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Google Maps’s Moat
Epic blog post, quote: "Google is creating data out of data."
analytics  apple  google  data  maps  googlemaps  cartography  design  ai  mapping 
january 2018 by ajohnson1200
Awesome tool for quickly getting a CSV file with values from JSON.
data  json  tools 
october 2015 by ajohnson1200
Everything We Wish We'd Known About Building Data Products - First Round Review
Quote: "Where to Start Building: A lot of people choose to start building by modeling the product in question. Some start with feature discovery or feature engineering. Others start with building the infrastructure to serve results at scale. But for Belkin, there's only one right answer and starting point for a data product: Understanding how will you evaluate performance and building evaluation tools.
“Every single company I've worked at and talked to has the same problem without a single exception so far — poor data quality, especially tracking data,” he says.“Either there's incomplete data, missing tracking data, duplicative tracking data.” To solve this problem, you must invest a ton of time and energy monitoring data quality. You need to monitor and alert as carefully as you monitor site SLAs. You need to treat data quality bugs as more than a first priority. Don’t be afraid to fail a deploy if you detect data quality issues."
data  quality  testing  bigdata  linkedin  twitter  information 
april 2015 by ajohnson1200
Meet DJ Patil: Obama’s Big Data dude
Quote: "In each new feature, Patil drove home the idea that the best sign of a good data product is no obvious evidence of the data itself. “The user doesn’t want to see raw data, they want the data in a usable form, and that usable form should help them do something more creative, be more efficient, give them superpowers,” he said. “Something you could never conceive of before.”"

What a great story too.
data  visualization  value  problem-solving  grit  government 
april 2015 by ajohnson1200
What I learned going back to UX school
Data driven usability questions: "People throw around sayings like “Easy to Use” or “Intuitive” but without some data those are merely opinions. When it comes to measuring ease of use, there are well established things to track: Success rate: What percent of users can even do the thing its supposed to let them do. Often this is well below 100%. Time on task: how long does it  take users to do the thing it supposed to do. Better designs take users less time. Error rates: how many mistakes or confusions does the user have."
ux  usability-testing  usability  testing  data  metrics 
january 2013 by ajohnson1200
Some interesting ideas around scheduled tasks / pipelining.
data  bigdata  processing  tasks 
april 2011 by ajohnson1200
Facebook | The Full Stack, Part I
Great blog post. Quote: "... People who develop broad skills also tend to develop a good mental model of how different layers of a system behave. This turns out to be especially valuable for performance & optimization work. No one can know everything about everything, but you should be able to visualize what happens up and down the stack as an application does its thing. An application is shaped by the requirements of its data, and performance is shaped by how quickly hardware can throw data around."
performance  facebook  engineering  data  education 
december 2010 by ajohnson1200
google-refine - Project Hosting on Google Code
Cool tool for working with large, unrefined data sets.
bigdata  data  infoviz  information 
november 2010 by ajohnson1200
Expedia on how one extra data field can cost $12m | Sales & Marketing | silicon.com
"After we realised that we just went onto the site and deleted that field - overnight there was a step function [change], resulting in $12m of profit a year, simply by deleting a field. We have found 50 or 60 of these kinds of things by using analytics and paying attention to the customer."
analytics  data  ux  abtesting  datamining 
november 2010 by ajohnson1200
A Data-driven Look at the Realtime Web
Some inside baseball looks at bit.ly data / flow.
bit.ly  bigdata  data  twitter  realtime 
october 2010 by ajohnson1200
JavaScript grid editor: I want to be Excel « Eltit Golb
A breakdown of about 15 different browser-based Excel-like jQuery modules.
javascript  grid  spreadsheet  excel  data  ui  jquery  datagrid 
january 2010 by ajohnson1200
Facebook | Facebook Data Team: Distributed Data Analysis at Facebook
Today, Facebook counts 29% of its employees (and growing!) as Hive users. More than half (51%) of those users are outside of Engineering. They come from distinct groups like User Operations, Sales, Human Resources, and Finance. Many of them had never used a database before working here. Thanks to Hive, they are now all data ninjas who are able to move fast and make great decisions with data.
facebook  hadoop  analytics  hive  data  bigdata 
december 2009 by ajohnson1200
Turning Predictions into Opportunities - O'Reilly Radar
Big data is being democratised, but there's a lot of unmet need in businesses around data warehousing. The typical solution is to build a data warehouse team around a product like Oracle, but I've heard plenty of business people grizzling about the result. They want answers, they don't want the headaches and lag that a data warehouse involve. Big Data (or Cloud Analytics or whatever) may be the opportunity to figure out a new minimum viable product for these folks, and offer it without the "data warehouse" baggage. This might be back end, might be UIs, might be visualisation, but all of these have a lot of room for improvement.
trends  datamining  data  analytics  hadoop  mapreduce 
november 2009 by ajohnson1200
AppleInsider | Apple iPhone eats up 50% share of all mobile data traffic globally
AdMob notes that Apple advanced its lead in smartphone traffic share from 43% last month to an even 50%. Symbian slipped from 29% to 25%, while third place Android grew from 10% to 11%. RIM's share fell slightly from 8% to 7%, Windows Mobile dropped from 5% to 3%.
iphone  mobile  apple  data  android  phone  traffic 
november 2009 by ajohnson1200
How Google and Facebook are using R : Dataspora Blog
Quote: "[Facebook] ... found that activity at three months was predicted by variables related to three classes of behavior: (i) how often a user was reached out to by others, (ii) frequency of third party application use, and (iii) what Itamar termed “receptiveness” — related to how forthcoming a user was on the site."
statistics  google  analytics  facebook  datamining  analysis  data 
october 2009 by ajohnson1200
Palantir Government | Palantir Technologies
Palantir Government is a platform for information analysis. Palantir was designed for environments where the fragments of data that an analyst combines to tell the larger story are spread across a vast set of starting material. Palantir provides flexible tools to import and model data, intuitive constructs to search against this data, and powerful techniques to iteratively define and test hypotheses. With Palantir, an analyst can go all the way from an initial tasking to a final product in hours or days, rather than weeks.
government  information  infoviz  data 
september 2009 by ajohnson1200
PostRank™ Data Services // Home
Another business built around access to real-time data.
data  api  realtime  datamining  social 
august 2009 by ajohnson1200
The Nike Experiment: How the Shoe Giant Unleashed the Power of Personal Metrics
Quote: "The gist of the idea is that people change their behavior—often for the better—when they are being observed (which is why it's sometimes called the observer effect). Those workers at Western Electric didn't build more relays because there was more or less light or because they had more or fewer breaks. The Hawthorne effect posits that they built more relays simply because they knew someone was keeping track of how many relays they built."
apple  nike  data  stats  health  hawthorne-effect  observer-effect  metrics 
june 2009 by ajohnson1200
Why Email Clients Need to Change
Quote: ".. But if inboxes don’t fundamentally change in order to adapt to their new role as the keeper of myriad transactions across the entire web, they’ll be obsolete."
email  data  ideas  inbox  filtering  communication 
june 2009 by ajohnson1200
Churchill Club Top Ten Tech Trends on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Ann Winblad: The unstructured data deluge creates the next great information leaders. Every click, message, tweet is rich data amassed at exponential rates. Gartner predicts enterprise data growth of 650 percent in five years; 80 percent of that data will be unstructured.
data  bigdata  datamining  storage  enterprise 
may 2009 by ajohnson1200
Alex Payne | Life As A Series of Queues
Quote: "My suspicion is that there’s a market in making each and every one of those queues smaller, if not making them disappear entirely." Bigger market: being able to prioritize across queues.
data  productivity  queueing  queue 
december 2008 by ajohnson1200
How to do data portability (Scripting News)
Quote: "The best way to achieve data portability is to just do it." Couldn't agree more.
data  database  open  dataportability  davewiner 
may 2008 by ajohnson1200
JavaScript Information Visualization Toolkit (JIT) at noumena
JS based charting including treemaps, hyperbolic trees and space trees.
ajax  charting  cool  data  visualization  javascript 
may 2008 by ajohnson1200
Yahoo! Developer Network: Yahoo! Weather
Free weather data in RSS format for "... your own web site or client application" but then the fine print says only personal / non-commercial. Bollucks.
weather  yahoo  api  feed  feeds  rss  data 
april 2008 by ajohnson1200
sioc-project.org | Semantically-Interlinked Online Communities
Description: SIOC provides a Semantic Web ontology for representing rich data from the Social Web in RDF.
communities  community  data  semantic  foaf  ontology  rdf  sioc  semanticweb 
april 2008 by ajohnson1200
Where to Find Open Data on the Web - ReadWriteWeb
Great list (and comments) of freely available data sources. When is someone going to make the weather forecaster datasource free so that I don't have to pay accuweather or weather.com for forecasts / current weather?
data  free  database  resources  open 
april 2008 by ajohnson1200
Datawocky: More data usually beats better algorithms
Quote: "... adding more, independent data usually beats out designing ever-better algorithms to analyze an existing data set."
algorithms  bigdata  data  database  databases  algorithm  netflix  datamining 
april 2008 by ajohnson1200
Persai Research
Feed corpus: 124,460 unique RSS/Atom feeds
persai  feeds  rss  research  data  bigdata 
january 2008 by ajohnson1200
Web Data Mining, book by Bing Liu
Exploring Hyperlinks, Contents and Usage Data
data  datamining  research  book  books 
january 2008 by ajohnson1200
"... a site for large data sets and the people who love them"
bigdata  data  megadata  datasets  visualization  analytics  analysis 
january 2008 by ajohnson1200
Google Admits "Data is the Intel Inside"
Quote: "As the applications become apparent, the data will be valuable in new ways, and the company with the most data wins."
megadata  data  datamining  google 
december 2007 by ajohnson1200
Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | Megadata Follow-up
Quote: "... just like using more methods and pushing information into the headers gives more information to the network, by denormalizing you are implicitly giving more information to the database, and that 'extra information' makes things run faster."
databases  denormalization  megadata  scalability  data  database 
december 2007 by ajohnson1200
Joe Gregorio | BitWorking | ETech '07 Summary - Part 2 - MegaData
Quote: "... we need a new kind of data store, a new kind of SQL, something that does for storing and querying large amounts of data what SQL did for normalized data."
bigdata  datamining  dataveillance  analytics  storage  database  data  megadata 
december 2007 by ajohnson1200
Google Analytics: The goggles, they do nothing! | Archives | codablog | Coda Hale
Great rant on pie chart and 3D graphs. Quote: "... if it’s a simple dataset, boil it down to the essentials. If there are two numbers which add up to 100%, you don’t need to tell me both, and you certainly don’t need to draw me a picture of it."
infoviz  information  graphing  graph  visualization  google  charting  chart  data  analytics 
march 2007 by ajohnson1200
Dare Obasanjo aka Carnage4Life - Updated: XML Has Too Many Architecture Astronauts
JSON is a better fit for Web services that power Web mashups and AJAX widgets due to the fact that it is essentially serialized Javascript objects which makes it fit better client side scripting which is primarily done in Javascript.
json  javascript  client  xml  data  browser 
january 2007 by ajohnson1200
Data Analytics :: Mozilla Add-ons :: Add Features to Mozilla Software
Very cool FireFox plugin that basically gives you Excel graphing / spreadsheet abilities in your browser.
analytics  data  firefox  plugins 
may 2006 by ajohnson1200

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