The Best WordPress Hosting Companies Compared
Performance comparisons of WordPress web hosts. August 2014.
hosting  webhosting  wordpress  from instapaper
Ever wish you had a home screen shortcut to quickly send yourself an email reminder?
ios  email  productivity 
10 weeks ago
Hidden configuration options for Omnifocus 2
Hidden configuration options for Omnifocus 2
12 weeks ago
Capturing in the Moment
How Sven Fechner uses Agenda and Waiting contexts in OmniFocus
omnifocus  gtd  productivity  meetings 
12 weeks ago
Matt Gemmell's thoughts on being an effective consultant
mattgemmell  consulting 
may 2014
The Markdown Payoff
Whats the payoff for writing in Markdown?
may 2014
Very Important Strangers – Rands in Repose
Michael Lopp's thoughts on prepping for a talk, including his introduction slide used to ensure the projector is working correctly
presentations  michaellopp  keynote 
may 2014
The Elephant in the Room
Dane Sanders on the evolving photo business
danesanders  photography  business 
april 2014
How I Use 1Password
thanh Pham from Asian Efficiency
1password  passwords  security 
april 2014
A “Recent Additions” Perspective
Kourosh Dini explains his perspective for recent tasks
omnifocus  gtd 
april 2014
Tips for Hiring your next Web Developer
Chris Lema's tips for hiring a web developer
chrislema  webdev 
march 2014
Doing less stuff better - Christopher S. Penn
Christopher S. Penn on choosing to do less but to do it with higher quality
christopherpenn  productivity  quality 
march 2014
After Dark in CSS
Flying toasters and more... the old After Dark screensaver, recreated in CSS
css  nostalgia  flyingtoasters 
march 2014
Images and the OS X Color Picker
You can drag and drop an image onto the color picker to sample colors from that image
color  osx  imaging 
march 2014
Getty's Flickr Agreement Ends Like Titanic
John Harrington's take on the dissolution of the Getty/Flickr partnership
johnharrington  getty  flickr  photography  stockphotography 
march 2014
Quick Tip: Automating you Mac’s wifi power
how to enabe/disable your Mac's wifi via a command line
osx  wifi 
february 2014
Very Short Blog Posts (11): Passing Test Cases
Michael Bolton on why passing test cases aren't the point
qa  testing  michaelbolton 
january 2014
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