How Amazon Rebuilt Itself Around Artificial Intelligence | WIRED
"How deep learning came to power Alexa, Amazon Web Services, and nearly every other division of the company."... wasn't 2 people working as part of another team...
ai  ml  amazon 
16 days ago
With teen mental health deteriorating over five years, there's a likely culprit
According to a new analysis, the number of US teens who felt "useless" and "joyless" grew 33 percent between 2010 and 2015, and there was a 23 percent increase in suicide attempts.
mobile  phone  depression  culture  attention  child-development  health 
17 days ago
Why I left Google to join Grab – Steve Yegge – Medium
Quote: "Google has become 100% competitor-focused rather than customer focused. They’ve made a weak attempt to pivot from this, with their new internal slogan “Focus on the user and all else will follow.” But unfortunately it’s just lip service. It’s not that they don’t care. The problem is that their incentive structure isn’t aligned for focusing on their customers, so they wind up being too busy and it always gets deprioritized. A slogan isn’t good enough. It takes real effort to set aside tim...
google  business  strategy  focus  customerfocus 
26 days ago
The Courage To Be Uncomfortable | LinkedIn
Being "uncomfortable" is something I strive for in life... walks in Central Park aren't what I personally think of when I say that word but still.
uncomfortable  life  culture  risk  change 
4 weeks ago
The hidden costs of serverless – A Cloud Guru
Detailed rundown of the costs associated with serverless, which over time will only get better.
aws  serverless  lambda  cloud  cost  amazon 
4 weeks ago
Deggit comments on Obama: Fox viewers ‘living on a different planet’ than NPR listeners
Quote: "He has what you could call **"waterbug speaking"** - he skims the surface of a topic but he never engages with it enough to get wet. For example..."
waterbug  speaking  conversation  culture 
5 weeks ago
swissmiss | The Need To Be Alone
Quote: "By retreating into ourselves, it looks as if we are the enemies of others, but our solitary moments are in reality a homage to the richness of social existence. Unless we’ve had time alone, we can’t be who we would like to be around our fellow humans. We won’t have original opinions. We won’t have lively and authentic perspectives. We’ll be – in the wrong way – a bit like everyone else."
life  culture  introvert 
5 weeks ago
Google Maps’s Moat
Epic blog post, quote: "Google is creating data out of data."
analytics  apple  google  data  maps  googlemaps  cartography  design  ai  mapping 
6 weeks ago
Principles of Technology Leadership
Had never seen Sun's leadership values (kick butt, have fun, love customers, innovate)... 2018 goal: make it to Monktoberfest.
monktoberfest  values  principles  leadership  technology 
6 weeks ago
deep learning a critical appraisal
Problems that Deep Learning faces including "Deep learning presumes a largely stable world, in ways that may be problematic" and "Deep learning thus far works well as an approximation, but its answers often cannot be fully trusted".
machine-learning  deep-learning  ml  ai  intelligence 
6 weeks ago
Net Promoter Score Considered Harmful (and What UX Professionals Can Do About It)
Quote: "We’ve learned that NPS doesn’t tell us anything about the customer’s experience or their loyalty. In fact, we can’t trust NPS to tell us anything useful."
nps  metrics  customerservice  customerfocus  analytics 
6 weeks ago
12 Signs You’re Working in a Feature Factory – Hacker Noon
Good stuff, a number of the bullet points could be boiled down to "measure the impact of what you deliver". Via Jade.
measurement  productmanagement  business  management  metrics  prioritization 
8 weeks ago
How to Disconnect for Deeper Connection – The Cleanest Line
Quote: "Mounting studies show that spending time on social media actually leaves us more depressed than before. Rather than feeling connected to people, we feel lonelier. And yet we’re addicted to the easy time-kill of scrolling through Facebook and Instagram, to the endorphin bump of notifications that someone liked your post or commented. We’ve become addicted to virtual relationships with our phones. With this addiction, we’ve lost the feeling of community with other people and with the natur...
life  culture  dopamine  thinking  instagram  relationships 
9 weeks ago
When is a Dollar not a Dollar? · Coding VC
All kinds of great tidbits on the types of revenue you can get as a software company.
economics  accounting  businessmodel  dollar  cashflow  business 
9 weeks ago
How We Reorganized Instagram’s Engineering Team While Quadrupling Its Size
Quote: "We picked our top five outcomes, which became our organizational principles:

Minimize dependencies between teams and code
Have clear accountability with the fewest decision makers
Groups have clear measures
Top-level organizations have roadmaps
Performance, stability, and code quality have owners"
engineering  management  instagram  growth 
9 weeks ago
About Amazon - 2016 Letter to Shareholders
I'd pay money to read a book about Amazon's customer obsession as described here. Quote: "Staying in Day 1 requires you to experiment patiently, accept failures, plant seeds, protect saplings, and double down when you see customer delight. A customer-obsessed culture best creates the conditions where all of that can happen."
amazon  business  culture  process  customerfocus  day1 
9 weeks ago
LukeW | An Event Apart: Prototyping The Scientific Method of Business
Quote: "Design done right can be the scientific method for business. People within a company have lots of ideas and often talk past each other. Designers can take these ideas, give them shape as prototypes, and allow the company to learn from them."
design  business  hypothesis 
9 weeks ago
What’s Scary About Amazon Web Services – tecosystems
Quote: "But AWS increasingly appears to have an intuitive grasp, if not completely consistently, of the jobs its customers are hiring it for."
customerfocus  amazon  aws  productmanagement 
10 weeks ago
Security and privacy, startups, and the Internet of Things: some thoughts (31 Oct., 2017, at Interconnected)
Quote: "Building your own artisan stack feels like an expensive indulgence in most cases. The line to keep in mind is Werner Vogal's maxim - Vogal the CTO of Amazon - his maxim of no undifferentiated heavy lifting. That is, don't put significant engineering resource into stuff that isn't your core business."
security  privacy  architecture  software  amazon  wernervogels 
12 weeks ago
A Matter of Survival: An Introduction – A Matter of Survival
Fun extrapolation of principles from the Deep Survival book to software engineering from Michael Kelly. Quote: "Perceive, believe, then act
Strive to perceive things as they are, not how you wish they were or how you think they ought to be. Believe what you perceive. Then act accordingly."
softwareengineering  thinking  mental-models  management  agile 
november 2017
Products Over Projects
Quote: "Traditional enterprise IT has followed the two-pronged city model of permanent “run” teams and on-demand “change teams” i.e. the “projects” approach, and have paid the price in terms of responsiveness to the business. Digital-age business can ill afford to be sluggish in responding to feedback from business stakeholders or the market. Business-capability aligned teams need to have the level of funding, staffing and authority to switch focus or pivot their approach to a problem on the fly...
agile  development  software  product 
november 2017
Software 2.0 – Andrej Karpathy – Medium
Quote: "Software 2.0 is not going to replace 1.0 (indeed, a large amount of 1.0 infrastructure is needed for training and inference to “compile” 2.0 code), but it is going to take over increasingly large portions of what Software 1.0 is responsible for today. Let’s examine some examples of the ongoing transition to make this more concrete..." The ".. increasingly large portions of what Software 1.0 is.." seems like a stretch since the vast majority of code in the world isn't doing speech recogn...
ai  programming  software  machinelearning  future  ml 
november 2017
bcg.perspectives - Center and Periphery
Perspective is powerful. Too narrow, it can blind us to threats. Well deployed it can open our eyes to opportunities. All too frequently those in the “center” who lead highly successful and efficient business models take an inside-out perspective—and miss critical signs from the periphery. Customer needs may be shifting. New attackers may be emerging. Organizations can enrich their strategies through a more balanced appreciation of the dialectic between center and periphery—and the o...
strategy  decision-making  priorities 
november 2017
The Pac-Man Rule at Conferences — Eric Holscher - Surfing in Kansas
Quote: "When standing as a group of people, always leave room for 1 person to join your group."
people  body-language  conferences  inclusion 
november 2017
The New Science of Building Great Teams
Quote: "... successful teams share several defining characteristics:
1. Everyone on the team talks and listens in roughly equal measure, keeping contributions short and sweet.

2. Members face one another, and their conversations and gestures are energetic.

3. Members connect directly with one another—not just with the team leader.

4. Members carry on back-channel or side conversations within the team.

5. Members periodically break, go exploring outside the team, and bring information back."
management  teams  leadership  culture  communication  team 
november 2017
Engineering Growth Framework – Medium
Documentation for Medium’s professional growth framework.
career  growth  management  learning  leadership 
october 2017
Mon Frère Boris «
Quote: “When your best players are committed to the ideals that you’re [preaching], and the coach holds them as accountable as anyone on the team, then it’s easy for people to recognize: If I want to be successful here, here’s what I need to do.”
nba  systems  ideals  accountability  team-first 
october 2017
The New Moats – Greylock Perspectives
Quote: "If you pick a place in the technology stack and become the absolute best of breed solution you can create a valuable company. However, this means picking a technical problem with few substitutes, that requires hard engineering, and needs operational knowledge to scale."
strategy  intelligence  ai  business 
october 2017
What I Learned From Reading Every Amazon Shareholders Letter
Quote: "Will you admire this person? Will this person raise the average level of effectiveness of the group they’re entering? Along what dimension might this person be a superstar?" and lots of other Bezos / Amazon quotes.
hiring  amazon  leadership  management  strategy  bezos 
october 2017
The Product Manager vs. the Technical Product Manager | Aha! Blog
Many companies will find that they excel with two product management roles — a business-minded PM and a technical PM. And others will determine that it is best to have one person leading product who can answer the “why” and the “what” and who can also engage in the “how.”
productmanagement  careers  product-product-product  product-owner 
october 2017
Notes from Mind The Product 2017 | Scott Berkun
Quote: "We fall in love with our ideas, even if they don’t apply to the situation at hand. We have to remember to ask “is this idea any good”. We tend to consider one idea at a time, when we should be asking “compare and contrast” questions. Good is not an absolute trait, but we often assume that it is. When we consider more ideas we ask better questions."
ideas  thinking  strategy  decision-making 
october 2017
Warren Buffett's "2 List" Strategy: How to Maximize Your Focus and Master Your Priorities
Quote: "Buffett's strategy is particularly brilliant. Items 6 through 25 on your list are things you care about. They are important to you. It is very easy to justify spending your time on them. But when you compare them to your top 5 goals, these items are distractions. Spending time on secondary priorities is the reason you have 20 half-finished projects instead of 5 completed ones.

Eliminate ruthlessly. Force yourself to focus."
focus  attention  productivity  gtd  advice  buffet 
october 2017
CloudNativeLandscape_v0.9.7.jpg (6000×3874)
Crazy explosion in the number of tools you need to master or be familiar with when building an application.
cloud-native  cncf  cloud  technology 
october 2017
Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic
Troubling... but if you don't get your kid a device, are they just as unhappy because they're even more left out?
technology  culture  children  kids  attention 
october 2017
What is Microsoft Doing? – tecosystems
Quote: "Pre-Nadella, Microsoft was outwardly a developer-focused company. But with limited exceptions it was a developer-focused company primarily on Microsoft’s terms, if you were a Microsoft developer. When your executive leadership sees open source as existential threat rather than opportunity, it’s difficult for your developer outreach strategies to not reflect that. Post-Nadella, Microsoft has been widely empowered to be developer-focused – no matter what communities those developers come f...
strategy  microsoft 
october 2017
Predicting the Future - Mother of all markets or a pipe dream driven by greed? - Ken Norton
Quote: "Something appealing happens when you contemplate that time horizon. It’s so far into the future that the little details have to fall away. Who the hell knows what device we’ll be using to communicate in 2046?! It’s impossible to predict. Yet it’s easy to anticipate that we’ll be using something that will be even easier, faster, more powerful, and more ubiquitous than the smartphones of today. Zooming out to see the industry at a geological time scale brings things into focus: technology ...
strategy  planning  productmanagement  time 
october 2017
The Wrong Side of Right
Quote: "The most important lesson I’ve learned from running a company is that the more I give up trying to be right, the better the outcomes get for everyone. I don’t care who gets the credit. I care about creating the best win-win outcomes I can."
september 2017
Kitchen Soap – Multiple Perspectives On Technical Problems and Solutions
Quote: "Dialogue is about exploring the nature of choice. To choose is to select among alternatives. Dialogue is about evoking insight, which is a way of reordering our knowledge— particularly the taken-for-granted assumptions that people bring to the table. Discussion is about making a decision. Unlike dialogue, which seeks to open possibilities and see new options, discussion seeks closure and completion. The word decide means “to resolve difficulties by cutting through them.” Its roots litera...
decision-making  conversation  people  management  negotiation 
august 2017
Everything is distributed - O'Reilly Media
Quote: "One thing we know from classic distributed computing theory is that distributed systems fail more often, and the failures often tend to be partial in nature. Such failures are not just harder to diagnose and predict; they’re likely to be not reproducible—a given third-party data feed goes down or you get screwed by a router in a town you’ve never even heard of before. You’re always fighting the intermittent failure, so is this a losing battle?"
distributed-architecture  multi-tier  distributed 
august 2017
The Rule of 40% For a Healthy SaaS Company - Feld Thoughts
Quote: "The 40% rule is that your growth rate + your profit should add up to 40%. So, if you are growing at 20%, you should be generating a profit of 20%. If you are growing at 40%, you should be generating a 0% profit. If you are growing at 50%, you can lose 10%. If you are doing better than the 40% rule, that’s awesome."
business  growth  saas  revenue  profit 
august 2017
The death of reading is threatening the soul - The Washington Post
Has been a goal of mine to read three books a month. I turned off Twitter but still am drawn like a moth to the flame.
reading  culture  focus  attention 
august 2017
The Calculus of Service Availability - ACM Queue
SLA's, Google, math, microservices, distributed architectures and four 9's.
devops  google  sre  sla  reliability 
june 2017
GitHub - kamranahmedse/developer-roadmap: Roadmap to becoming a web developer in 2017
Great infographic illustrating the complexity of being a front end / back end / devops engineer in 2017.
career  software  complexity 
june 2017
Quote by Warren Buffett: “Somebody once said that in looking for people t...”
Somebody once said that in looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if you don’t have the first, the other two will kill you. You think about it; it’s true. If you hire somebody without [integrity], you really want them to be dumb and lazy.
quotes  life  hiring  management 
june 2017
Solving Imaginary Scaling Issues at Scale — as interpreted by @seldo
npm co-founder @seldo publishes an inspired list of chapter titles for the latest ORLY book 😂
funny  scaling  performance 
june 2017
A Year of Google Maps & Apple Maps — Justin O'Beirne
Really detailed look at the evolution in Google Maps, fun read.
design  google  maps  cartography  mapping 
june 2017
44 engineering management lessons
First bookmark in years... takes 10 minutes to read, could spend 30 minutes on each point.
engineering  management  software  leadership 
may 2017
The Three Machines - Feld Thoughts
Product, Customer, and Company. I like the simplicity.
leadership  organization  management 
january 2017
Are You Load Balancing Wrong? - ACM Queue
Quote: "Anyone can use a load balancer. Using it properly is much more difficult. Some questions to ask: 1. Is this load balancer used to increase capacity (N+0) or to improve resiliency (N+1)? 2. How do you measure the capacity of each replica? How do you create benchmark input? How do you process the benchmark results to arrive at the threshold between good and bad? 3. Are you monitoring whether you are compliant with your N+M configuration? Are you alerting in a way that provides enough time ...
ops  loadbalancing  capacity  scaling  resiliency 
january 2017
How I Got My Attention Back
Delete social media accounts off your phone, turn off notifications, don't look at technology until lunch.
attention  focus  culture  dopamine 
january 2017
“Is This Helpful?” » Mike Industries
I read "Deep Work" a couple weeks ago and 2 days ago deleted by Twitter account. For me at least it was a suck of time. I've been trying to be really deliberate about focused time for reading and writing.
focus  attention  culture  life 
january 2017
Down and Out: Hiking the Grand Canyon with Children
I think I'm about 3 years away from being able to pull this off.
adventure  kids  grand-canyon  travel 
january 2017
The Securosis Blog
Interesting read on a wave of change happening in security.
security  cloud  strategy 
january 2017
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