Several People Are Typing — Building the Workplace We Want
Great list: "

Diligence: We know that the success of our product will likely not come from unpredictable lightning strikes but from grinding hard rocks against other hard rocks day after day. To build a product that works well and is magical comes out of effort that looks very non-magical. It is easy and sometimes tempting to say “good enough” but after this is where the best work happens and what makes Slack special. This is also where your best work happens.
Curiosity: We are building something that most people don’t know they need. Every day, we are venturing into unknown territory. Thriving at Slack means recognizing this forward position and that you may not know the best direction to head. This means you ask good questions at the right time to the right people. It means being curious about how things work and what our customers need. Curiosity is not being satisfied with the status quo and looking at every problem deeper and from a multitude of angles.
Empathy: Building things for others to use is an act of empathy. Every decision made about how a thing is built and how it should be used comes from the worldview of the maker. How well they can see things through the user’s eyes determines the value of their work. No one person can see the world through another’s eyes. It’s all approximation and guesswork. Thus the only way for us to broaden our understanding of our users, to see things the way they do, is through hiring people with as many diverse experiences and backgrounds as we can."
culture  empathy  diligence  curiosity  work  values 
11 days ago
Theory lags practice
Quote: "Don’t ever make the mistake [of thinking] that you can design something better than what you get from ruthless massively parallel trial-and-error with a feedback cycle. That’s giving your intelligence much too much credit." (Linus Torvalds)
theory  practice  programming  knowledge 
17 days ago
Mt. Hood National Forest - Skiway Trail #755B
Did this ~.2.25 mile snowshoeing loop with the boys and Grandma and Grandpa on New Year's Eve, forgot to pack snacks for the trail and the smallest got cold but it was fun.
outdoors  snow  snowshoeing  adventure  mountains 
23 days ago
Two eras of the internet: pull and push | cdixon blog
Push was the 90's too, think that search in the 2000's will / is still having a bigger impact on quality of life than push in the 2010's.
internet  trends  culture  future 
28 days ago
Blackened Salmon - Mom's Mouthwatering Meals
Didn't have skinless, still worked out great. Totally forgot about the lemon, really tasty.
food  salmon  cooking  castiron 
5 weeks ago
The Importance of What You Say | Scott Berkun
Quote: "Despite dreams of a world in which the best ideas win simply because they should, we live in a world where the fate of ideas hinges on how well you talk about what you’ve made, or what you want to make."

Just convinced me to buy his book.
speaking  writing  ideas 
6 weeks ago
How to Use a Biscuit Joiner
Thought I was going to have to use / create one of these to fix my outside storage container but ended up not having to. Educational nonetheless.
home  building  wood  tools  biscuits 
6 weeks ago
Toggle bolt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Just discovered these... why anyone would ever use a drywall screw escapes me, these are awesome.
building  screws  home 
7 weeks ago
Seared Black Pepper-Crusted Ahi Tuna Steaks Recipe
Halved the salt as per the comments, cooked a couple of beautiful tuna steaks from Costco in my brand spanking new cast iron with great success.
food  tuna  recipes  castiron  cooking 
7 weeks ago
Against Productivity — The Message — Medium
Quote: "We should spend more time wasting time. We all need to be bored more. We all need to spend more time looking quizzically at birds we don’t recognize. We all need a little more time to connect the dots and see if they matter. I don’t know how much more, but sometimes you have to do things without knowing how much you need."
productivity  work  life 
9 weeks ago
mysqlsla v2 Guide
Really really nice tool for parsing mysql slow query logs.
mysql  database  tools  performance 
9 weeks ago
The Sixth Stage of Grief is Retro-Computing — The Message — Medium
Beautiful essay, quote: "...And how urgently they need to be heard. They look up and they say, look at me. And I put my phone away."
computing  history  children  values  attention 
10 weeks ago
On Kindness — Matter — Medium
Quote: "We seem to reserve a special rage in this world for those whose ability to be unafraid in pursuit of something new extends beyond our own. We begrudge them their strange friends and strange experiences under the guise that we find those things to be dangerous or unclean. But really we resent those people because their courage reminds us of how common and terrified we feel inside. Bravery is a virtue people revere in dead soldiers and then turn to disparage in someone extending her hand to a weirdo."
life  values  fear  courage 
11 weeks ago
sindresorhus/pageres · GitHub
Capture screenshots of websites in various resolutions. A good way to make sure your websites are responsive. It's speedy and generates 100 screenshots from 10 different websites in just over a minute.
screenshots  design  screenshot  resolution 
11 weeks ago
Move Fast and Break Nothing
Lots of great ideas in this talk, loved this one:

".. Instead of 'will this code break the application?', our tests are more and more measuring 'will this code be maintainable and more resilent towards errors in the future?'."
github  process  programming  communication  testing 
12 weeks ago
Fixed mindset vs Growth mindset | Derek Sivers
Quote: "People in a fixed mindset believe you either are or aren’t good at something, based on your inherent nature, because it’s just who you are. People in a growth mindset believe anyone can be good at anything, because your abilities are entirely due to your actions."

Need to somehow get this through to the little dudes in my life.
life  motivation  thinking  mindset  change  failure 
september 2014
Mongol military tactics and organization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Came across this while reading the book about John Boyd, fascinatingly smart stuff from the Mongols.
war  strategy  psychology  organization 
september 2014
How Complex Systems Fail
"Being a Short Treatise on the Nature of Failure; How Failure is Evaluated; How Failure is
Attributed to Proximate Cause; and the Resulting New Understanding of Patient Safety"
architecture  complexity  failure  systems  root-cause-assessment  blame 
september 2014
[messaging] Modern anti-spam and E2E crypto
Epic mailing list post by an ex-Googler who worked on spam / gmail and then a couple paragraphs describing the challenges with spam as it relates to movement towards end to end encryption in email.
email  encryption  spam  gmail  google  links 
september 2014
Why Walking Helps Us Think - The New Yorker
I walk about 6 miles a day on my commute right now, definitely get a lot of thinking done on my commute.
exercise  life  lifehacks  thinking  memory  creativity 
september 2014
Excellent and wide ranging essay / presentation on security. via tim bray
privacy  security  internet 
august 2014
How to Be Polite — The Message — Medium
Quote: "What I found most appealing was the way that the practice of etiquette let you draw a protective circle around yourself and your emotions. By following the strictures in the book, you could drag yourself through a terrible situation and when it was all over, you could throw your white gloves in the dirty laundry hamper and move on with your life. I figured there was a big world out there and etiquette was going to come in handy along the way."

Lots of great stuff in that article... also loved the "wow, that sounds hard." example.
life  conversation  manners  etiquette 
august 2014
(7) Silicon Valley: What are some things people in Silicon Valley may be shocked to learn about the outside world? - Quora
Most of Silicon Valley is focused on building products for the top 1% of the world's population.  Most of the world needs solutions to problems we rarely talk about, in areas like health care, agricultural production, sustainable construction, citizen activism and empowerment, childhood education, affordable transportation, supply chain optimization, community solidarity and efficacy, etc.  And I'm not solely referring to base of the pyramid topics (like clean water access), either.  The average "middle class" citizen outside the US doesn't have as much luxury to indulge in existential crisis and loneliness.
culture  economics  business  motivation 
august 2014
38 is great. — Medium
Buster Benson's yearly review, Codex Vitae was an interesting concept.
goals  motivation  purpose 
august 2014
Hierarchy of ideas | Chunking | NLP
More on the hierarchy of ideas, this time as it relates to conflict, quote: "In NLP we learn to use this hierarchy of ideas and chunking to assist others in overcoming their problems, we use it to improve our communication skills (so we understand how others are thinking and how we are creating our own problems). We use it to discover the deep structure behind peoples thinking and the words that they are using."
chunking  ideas  communication  strategy  conflict  negotiation 
july 2014
Microsoft’s New CEO Needs An Editor | Monday Note
Loved the hierarchy of ideas of graph, quote: "The top layer deals with the Identity or Culture — I use the two terms interchangeably as one determines the other. One level down, we have Goals, where the group is going. Then come the Strategies or the paths to those goals. Finally, we have the Plan, the deployment of troops, time, and money."
strategy  business  communication  writing  motivation  culture  microsoft 
july 2014
Coordinating technological change in large software organizations
Quote: "Part of what distinguishes great infrastructure teams is a sense of empathy for those that depend on them. When attempting to move an organization forward with a new technology, such a team will reduce the barrier to entry by addressing any likely concerns and minimizing the amount of work that developers have to do to make the switch. By going the extra mile to ease the lives of others, the team initiating the change improves the likelihood of success and greases the wheels of forward progress."
startups  infrastructure  management  software  development 
july 2014
Interacting with a World of Connected Objects — Product Club — Medium
Lots of interesting thinking about IoT and giving said objects personalities. Loved the sample house conversation between the motion sensor, gatekeeper, dishwasher and roomba. Also, the questions you should be able to ask of your devices: a) where are you? b) who owns you? c) what are you currently doing? d) what have you done in the past? e) how much power are you using? have you used? f) how are you currently doing? et...
iot  robots  home  devices 
july 2014
Six things I wish we had known about scaling — Martin Kleppmann’s blog
quote: "The kind of system I’m talking about is the data backend of a consumer web/mobile app with a million users (order of magnitude). At the scale of Google, LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter (hundreds of millions of users), you’ll have an entirely different set of problems, but you’ll also have a bigger team of experienced developers and operations people around you. The mid-range scale of about a million users is interesting, because it’s quite feasible for a small startup team to get there with some luck and good marketing skills. If that sounds like you, here are a few things to keep in mind."
architecture  devops  scalability  databases  postgres  mysql 
july 2014
Why are conservative talk shows so popular and liberal talk shows a failure?
Quote: "Julia Sweeney has a great line that "listening to NPR is like listening to your mother telling you to clean your room". We have a gas crisis? It would help if you used mass transit more We have an education crisis? It would help if you read to your kids more We have a health care crisis? If you exercised more and ate better, we wouldn't have such a demand on the system. Coming up next: 3 ways you can add kale to your daily diet. Country <X> isn't doing what we want? If you were more sensitive to their history, you'd understand why. Let's have a 15 minute drill-down, shall we...?
The typical framing of the typical problem is about what you can/should do to help things get better.

On the other hand, if you listen to Limbaugh, you (the listener) are never at fault. You are perfect. You are the heart of America. The problem is them - those liberals, foreigners, feminists, etc., fools at best and traitors at worst, who are screwing things up and preventing the great life you deserve. We have a gas crisis? They refuse to let us drill and use nuclear. We have an education crisis? They have a bias against private schools We have a health care crisis? No we don't! They just say this as an excuse for Big Government. Coming up next: an ad for Ruth's Chris Steak house. Country <X> isn't doing what we want? If they didn't make us act like such wimps we'd be respected and feared!

The Limbaugh approach is much more popular. In my opinion it's not so much the details of the liberal vs. conservative policies, it's that the one nags you while the other exalts you."
politics  framing  culture 
july 2014
David Foster Wallace on The Connection with Chris Lydon, February 1996 | Radio Open Source with Christopher Lydon
Quote: "I think somehow the culture has taught us or we’ve allowed the culture to teach us that the point of living is to get as much as you can and experience as much pleasure as you can, and that the implicit promise is that will make you happy."
dfw  culture  happiness  life 
july 2014
Why Budget Airlines Could Soon Charge You to Use the Bathroom | FiveThirtyEight
Awesomely detailed look at how what seem to be even the most minor of costs can impact the bottom line in a big way.
economics  business  cost 
july 2014
Postcards From Hell
Google Glass! Uber! We're changing the wor... oh, yeah, actually the world is pretty messed up. Reminder to be super thankful for where you were born.
world  life  economics 
june 2014
I’m Just Now Realizing How Stupid We Are
Bunch of quotable things in here, my favorite: "I've learned that short-term thinking is at the root of most of our problems, whether it's in business, politics, investing, or work."
advice  economics  finance  life  culture 
june 2014
Cultivate Teams, Not Ideas
Quote: "In software development, execution is staying on top of all the tiny details that make up your app. If you're not constantly obsessing over every aspect of your application, relentlessly polishing and improving every little part of it – no matter how trivial – you're not executing. At least, not well."
team  culture  attention  execution  details 
june 2014
24 Lingering Questions From the NBA Finals «
Quote: "I realized that Doug had something of a hierarchy of praise that went like this.
Level 1: “Coach, that guy is tough.”
Level 2: “Coach, that guy is a BITCH.”
Level 3: “Coach, that guy is a [12-letter word].”"

Going to start calling everyone I know "Coach".

Also, humility and unselfishness. Congrats Tim Duncan.
sports  nicknames  tim-duncan  humility  unselfish  team  team-first 
june 2014
How Perks Can Divide Us, by Melissa Santos, Rafe Colburn | Model View Culture
Quote: "These perks are generally most appealing to one particular demographic -- young, unmarried guys. All too often, they are intended to make companies appealing to candidates who are members of that demographic, and they reinforce the monoculture that is often a huge problem in our industry. It's incumbent on managers to think about the disparate impact of perks on the members of the team."
culture  management  work  benefits  perks 
june 2014
With His Eye on the World Cup, Soccer Coach Jurgen Klinsmann Overhauls Team USA - WSJ
Sports ball bookmark! Great article describing the various styles of international teams, the video highlighting Tiki-Taka from Spain is amazing.
soccer  strategy  germany  spain  england  argentina  portugal  brazil 
june 2014
How Slack Onboards New Users | User Onboarding
Didn't notice slackbot gathering first name / last name / title when I went through the signup, but that's really nice.
ux  design  onboarding  registration  ui 
june 2014
Leadership Lessons from the Code Conference | Psychohistory
Does your message elevate to the point where everyone understands the tangible benefit of living in a world where your company is successful?
value  business  meaning  marketing 
june 2014
Twitter / pamelafox: PSA: You can toggle browser ...
Command Option I for Chrome Developer Tools... money.
chrome  tools  software  tips 
june 2014
Disk Inventory X
Exceptional little tool for figuring out where you're using disk on OSX.
mac  osx  software  tools 
june 2014
The Internet With A Human Face - Beyond Tellerrand 2014 Conference Talk
Quote: "Advertising, or the promise of advertising, is the economic foundation of the world wide web." Sad but true.
advertising  internet  privacy  surveillance 
may 2014
A Critique of “Don’t Fuck Up The Culture”
Quote: "... there is a presumption among many executives that culture is an asset created and managed like technological resources, which is a mistake. Culture is emotional. It is based on trust and even (platonic) love between people. It is hard to describe culture rationally or in the same easily measurable terms the business world operates on, which explains why so many attempts by business leaders to control and scale culture ultimately fail."
culture  airbnb  business  management  leadership 
may 2014
TLS Server Name Indication.
Great little blog post (from 2005!) on TLS and what servername does for you.
security  protocol  reference  ssl  https  tls 
april 2014
Watch "The hack to save your marriage: Eli Finkel at TEDxUChicago" Video at TEDxTalks
Similar to the idea that DFW spoke about in his commencement speech: you choose not to be the center of your existence.
life  marriage  relationships  perspective 
march 2014
We Don’t Sell Saddles Here — Medium
Quote: "To see why, consider the hypothetical Acme Saddle Company. They could just sell saddles, and if so, they’d probably be selling on the basis of things like the quality of the leather they use or the fancy adornments their saddles include; they could be selling on the range of styles and sizes available, or on durability, or on price.

Or, they could sell horseback riding. Being successful at selling horseback riding means they grow the market for their product while giving the perfect context for talking about their saddles. It lets them position themselves as the leader and affords them different kinds of marketing and promotion opportunities (e.g., sponsoring school programs to promote riding to kids, working on land conservation or trail maps). It lets them think big and potentially be big."
business  collaboration  work  design  strategy 
february 2014
mnot’s blog: Nine Things to Expect from HTTP/2
Interesting stuff coming down the pipe, pun intended.
http  performance  web  http/2  browser  ssl 
february 2014
StatHat - Awesome custom stat tracking tool.
Example of a super small team and a niche product doing interesting stuff.
analytics  api  metrics  statistics  stats 
january 2014
Apple - iPad - What will your verse be
The trailer looks amazing, can't wait till the movie comes out.
apple  motivation 
january 2014
The Intrinsic Value of Blogging | Matt Mullenweg
Quote on blogging: "First, write for yourself, both your present self whose thinking will be clarified by distilling an idea through writing and editing, and your future self who will be able to look back on these words and be reminded of the context in which they were written. Second, write for a single person who you have in mind as the perfect person to read what you write, almost like a letter, even if they never will, or a person who you’re sure will read it because of a connection you have to them..."
blogging  communication  writing 
january 2014
illumos developer > 2013 > May > need reviews for..
Quote: "Empathy is a core engineering value.

This is especially true when it comes to backward compatibility, even
moreso when targeting environments in which your product is used to make
money. There are plenty of situations in which it's easy enough to say
"don't do that, then" and leave it at that. Like most engineers, I have
little patience for people who refuse to read the manual, make
assumptions about the system's behaviour from unreasonable bases, or
engage in obviously retarded diagnostic procedures that serve only to
worsen the original problem. All that said, there are also plenty of
instances in which it's essential to at least attempt to understand the
plight of our users. This is one of them."
culture  development  empathy  engineering  software 
january 2014
sbdc » Clutter, pt 1
On clutter everywhere and how it affects our brains, have been trying to cull stuff from my own life in the same way.
clutter  focus  things  choices  culture  stuff 
january 2014
Finagle is an extensible RPC system for the JVM, used to construct high-concurrency servers. Finagle implements uniform client and server APIs for several protocols, and is designed for high performance and concurrency.
java  scala  rpc  concurrency  distributed 
january 2014
The Travis CI Blog: Books That Helped Shape Our Business
List of books from a group of guys running a small online business doing cloud CI.
books  business  entrepreneurship  reading  leadership 
january 2014
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