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Pinhole Cameras — Lucus Landers
One Camera... Two Lenses...
In this camera, the film is the lens. 

The camera Records two images 180 degrees from each other. The lens for one image is made out of the film from another. 
camera  technology  craft  machining  art  artist  photography 
june 2018 by akamediasystem
The iPhone dongle is still my fucking nightmare | The Outline
The employee in the green shirt and pants and shoes took my broken dongle. “No problem, I can do that for you.” Is it no problem, mother fucker?
jokes  technology  culture 
may 2018 by akamediasystem
From Dust till Drone: Roomba Aesthetics and Non-Human Cinema Neta Alexander / New York University – Flow
gets at the weird-mirror phenomenon that signalled the beginning of the end of good faith at nytlabs
not thorough or very well-referenced, but quite compelling
aesthetic  video  film  robot  technology  culture  gaze  pov  camera  drone  uav  uas  cnc 
may 2018 by akamediasystem
1930 - High Society Garden Party in Palm Beach, Florida (real sound) - YouTube
I love how the man in the receiving line in the first scene can't stop looking, worriedly, at the camera
history  film  technology  autoportrait  audio  video  usa  fl 
april 2018 by akamediasystem
Money Laundering Via Author Impersonation on Amazon? — Krebs on Security
Reames said Amazon refuses to send him a corrected 1099, or to discuss anything about the identity thief.
technology  algorithm  amazon  fraud  crime  narrative  nonfiction  ghosts 
february 2018 by akamediasystem
Celestis: Memorial Spaceflights - Space Funeral Ashes Burial
this is the company who is on the hook to launch some of the remains of Majel Barrett (Gene Rodenberry's wife, voice of the ST:TNG room computer and Troi's mom) into space....
technology  death  culture  space  commerce 
march 2017 by akamediasystem
TIL the light-field camera **pre-dated** the CCD camera! And had 10x the resolution
mc  optics  reference  research  resource  history  technology  photography  image 
august 2016 by akamediasystem
Pelican Imaging: Life in 3D
PiCam: An Ultra-Thin High Performance Monolithic Camera Array
camera  imaging  technology  resource  commerce 
february 2016 by akamediasystem
Wireless Internet At Sea - Made Easy! - gCaptain
Today we have a solution… WaveWiFi Rogue. This unit contains the exact same hardware as the our favorite unit, the Ubiquity Bullet
language  shipping  internet  technology  commerce 
february 2016 by akamediasystem
Filtered for rambling thoughts (22 Feb., 2016, at Interconnected)
contemporary startups are either doing your parents' old jobs (carting you around, cooking for you, diapers, etc) or giving you superpowers.
strategy  culture  iot  ai  "bots"  technology 
february 2016 by akamediasystem
HFT in the Banana Land | Part III | Sniper In Mahwah
this author is so, so good at this kind of investigative storytelling!
(too bad: that would have been classy to put high-frequency trading dishes on a pool of liquidity)
hft  infrastructure  technology  narrative  finance  money  europe  space  spatial  rf 
february 2016 by akamediasystem
A Purpose-built Global Network: Google's Move to SDN - ACM Queue
Adding it all up, Google found itself on a cost curve it considered unsustainable. Perhaps even worse, it saw itself at the mercy of a small number of network equipment vendors that have proved to be slow in terms of delivering the capabilities requested by the company. Which is why Google ultimately came to decide it should take more control of its own networking destiny.
technology  strategy  google  business  networking  network  hardware  sdn 
december 2015 by akamediasystem
The Global Village and its Discomforts — Design Fictions — Medium
Systrom’s Anxiety is a feel of having to capture and share a moment from the fear of not being able to get to live it again. It happens in situations when one has to decide whether a moment is best enjoyed in the present tense or preserved for posterity online.
theory  future  interaction  behavior  design  narrative  language  technology 
december 2015 by akamediasystem
search video based on content, informed by NN
video  search  technology  neural  software  analysis 
december 2015 by akamediasystem
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