon!au  universe:au  trope:found.family  gen  fanfiction  WIP  status:read 
october 2018
And In His Eyes, A Galaxy - Penkindisbestspecibus - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Midoriya Inko attracts small objects. Midoriya Hisashi breathes fire.

Midoriya Izuku is full of stars.
Deku has some sort of metal molding quirk and he's basically a mad scientist who joins the Support department at UA. Sort of lost the atmosphere about half way through but still a fun read.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:midoriya.izuku  c:bakugou.katsuki  quirk!deku  support-department!deku  good!kacchan  bakudeku-friendship  universe:canon!au  canon.retelling  length:long  fanfiction  WIP 
october 2018
Hero Class Civil Warfare - RogueDruid (Icarius51) - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Hero's lead by Bakugo.
Villians lead by Midoriya.
Seven days prep time.
Three days for Izuku Midoriya to show why they should be glad he's not a real villain.
Very much not Bakugou positive, for days when I need something like that. I like that Deku gets to finally shine, and proves how clever and smart he is in the villain exercise.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:midoriya.izuku  universe:canon  c:class1-a  villain!deku  WIP  gen  bad!kacchan  fanfiction 
october 2018
The Darker Sides of Deku - New_Prussia, OnlyRoomForHope, ViperFang, serenawitchwriter - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
It’s easy to forget with his bright smiles and positive personality that Midoriya Izuku isn’t the living embodiment of sunshine.
Or: Moments when class 1-A and company notice that Izuku isn’t quite as pure as they think he is.
Inconsistently written among several authors. There are some excellent chapters and some ????? chapters
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:midoriya.izuku  deku-centric  universe:canon  WIP  fanfiction  status:read 
october 2018
Daymare - IntrospectiveInquisitor - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Izuku Midoriya has endured a decade of abuse, ridicule, and social ostracization due to his status as 'Quirkless'. Even his childhood friend, Katsuki Bakugou, has tossed him aside and made it a mission to drill his uselessness home. But despite his obstacles and the derision of his peers, Izuku will never give up on his dream of being a hero, and will never feel shame for being called Quirkless.

Because it's easier than acknowledging that he has a Quirk at all.
I can't finish reading this. There's wayyyyyyyyyyy too much of Deku angsting, even if I suppose that's what the fic is about.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:midoriya.izuku  quirk!deku  quirk:monsters  gen  status:read-ish  bad!kacchan  c:kirishima.eijirou 
october 2018
The brightness of the sun - cantdrownmydemons22 - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Not one student in Class 1-A would ever have guessed that their teacher was capable of being in a commited relationship that wasn't with sleep.

Alternatively four times Eraser's students mistake Present Mic for a woman and one time Eraser sets them right
It's worth reading the fic even with the implied KiriBaku (which i very much DO NOT ship), which means this fic is that good
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  p:erasermic  c:class1-a  warning:NOTP  genre:humor  length:short  fanfiction 
october 2018
For Want of Izuku's Toe Joint - Talavin - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
When he was four years old, the doctor showed Izuku and his mother the x-ray of the boy's foot. Since he only had one joint in his pinky toe, the doctor explained, there was a very high chance his quirk would manifest eventually. Year after year passed without any sign of it though, leaving Izuku to wonder if he could become a hero even without a quirk. Nevertheless, Izuku does possess a subtle, but extremely powerful ability - the kind that could make him the greatest hero of all time.
Asui dies :((((((((((((((((((
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:midoriya.izuku  p:bakudeku  quirk!deku  ofa!deku  universe:canon!au  character.death  WIP  fanfiction  canon.retelling  length:long 
october 2018
Looking Glass - twistedthicket1 - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Midoriya Izuku goes missing as a child. No villain is ever held accountable, no one ever brings his mother any answers. For ten years, the only people who remember the quiet, Quirkless boy are Inko and Bakugo Katsuki. They both feel his loss in different, inexplicable ways.

Eraserhead's been on the hunt for an elusive villain only known by the press as 'Ghost'. No fingerprints, blood, or evidence of any kind can ever be found at the scene of the crimes. All of the villain's cases inevitably run cold.

Izuku wishes he'd been born Quirkless after all. Maybe then, he could've believed in heroes. Maybe then, he could've turned into someone good.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  status:unread 
october 2018
Dis(associate) - BeyondTheClouds777 - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Izuku has a “dissociation” Quirk that lets his ghost leave his body, and it’s both convenient and inconvenient at the same time. Either way, he's going to do whatever it takes to become a hero.
One for All mixed with Deku's original quirk means that for a time, he can hear the spirits of the 7 dead previous OfA holders and manifest their spirits for a short period. Pretty interesting. Kacchan actually admits he's wrong and that what he's done is unforgivable but will work towards the future to make sure they get along as much as possible!!!!!

Kirishima surprisingly joins the Deku squad. And Izuku gets an adorable service dog.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:midoriya.izuku  canon.retelling  universe:canon!au  quirk!deku  ofa!deku  quirk:ghosts&spirits  c:dekusquad  gen  c:todoroki.shouto  c:all.might  c:iida.tenya  c:uraraka.ochako  c:kirishima.eijirou  fanfiction  WIP  status:read  length:long 
october 2018
but you gotta get up at least once more - simkjrs - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Izuku’s never run into this problem before with anyone else, but it’s still not much of a problem. “Oh, that’s alright,” he says. “I don’t have a Quirk.”

Tsukauchi stares incredulously at him, and then looks at the iron bar that Izuku is currently straightening with his hands.

Midoriya Izuku does not let his lack of a Quirk prevent him from being strong.
Also known as that one AU where Izuku follows the ridiculous training regimen of Saitama from One Punch Man and becomes stronger than anyone ever imagined he could be.
Overall an excellent read, but hasn't been updated in over a year. The author left off as the fic was finally getting to confronting the Kacchan-Deku toxic relationship. There was a refreshing spin, different from the canon-like treatment that a lot of fics seem to like to take.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:midoriya.izuku  quirkless!deku  ok!kacchan  bad!kacchan  universe:canon!au  WIP  status:read  length:long 
october 2018
Erased Potential - theslytherinpaladin - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Midoriya Izuku, determined to become a hero before ever meeting All Might, looks for another way. He might not have a quirk, but that can’t be all that being a hero is about. He has the intelligence, the drive, the determination. All he needs now is to know how to use it. Enter Aizawa Shouta.
Grumpy Aizawa mentoring a determined, quirkless Deku to be a hero? Sign me up! Aizawa becoming Deku's big brother? Even better. Hizashi getting involved? Sold!

Bad Kacchan? Bleh. Bakugou/Uraraka? I'm outta here.

I personally think this fic lost steam once Deku entered UA. But I greatly enjoyed the Aizawa-Deku interactions. Also All Might gets savaged lmao.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:midoriya.izuku  c:aizawa.shouta  c:yamada.hizashi  c:all.might  quirkless!deku  universe:canon!au  pre-canon  fanfiction  canon.retelling  WIP  mentor!aizawa  status:read  bad!kacchan  length:long 
october 2018
A beacon in the dark - NohaIjiachi - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
“My thanks.” He says, smiling back. “What is your name, boy?”

“I’m Izuku! Izuku Midoriya, sir!” The boy replies, excited, looking up at him. And Toshinori looks into the unmoving washed out green, into milky white pupils visible behind the mess curly hair, and realizes.

The boy is blind.

The boy that he distinctly saw dodge a series of fairly quick attacks, light on his feet and clearly used to some kind of training, the boy that had thrown him the bottle at the perfect height and perfect speed, the boy that has easily collected his spilled groceries and orderly put them back into the little plastic bag—

The boy. Is blind.
I stopped reading when Aizawa figured out that Deku figured out how to use his quirk to destroy a villain's brain and told him he crossed a line. Also Kacchan is a fucking asshole.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  c:midoriya.izuku  quirk!deku  WIP  fanfiction  canon.retelling  status:read-ish  bad!kacchan  length:long 
october 2018
Yesterday Upon The Stair - PitViperOfDoom - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Midoriya Izuku has always been written off as weird. As if it's not bad enough to be the quirkless weakling, he has to be the weird quirkless weakling on top of it.

But truthfully, the "weird" part is the only part that's accurate. He's determined not to be a weakling, and in spite of what it says on paper, he's not actually quirkless. Even before meeting All-Might and taking on the power of One For All, Izuku isn't quirkless.

Not that anyone would believe it if he told them.
It's alright. It's an engrossing read but not my fave. Hews too closely to canon in many parts, and Bakugou annoys the shit out of me here. Again, he's portrayed and dealt with too closely to canon.

The whole "Deku has a quirk he must keep secret because otherwise he'd be a laughing stock" is kind of ridiculous. In the BNHA world filled with all kinds of quirks, it requires a large suspension of disbelief that no one would believe a kid with a quirk that lets him see ghosts.
fandom:BokuNoHeroAcademia  gen  c:midoriya.izuku  c:todoroki.shouto  c:class1-a  quirk!deku  afo!deku  universe:canon!au  bad!kacchan  quirk:ghosts&spirits  WIP  fanfiction  canon.retelling  length:long 
october 2018
your quietest voice - flimsy - One Direction (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia

Louis wakes to the tinnitus buzz of the engine, resonating through his brain and lungs and bones like shockwaves in honey because he's dream-caught, paralyzed from head to toe, his mind awake before his body.
Fandom:OneDirection  pairing:HarryStyles/LouisTomlinson  dimension.hopping  alternate.timelines 
april 2018
t_and_b_anon | Tiger and Bunny Anon Meme Part 1
A few months after Kotetsu's wife died, and after too many drinks at the bar, Kotetsu asked Antonio to follow him home and they had drunken, desperate sex.

Kotetsu never mentioned it again, but Antonio never forgot.
fandom:Tiger&Bunny  pairing:Antonio/Kotetsu 
april 2018
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