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‘Oh, for fuck’s sake. You really just employed a simile comparing a proprietary OS to addictive drugs? You know, ones causing actual bodily harm and possibly death? Really, Stallman? Really?’
funny  olpc  windows  linux  rms-is-mad 
may 2008 by aidan
Letter to Chris DiBona and Tim o’reilly
"You need to have someone not insane as the controller of a free software or open source project, or else there should not be a controller."
lucid-emacs  richard-p-gabriel  rms-is-mad 
february 2006 by aidan
RMS -vs- Doctor, on the evils of Natalism
"It appears that the problem of natalism is even worse than I thought."
rms-is-mad  funny  evils-of-natalism 
january 2006 by aidan
David Kastrup: Re: strange emacs 21.4 on
“It would not appear, however, that either of our opinions would have any relevance, anyway, so we might just stop musing about such things.”
david-kastrup  rms-is-mad  fsf-emacs 
february 2005 by aidan
Ulrich Drepper - glibc 2.2.4:
"The morale of this is that people will hopefully realize what a control freak and raging manic Stallman is. Don't trust him. As soon as something isn't in line with his view he'll stab you in the back. *NEVER* voluntarily put a project you work on ..."
rms-is-mad  glibc  ulrich-drepper 
january 2005 by aidan
Re: Permission to use portions of the recent GNU Emacs Manual
"I did not choose this license with a view to its effects on you; it is the general FSF policy for manuals. However, the fact that it is inconvenient for XEmacs does not strike me as a disadvantage. "
december 2004 by aidan

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