Everything is distributed - O'Reilly Media
Quote: "One thing we know from classic distributed computing theory is that distributed systems fail more often, and the failures often tend to be partial in nature. Such failures are not just harder to diagnose and predict; they’re likely to be not reproducible—a given third-party data feed goes down or you get screwed by a router in a town you’ve never even heard of before. You’re always fighting the intermittent failure, so is this a losing battle?"
distributed-architecture  multi-tier  distributed 
7 days ago
The Rule of 40% For a Healthy SaaS Company - Feld Thoughts
Quote: "The 40% rule is that your growth rate + your profit should add up to 40%. So, if you are growing at 20%, you should be generating a profit of 20%. If you are growing at 40%, you should be generating a 0% profit. If you are growing at 50%, you can lose 10%. If you are doing better than the 40% rule, that’s awesome."
business  growth  saas  revenue  profit 
7 days ago
The death of reading is threatening the soul - The Washington Post
Has been a goal of mine to read three books a month. I turned off Twitter but still am drawn like a moth to the flame.
reading  culture  focus  attention 
11 days ago
The Calculus of Service Availability - ACM Queue
SLA's, Google, math, microservices, distributed architectures and four 9's.
devops  google  sre  sla  reliability 
7 weeks ago
GitHub - kamranahmedse/developer-roadmap: Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2017
Great infographic illustrating the complexity of being a front end / back end / devops engineer in 2017.
career  software  complexity 
7 weeks ago
Quote by Warren Buffett: “Somebody once said that in looking for people t...”
Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you. You think about it; it’s true. If you hire somebody without [integrity], you really want them to be dumb and lazy.
quotes  life  hiring  management 
7 weeks ago
Solving Imaginary Scaling Issues at Scale — as interpreted by @seldo
npm co-founder @seldo publishes an inspired list of chapter titles for the latest ORLY book 😂
funny  scaling  performance 
9 weeks ago
A Year of Google Maps & Apple Maps — Justin O'Beirne
Really detailed look at the evolution in Google Maps, fun read.
design  google  maps  cartography  mapping 
9 weeks ago
44 engineering management lessons
First bookmark in years... takes 10 minutes to read, could spend 30 minutes on each point.
engineering  management  software  leadership 
may 2017
The Three Machines - Feld Thoughts
Product, Customer, and Company. I like the simplicity.
leadership  organization  management 
january 2017
Are You Load Balancing Wrong? - ACM Queue
Quote: "Anyone can use a load balancer. Using it properly is much more difficult. Some questions to ask: 1. Is this load balancer used to increase capacity (N+0) or to improve resiliency (N+1)? 2. How do you measure the capacity of each replica? How do you create benchmark input? How do you process the benchmark results to arrive at the threshold between good and bad? 3. Are you monitoring whether you are compliant with your N+M configuration? Are you alerting in a way that provides enough time ...
ops  loadbalancing  capacity  scaling  resiliency 
january 2017
How I Got My Attention Back
Delete social media accounts off your phone, turn off notifications, don't look at technology until lunch.
attention  focus  culture  dopamine 
january 2017
“Is This Helpful?” » Mike Industries
I read "Deep Work" a couple weeks ago and 2 days ago deleted by Twitter account. For me at least it was a suck of time. I've been trying to be really deliberate about focused time for reading and writing.
focus  attention  culture  life 
january 2017
Down and Out: Hiking the Grand Canyon with Children
I think I'm about 3 years away from being able to pull this off.
adventure  kids  grand-canyon  travel 
january 2017
The Securosis Blog
Interesting read on a wave of change happening in security.
security  cloud  strategy 
january 2017
Why conventional wisdom is dangerous and crazy scenarios aren't
Worthwhile models to have stored away, the notion of descriptive, normative wildcard and alternative scenarios is useful.
strategy  planning  future  scenario-planning  qualitative-scenarios  quantitative-scenarios 
january 2017
htop explained | peteris.rocks
A lovely example of someone doing deep work.
linux  performance  htop  top  tools  sysadmin 
january 2017
AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud Pricing: Compute Instances
In-depth comparison of AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud pricing for compute instances including AWS reserved instances and Google SUD.
amazon  aws  azure  gcp  pricing  cloud 
december 2016
Amazon Web Services CEO Andy Jassy 'optimistic' AWS will become a $100B business, but no spinoff plans - GeekWire
Quote: "... And the senior people don’t look for a reason to say “no” as we get bigger – they’re looking for ways to say “yes.” We don’t say yes to every idea; we rigorously assess each one. But we say yes a lot more often than others. And we’re not afraid to fail. If you’re innovating enough, you will have failures, and that’s OK, as long as the inputs into that issue were executed well. People go on to work on other interesting things."
amazon  business  management  posture  failure  teams 
december 2016
Social Media Is Killing Discourse Because It’s Too Much Like TV
Quote: "Typography, as Postman describes, is in essence much more capable of communicating complex messages that provoke thinking. This means we should write and read more, link more often, and watch less television and fewer videos—and spend less time on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube."
internet  media  politics  social  twitter 
december 2016
Five Leadership Hacks – Rands in Repose
Feels like the start of a really good book that doesn't exist yet.
leadership  management  meetings 
december 2016
Using AWS Lambda to call and text you when your servers are down
Could do this with Lambda scheduled tasks as well and cut out the Cloudwatch stuff.
cloudwatch  lambda  aws  monitoring  twilio  devops  amazon 
december 2016
The Real Success Story of Microservices Architectures – Software Blog
Quote: "The real success stories of a microservice architecture are about how organizations that embrace small, cross-functional teams that engage with a flat, self/peer-management structure, are able to scale and innovate at levels unheard of in traditional organizational structures and do it wildly successfully."
microservices  teams  devops  conwayslaw  communication 
december 2016
How to be perfectly unhappy - The Oatmeal
Didn't specifically say "uncomfortable" but I think a paraphrase of this comic could be "doing hard stuff, even uncomfortable stuff brings meaning and a full life"
happiness  psychology  oatmeal  comic  humor 
december 2016
The peculiar traits of great Amazon leaders: Frugal, innovative and body odor that doesn't smell like perfume - GeekWire
Quote: "... internal meetings at Amazon start with everyone in the room spending up to 45 minutes reading in silence as they digest detailed documents known as narratives. We write our thoughts down because we expect leaders to dive deep, said Wilke. We like this because narratives yield a very clear understanding of the thoughts of the author, and also because all of the ideas that are normally preserved in the PowerPoint notes that the speaker has are actually preserved in the narrative for al...
leadership  amazon  learning  management  work  business 
december 2016
Mesos at Strava
Well written blog post about Docker, Scala, Mesos, Marathon and a wide variety of other tools that Strava uses.
aws  docker  mesos  marathon  scala  container  deployment 
october 2016
AWS Lambda and Serverless Cloud
Great intro to Lamba if you haven't used it yet.
lambda  aws  serverless  cloud  saas 
october 2016
Ken Norton on learning to say no
I'd love to read a book on this... more than a couple times per week I come across a situation where we could do X or Y and the conversation always turns to "... but could we do X AND Y?" which is sometimes possible but usually means you'll do a bad job at both. Better, but harder to say no to X or Y and nail one.
productmanagement  decision-making  management 
october 2016
Avoiding Organizational Debt – Positive Slope – Medium
Quote: Leaders who can’t make tough decisions cause teams to accumulate “organizational debt.”
management  debt  leadership  decision-making 
september 2016
Linux Performance Tools: full version draft : linux
Bunch of things I've never used, useful diving board into new worlds.
linux  performance  tools 
august 2016
Dear Dad, Please Don't Vote For Donald Trump
Quote: “I am not a bit afraid of Siegfried Sassoon,” Churchill said, “That man can think. I am only afraid of people who cannot think.”
thinking  politics  values  parenting 
july 2016
When a Child Thinks Life Is Unfair, Use Game Theory - The New York Times
Four fun strategies for settling some kinds of arguments with kids.
kids  parenting  game-theory 
july 2016
My First 5 Minutes On A Server; Or, Essential Security for Linux Servers
I spend way too little time thinking about this for my personal stuff, super helpful.
security  linux  sysadmin  devops  ops 
june 2016
How The Most Successful People Poop At Work | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Someone hasn't pooped in Europe. I have a blog post in my head about pooping in Europe (awesome, usually big walls and soundproof) and peeing in Europe (stadium style, no walls, generally super open) vs. the same in the US (not soundproof but we have separators in the urinals). Anyway.
bathroom  life  emea 
june 2016
9 Things Microsoft Could Do With LinkedIn — Track Changes
Almost like he completely missed 2013 when Microsoft had LinkedIn inside of Outlook (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3053944) via the Outlook Social Connector.... which was deprecated.
outlook  microsoft  linkedin  strategy  social  acquisitions 
june 2016
Let a 1,000 flowers bloom. Then rip 999 of them out by the roots.
On engineering effectiveness / tools teams. via @mattfinlayson.
engineering  process  tools 
june 2016
A Product Manager’s Job — Medium
Keep referring to this blog post thinking that I've bookmarked it.

PS: WTF with the random anchor elements that Medium applies to their URLs?
productmanagement  product-product-product 
may 2016
Why So Many Smart People Aren’t Happy - The Atlantic
Quote: "What I recommend is an alternative approach, which is to become a little more aware of what it is that you're really good at, and what you enjoy doing. When you don't need to compare yourself to other people, you gravitate towards things that you instinctively enjoy doing, and you're good at, and if you just focus on that for a long enough time, then chances are very, very high that you're going to progress towards mastery anyway, and the fame and the power and the money and everything w...
psychology  intelligence  mindset  motivation  health  happiness 
may 2016
The cave divers who went back for their friends - BBC News
Unbelievable amount of mental control to pull this off. Quote: "Cave divers the world over need to have remarkable self-command, but Diving into the Unknown can be seen as a study in a character trait beloved of Finns - sisu, grit in the face of adversity."
grit  norway  adventure  mental-hacks  diving 
may 2016
Three Years in San Francisco » Mike Industries
This needed to be about 5 different essays, which could have been separately on empathy, on product managers, diversity, biases, product managers as CEO's, EQ (emotional intelligence), ideas and privilege.
empathy  employee-engagement  productmanagement  emotional-intelligence  diversity  eq  ideas  twitter 
may 2016
How to send and reply to email
Guilty of paragraphs in email, pretty good about the other stuff, a good reminder to read once a year.
email  etiquette  productivity  writing 
may 2016
The history of ‘this website is well-crafted’ hints | Holovaty.com
I wrote code in the 1990's, 2002, 2003, 2005 but then missed custom fonts, responsive and now serviceworker. Super cool demo although all of the other things listed required no user interaction, they just "worked".
history  javascript  browser  ajax  webdev 
may 2016
Stop Crashing Planes: Charlie Munger’s Six-Element System
Quote: "We would argue that practical worldly wisdom falls into a few major buckets — these act as the closest proxy of the fixed/knowable rules we discussed above:

Numeracy. The ability to understand and think in numbers and properly quantify. This would included a basic understanding of statistics and its limitations, of probability thinking and its limitations, and basic numerical and quantitative thinking applied to the real world.
Human nature. The ability to understand the true nature of ...
learning  knowledge  mastery  farnam  checklists  thinking 
may 2016
The SiriusDecisions Product Ownership Decision Framework Overview
Have been going through this at work, PDF is embedded inside Flash after registration (boo) but has some useful content.
productmanagement  product-owner  agile 
may 2016
Golden State and the Mathematical Magic of Seventy-Three - The New Yorker
Quote: "An emirp, he explained, is a prime number that remains prime when its digits are reversed. (Emirp, of course, is “prime” spelled backward.) “Seventy-three and thirty-seven are both prime, so both are emirps.”"
math  sports  numbers 
april 2016
10 Lessons from 10 Years of Amazon Web Services - All Things Distributed
Some hard to replicate ("build evolvable systems") lessons but other non-obvious and easier ("know your resource usage") to put in place.
amazon  aws  platform  cost 
april 2016
Ensemble learning - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
There are entire worlds out there that I've never heard of. Came up in a meeting last week.
machine  learning  statistics  algorithms  supervised-learning 
april 2016
The Netflix Tech Blog: Fault Tolerance in a High Volume, Distributed System
Thought I had bookmarked this awhile back, really great visual introduction into circuit breakers, timeouts and failover.
architecture  distributed  netflix  scalability  circuit-breaker  distributed-systems  resilience  concurrency 
march 2016
Your Path through Agile Fluency
Going through this at work, another example of shaping an organization or a team through indirect influence, standard setting + levels.
agile  management  teams  productmanagement  metrics  process 
march 2016
Seth's Blog: The dominant narrative
Great descriptive phrase and something to watch out for, both in case you or your team get labeled with some kind of dominant narrative or as something that you hear other teams or people get labeled.
leadership  management  change  language  writing 
march 2016
How To Have An Opinion Worth Hearing
Understand causality, set aside political / religious beliefs, don't be afraid to be wrong.
communication  discussion  influence  thinking  causality  humility 
march 2016
Stevey's Google Platforms Rant I was at Amazon for about six and a half years,…
Somehow remembered Yegge's posts from back in the day this week. Wish he was still writing.
amazon  api  soa  yegge  google  communication 
march 2016
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