Treasury employee charged with leaks to BuzzFeed about Trump advisers - POLITICO
"After that conversation, held as a white-noise machine obscured the discussion,"
curious who manufactures and sells these machines to the govt
audio  theory  culture  government  SECURITY  news  electronics 
Grounding a chassis with anodized aluminum coating - diyAudio
see note about steel-to-aluminum contact, and the goops they recommend for the interface
weft  hardware  electronics  ee  circuit  rf  howto 
2 days ago
Types of IR codes · z3t0/Arduino-IRremote Wiki
For Sony and RC5/6, each transmission must be repeated 3 times as specified in the protocol. The transmission code does not implement the RC5/6 toggle bit; that is up to the caller.
sony  ir  protocol  communication  Arduino  library  reference  nex5t 
12 days ago
AQS China
main firm recommended by Kippworks and all of sketching list
manufacturing  ee  hardware  startup  commerce  service  vendor 
16 days ago
About – Virtual Railfan, Inc.
New locations can be sponsored for $5000 per year and this can be a location of your choice.*  

*If permission can be obtained.  
culture  community  hobbies  trains  vr  video  web  performance  spatial  infrastructure  security 
5 weeks ago
About — Deon
deon is a command line tool that allows you to easily add an ethics checklist to your data science projects.
ethics  programming  tools  protocol  practice  machine-learning 
6 weeks ago
I Wish Scrappy Doo Is Loved | Toonzone Forums
The truth is, I like Scrappy Doo as a kid and he didn't give me problems.
memento-mori  history  cartoon 
6 weeks ago
Scrappy Doo ruined the original Scooby Doo franchise? | Toonzone Forums
By the time of Scrappy's arrival, Fred, Daphne and Velma were all but reduced to cyphers.
memento-mori  cartoon  history 
6 weeks ago
Finding It Hard to Focus? Maybe It’s Not Your Fault - The New York Times
“How many of you guys want to live in the world that you’re creating? In a world where technology is competing for our attention?”

“Not a single hand went up,” he said.
attention  weft  research  press 
6 weeks ago
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