Charters for Pivotal Tracker
Chrome Extension to add rocket ship icon to stories with "Charter" in the title
pivotaltracker  chrome  testing  exploratorytesting 
The Tester on Your Team Does Not Assure Quality
Sheree Pennah's take on the falseness of the notion of the Quality Assurance tester
qa  testing 
28 days ago
What Testers Find | James Bach’s Blog
it occurred to me that we need a deeper account of what testers find. It’s not just bugs.
testing  qa  contextdriventesting 
28 days ago
slackfred | Packal
Access Slack channels via an Alfred workflow
alfred  slack 
6 weeks ago
Are Test Cases Dead (…yet)? | Enquire TST
An anecdotal look at the uselessness of most test cases
software  qa  testing  testcases 
11 weeks ago
Who Should be Afraid of Agile Testing? - QA Intelligence
A look at how disconnected managers, not doing actual work, should fear agile testing
management  agile  testing 
12 weeks ago
It’s Not A Factory « Developsense Blog
A look at how software is not a manufacturing factory, and manufacturing factory analogies are inappropriate.
software  testing  qa  michaelbolton 
april 2016
Object Debugger - Facebook for Developers
Tool to check or cause Facebook to re-scrape open graph information for a URL
march 2016
Documentation of IPTC Core fields
iptc  metadata  photography 
march 2016
Portland Noted
Images of notes/signs from around Portland Oregon
portland  signs  humor 
march 2016
Can I tell you a Story?
Chris Lema on the power of storytelling and how to tell your story
chrislema  story  storytelling 
october 2015
Write better Markdown
A collection of Markdown tips from Brett Terpstra
markdown  brettterpstra 
august 2015
WordPress directory structure
A thorough look at WordPress' directory structure (default and otherwise) and how to write code to handle nonstandard situations.
august 2015
Why I Am Backing Away from Creative Commons
Jonathan Bailey of Plagiarism Today is moving away from cc.
copyright  law  creativecommons  legal  jonathanbailey 
august 2015
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