Leadership Lessons from Eisenhower: How to Make a Decision | The Art of Manliness
Quote: "... when you delegate something to a subordinate... it is absolutely your responsibility and he must understand this. You as a leader must take complete responsibility for what the subordinate odes. I once said, as sort of a wisecrack, that leadership consists of nothing but taking responsibility for everything that goes wrong and giving your subordinates credit for everything that goes well."
leadership  management  character  responsibility  delegation 
4 days ago
Charleston and public policy: Why gun control is doomed | The Economist
Quote: "In short, questions over guns are becoming *questions of identity*. When Mr Obama or the mayor of Charleston says that gun control would be a logical response to Wednesday’s killings, the message triggers a tribal response. The America that believes that guns make the country more dangerous—urban, educated, Democratic America—is proposing to disarm the America that is sure (indeed increasingly sure) that safety lies in keeping firearms close by. As a result, nobody is about to disarm anyone."

Emphasis mine, reminds me of an article I read awhile back (can't find it now) which pointed out that for conservatives, it's not about climate change, it's about a deeper belief system that's being challenged by climate change. Anyway.
politics  guns  identity  government 
7 days ago
A dad's legacy: Warriors' Kerr guided by father's example - San Jose Mercury News
Wow, great story and a helluva childhood.

Quote: "Oh, I had a horrible temper," Kerr said. "If I didn't get a hit, or missed a shot, I'd throw these huge tantrums. But my dad would never grab me right away. He was patient. He'd wait until I calmed down to talk to me. My dad taught me a lot about emotions, controlling my temper and being even-keeled."

Amongst other things it sounds like.
basketball  steve-kerr  management  parenting  patience  education  motivation  emotional-intelligence  eq 
7 days ago
The Keys to Employee Retention
Lots of good ideas on employee engagement and pointers to deeper stuff.
career  management  employee-engagement  motivation  business 
7 days ago
You Can’t Sacrifice Partition Tolerance | codahale.com
tl:dr is a great summary: "Of the CAP theorem’s Consistency, Availability, and Partition Tolerance, Partition Tolerance is mandatory in distributed systems. You cannot not choose it. Instead of CAP, you should think about your availability in terms of yield (percent of requests answered successfully) and harvest (percent of required data actually included in the responses) and which of these two your system will sacrifice when failures happen."
consistency  database  distributed  nosql 
24 days ago
Medium is not a publishing tool — The Story — Medium
Lots of good stuff, the highlights and responses features are really nice additions.
blogging  commenting  responses  highlights  medium 
5 weeks ago
Come for the tool, stay for the network | cdixon blog
Quote: "...initially attract users with a single-player tool and then, over time, get them to participate in a network. The tool helps get to initial critical mass. The network creates the long term value for users, and defensibility for the company"
growth  business  network  kindling 
5 weeks ago
Students - Guide to Technical Development - Google Careers
Great list of work for someone wondering what to tackle next.
google  learning  development  career  school 
5 weeks ago
You are Thinking of Your Career Trajectory Wrong | cek.log
Quote: "... you should not measure your career in terms of a things like scope, money, or seniority on the Y-axis of a ballistics graph. Instead you should measure your career on the missions you undertook, the places they took you, and what you learned."
advice  career  jobs  work 
5 weeks ago
Everything We Wish We'd Known About Building Data Products - First Round Review
Quote: "Where to Start Building: A lot of people choose to start building by modeling the product in question. Some start with feature discovery or feature engineering. Others start with building the infrastructure to serve results at scale. But for Belkin, there's only one right answer and starting point for a data product: Understanding how will you evaluate performance and building evaluation tools.
“Every single company I've worked at and talked to has the same problem without a single exception so far — poor data quality, especially tracking data,” he says.“Either there's incomplete data, missing tracking data, duplicative tracking data.” To solve this problem, you must invest a ton of time and energy monitoring data quality. You need to monitor and alert as carefully as you monitor site SLAs. You need to treat data quality bugs as more than a first priority. Don’t be afraid to fail a deploy if you detect data quality issues."
data  quality  testing  bigdata  linkedin  twitter  information 
9 weeks ago
Dan Fredinburg | LinkedIn
Died in the Nepal quake, quote from linkedin:

"Additional Honors & Awards
Boeing's Air Force Systems Team of the Year Award 3rd Place - 2005
Took 1st Place in Google's DWH/BI Lasertag competition - 2008
Won 1st Place in a Foosball tournament (teams) - 2009
Set Pop-a-shot Basketball record score of 157 - 2009"
life  love  death  values  awesomeness  kicking-ass 
9 weeks ago
Dropwizard JDBI | Dropwizard
Quote: "If you’re using JDBI’s SQL Objects API (and you should be), dropwizard-jdbi will automatically prepend the SQL object’s class and method name to the SQL query as an SQL comment..."

OMG that's really useful if you happen to be like me and have spent too much time in Postgres slow query logs.
postgres  database  dropwizard  java  tips 
9 weeks ago
A Conversation with Werner Vogels - ACM Queue
On services before microservices were a thing. Also note that this was written in 2006(!) and that Jim Gray (since lost at sea) did the interview:

"The traditional model is that you take your software to the wall that separates development and operations, and throw it over and then forget about it. Not at Amazon. You build it, you run it. This brings developers into contact with the day-to-day operation of their software. It also brings them into day-to-day contact with the customer. This customer feedback loop is essential for improving the quality of the service."
amazon  soa  microservices  wernervogels 
9 weeks ago
Meet DJ Patil: Obama’s Big Data dude
Quote: "In each new feature, Patil drove home the idea that the best sign of a good data product is no obvious evidence of the data itself. “The user doesn’t want to see raw data, they want the data in a usable form, and that usable form should help them do something more creative, be more efficient, give them superpowers,” he said. “Something you could never conceive of before.”"

What a great story too.
data  visualization  value  problem-solving  grit  government 
9 weeks ago
8 Questions You Need to Ask About Microservices, Containers & Docker in 2015
Great list of issues that have to be addressed if / when you use microservices.
microservices  docker 
10 weeks ago
Don’t Take Micro-Services Off-Road | Dejan Glozic
Quote: "If you carefully read ‘monolith to micro-services’ blog posts, you will notice that the end result is the same thing. Groupon team has not created a ‘catalog of social coupon services to be assembled into coupon applications’ – they rebuilt Groupon Web site. They broke the monolith into small pieces and rebuilt it again. As far as their end users are concerned, the monolith is still there – the site was rebuilt in mid-air."
microservices  architecture  soa  groupon  paypal  soundcloud  netflix 
10 weeks ago
CTO Chris Satchell on Nike's Continuous Delivery Strategy — Heavybit Blog
A couple of good nuggets here as we move down this path:

a) Quality is not a gate, it's an ongoing operation
b) Make Release Management about process verification: verify the process for release, not the release itself.
continuous-dev  nike  devops  microservices 
11 weeks ago
Apocalyptic Schadenfreude — Matter — Medium
Quote: "...the vast majority of people benefiting from that water don’t live in California at all. The Central Valley takes up only 1% of the landmass of the United States, but it produces 25% of the food we eat, and almost half of the fruits or nuts we consume. California is running through its water supply because, for complicated historical and climatological reasons, it has taken on the burden of feeding the rest of the country."
environment  water  california  food 
11 weeks ago
District Data Labs - Modern Methods for Sentiment Analysis
Seems like the clustering of similar words could be used for some types of spam analysis against community software assuming you had a corpus / dictionary of words commonly used in the community to check against.
spam  clustering  ngram  algorithms  nlp  classification 
11 weeks ago
Post-Mortems at HubSpot: What I Learned From 250 Whys
Some great points here:
- Let's Plan for a Future Where We're All As Stupid as We Are Today
- Less Root Cause, More Broadest Fix
- Err on the Side of MTTR, Not MTBF
- Never Let "Slow Down" Be The Answer
failure  management  software  root-cause-assessment  rca  problem-solving 
11 weeks ago
Meat Production Wastes Natural Resources | Animals Used for Food | The Issues | PETA
It takes more than 2,400 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of meat, while growing 1 pound of wheat only requires 25 gallons. You save more water by not eating a pound of meat than you do by not showering for six months!
energy  water  food 
12 weeks ago
4 reasons why microservices resonate - O'Reilly Radar
Quote: "One of the reasons we talk about “microservices” instead of just “services” is the unit of change. Traditional service-oriented architectures are typically designed to maximally leverage shared resources. The side effect of a shared resources design is a lot of physical coupling, where each service shares a monolithic database, an object-relational mapping layer, and lots of shared implementation elements. Architects are also drawn to single sources of truth to eliminate duplication, which encourages “smart” architectural elements like Enterprise Service Buses to handle chores like transformation and orchestration. If you look at SOA architectural goals, the desire is to encapsulate behavior and secondarily share resources. However, traditional SOA architectures make isolated change hard: when everything is highly coupled at the implementation level to share resources effectively, that coupling hinders isolated change.

Microservices strive for integration coupling but no physical coupling. The goal is both encapsulated behavior and ease of operational change."
microservices  soa  architecture  devops 
12 weeks ago
Touch Isolation: How Homophobia Has Robbed All Men Of Touch
Slightly off topic from what I usually bookmark but important to me personally since I've got 3 little dudes living at my house. Important to give big hugs and not shy away from contact with them.
boys  friendship  contact  hugs  touch  culture 
12 weeks ago
Dan McKinley :: Choose Boring Technology
Fantastic blog post that discusses the trade offs between "use any tool you want!" and "you have to Java for everything!".
management  programming  technology  architecture 
12 weeks ago
Sharing Our Engineering Ladder — RTR Dress Code
Great engineering career ladder, both for managers and IC's.
engineering  career  hiring 
12 weeks ago
motion and rest · Nick Sweeney
Quote: "The mobile internet is the internet of motion, defined by mapping and directions, activity tracking, travel schedules, GoPro, Passbook and Uber. We have been given GPS receivers and three-axis accelerometers and proximity sensors for our pockets and purses, and the things we build for them urge us to keep moving. They are optimised to tell us that we’re not where we want to be: miles from our destination, steps from our daily goal, seconds from our personal best, an immeasurable distance from our rose-gold aspirations.

What, then, does the internet of rest look like?"
culture  mobile  time  iot 
march 2015
Useful Mac — The Screenshot Spectacular
Love the built-in keyboard shortcuts on osx, couple additional options here I didn't know about.
screenshots  osx  mac  tools  tips 
march 2015
(6) What are the best ways to prioritize a list of product features? - Quora
A couple of useful approaches for product managers when planning a set of features.
productmanagement  planning  strategy  choices  priorities  product 
march 2015
Sunshine Superman - Movie Trailers - iTunes
"If there are mountains let's climb them. If there are buildings let's jump off them."
quotes  mountains  adventure 
march 2015
LukeW | On the Wrist...
An analysis of where a smart watch fits in.
design  apple  watch  wrist  attention  time 
march 2015
Usable yet Useless: Why Every Business Needs Product Discovery · An A List Apart Article
Article by Rian (now at Jive) on how to figure out what products to build before you start building.
business  priorities  planning  engineering  strategy  product-discovery 
march 2015
Help Me Find Books for my 10-year-old - bookrecommendations | Ask MetaFilter
Great list if you happen to have a 10 year old boy that likes books.
books  metafilter  reading  boys  kids 
march 2015
Adopting Microservices at Netflix: Lessons for Architectural Design - NGINX
Quote: "...you want to think of servers like cattle, not pets. If you have a machine in production that performs a specialized function, and you know it by name, and everyone gets sad when it goes down, it’s a pet. Instead you should think of your servers like a herd of cows. What you care about is how many gallons of milk you get. If one day you notice you’re getting less milk than usual, you find out which cows aren’t producing well and replace them."
architecture  design  distributed  netflix  performance 
march 2015
Blogging on Medium — Inside Medium — Medium
Great product viewpoint on Medium and blogging, really nice looking Balsamiq mockup as well.
blogging  medium  balsamiq  productmanagement 
march 2015
Startup Growth Calculator
Do growth rates really hold constant like that over time? Clever if they do, misleading if they don't.
startups  growth  sales  business 
march 2015
Providence: Failure Is Always an Option - Jason Punyon
Great writeup on what went wrong, don't see enough of these.
architecture  development  software  failure 
march 2015
A Pen by Joe Walnes
Second in the list of autocomplete UI's I've seen recently.
code  html  html5  autocomplete  web  ui 
march 2015
Churn prevention: How Help Scout keeps monthly churn rate below 1%
The long ball play mentioned at the end was interesting, ie: customers acquired via organic means are much more likely to stay than those acquired via advertising.
saas  subscriptions  business  sales  advertising 
march 2015
PLOS Computational Biology: Ten Simple Rules for Lifelong Learning, According to Hamming
Quote: "Hamming is “preaching the message that, with apparently only one life to live on this earth, you ought to try to make significant contributions to humanity rather than just get along through life comfortably—that the life of trying to achieve excellence in some area is in itself a worthy goal for your life.…[A] life without a struggle…is hardly a life worth living.”"

Lots of other good stuff in this one.
education  learning  life  values  knowledge 
march 2015
Why Waiting in Line Is Torture - NYTimes.com
Hadn't bookmarked this yet, referenced it in another blog post.
design  psychology  time  waiting 
march 2015
How Technology is Tricking You Into Tipping More — Psychology of Stuff — Medium
Noticed this exact thing twice on my recent trip to the Bay Area, last cab I was in only gave tipping options at 20% and up.
interface  habits  behavior  psychology 
february 2015
Karl Ove Knausgaard travels through America
Quote:" In a system of mass production, the individual workers are replaceable and the products are identical. The identical cars are followed by identical gas stations, identical restaurants, identical motels and, as an extension of these, by identical TV screens, which hang everywhere in this country, broadcasting identical entertainment and identical dreams."
february 2015
Alex Payne — Meditation and Performance
Quote: "We sit with our suffering, and in doing so we foster the empathy that lets us genuinely engage with the suffering of others."
mindset  mindfulness  focus  people  meditation  empathy 
february 2015
Prioritizing and Planning within Heroku Postgres Craig Kerstiens
Helpful grid with axes for difficulty and impact: low difficulty, high impact are no-brainers, etc..
productmanagement  planning  decision-making 
february 2015
Mockups To Go - All Projects | myBalsamiq
Bunch of free Balsamiq templates if you're into that kind of thing.
balsamiq  design  ui  ux 
february 2015
What Are OKRs? A good mix of common sense | Happy Melly
Quote: "The twist that the OKR’s practice adds is that you must define multiple key results. That’s because no metric is perfect, and it’s best to look at each problem from multiple angles. Don’t get all hung up over one silly target. If one target fails, no worries! You have others." I've been referring to this as triangulation when talking about solving problems, using only one point of view leaves you open to missing the forest from the trees.
okr  kpi  measurement  performance  management  reporting  metrics 
february 2015
f.lux: software to make your life better
Trying it out now at 8:30pm, *feels* better already.
health  osx  mac  software  sleep  life  lifehacks 
february 2015
Delivering The Goods - Fluent 2014 - Paul Irish - Google Slides
Fantastic presentation on the difference / important of latency vs. bandwidth.
performance  web  http  dns  ssl  tcp-ip 
february 2015
Why Sass? · An A List Apart Article
Great intro to Sass for those of living under rocks for the past couple years (ie: me).
css  design  sass  html 
february 2015
Using ServiceWorker in Chrome today - JakeArchibald.com
Looks really useful (train demo is super nice) but won't fly anywhere until IE / Safari support it.
browser  html5  javascript  serviceworker  chrome  google 
february 2015
» 7 Principles of Rich Web Applications
Lots of really great stuff in this post, especially liked the points about scrolling amnesia (slays me on Twitter when I scroll to some point in time and mistakenly don't ctrl-click on a link and lose my place), data synchronization (feels magical when my laptop and iPhone notify me about an email within seconds) and acting immediately and optimistically via JavaScript (I remember preaching this internally for likes on our app).
performance  html  apps  javascript  ux 
february 2015
Being A Manager Is Lonely
Quote: "I put more weight on people learning than on people being taught. If the internet was just a good medium for information dispersal — a better kind of book — then that is nice, but not transformational. The internet is more than that: it’s a place to discuss, and disagree, and watch others discussing. You can be provocative, and then step back and take on a more conservative opinion – a transformation most people would be too shy to commit to print. " and then a bunch of additional great points about being a manager. Comments are good too.
leadership  management  business  engineering  mentoring 
january 2015
Several People Are Typing — Building the Workplace We Want
Great list: "

Diligence: We know that the success of our product will likely not come from unpredictable lightning strikes but from grinding hard rocks against other hard rocks day after day. To build a product that works well and is magical comes out of effort that looks very non-magical. It is easy and sometimes tempting to say “good enough” but after this is where the best work happens and what makes Slack special. This is also where your best work happens.
Curiosity: We are building something that most people don’t know they need. Every day, we are venturing into unknown territory. Thriving at Slack means recognizing this forward position and that you may not know the best direction to head. This means you ask good questions at the right time to the right people. It means being curious about how things work and what our customers need. Curiosity is not being satisfied with the status quo and looking at every problem deeper and from a multitude of angles.
Empathy: Building things for others to use is an act of empathy. Every decision made about how a thing is built and how it should be used comes from the worldview of the maker. How well they can see things through the user’s eyes determines the value of their work. No one person can see the world through another’s eyes. It’s all approximation and guesswork. Thus the only way for us to broaden our understanding of our users, to see things the way they do, is through hiring people with as many diverse experiences and backgrounds as we can."
culture  empathy  diligence  curiosity  work  values 
january 2015
Theory lags practice
Quote: "Don’t ever make the mistake [of thinking] that you can design something better than what you get from ruthless massively parallel trial-and-error with a feedback cycle. That’s giving your intelligence much too much credit." (Linus Torvalds)
theory  practice  programming  knowledge 
january 2015
Mt. Hood National Forest - Skiway Trail #755B
Did this ~.2.25 mile snowshoeing loop with the boys and Grandma and Grandpa on New Year's Eve, forgot to pack snacks for the trail and the smallest got cold but it was fun.
outdoors  snow  snowshoeing  adventure  mountains 
january 2015
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