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The Points Guy: Reshaped by Kilauea, the Big Island of Hawaii Welcomes Families With New Adventures
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Always a land of drama and change, the island of Hawaii was dramatically shaken by the eruption of the Kilauea volcano last year. Then, just as things looked like they were settling down, Hurricane Lane lashed the island with 3 feet of rain and wind gusts up to 100 miles per hour. While the Kilauea... Read the full story
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How I Left A 12-Year Career In Silicon Valley To Work On A Beach In Belize | Fast Company | Business + Innovation
Three months ago, Jeanna Barrett traded a beige office in San Francisco for a palapa on the Caribbean. This is how she pulled it off.
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Surfer Laird Hamilton says his new menswear line is 'for guys like me ... the X Generation' - LA Times
“Hamilton, who splits his time between Hawaii and Malibu, says a career on the waves has taught him a few lessons about how to approach the apparel business. The launch party for Laird Apparel was a starry affair at Ron Robinson's Santa Monica boutique, where singer Kenny Chesney, media star and mogul Oprah Winfrey, actor Orlando Bloom and pro volleyball player Gabrielle Reece (Hamilton's wife) rubbed elbows and viewed the wares.”
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Twitter tells us in which state people hate their jobs the most
You might refer to it as the weird west. But the evidence suggests it's the happier part of the US. The top happy states 4 were Hawaii, Utah, Oregon and California. The first non-western state staggered in at No. 6. This was that chilly place of inveterate niceness, Minnesota.
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Hawaii: Oahu festival honors surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku - LA Times
Get ready for Duke’s OceanFest, an annual celebration along Waikiki beach that includes surfing, swimming and life saving, among other events. The Oahu festival, in its 13th year, will take Aug. 16-24 and will pay tribute to the legacy of Duke Kahanamoku, a three-time Olympic gold medalist. Besides being a stellar swimmer, Kahanamoku was a huge supporter of surfing and one of the first people to play beach volleyball. The events include: Aug. 16: Hawaii Paddleboard Championship, a 10-mile race testing speed and endurance. Aug. 19-21: Longboard ProAm, a three-day competition to determine the best surfers in categories for men and women. Aug. 20: Lifeguard Competition in which participants from around the world display their skills in a challenge combining swimming, paddle boarding, surf rescue and a relay race. Aug. 22: Hawaiian Nights and “The Endless Summer,” an evening of live music plus a screening of the classic 1966 surfing documentary. Aug. 23: Duke’s Waikiki Ocean Mile S
Summer  2014  August  notes  vacation  HawaiiTropical  Hawaii  Oahu  OceanFest  DukeKahanamoku  Waikiki 
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Tropical Storm Iselle weakens on Hawaii approach - LA Times
The first storm in a one-two punch heading for Hawaii clamored ashore in the overnight hours Friday as a weakened tropical storm, while a second system close behind it strengthened and was on track to pass north of the islands sometime Sunday morning. Tropical Storm Iselle's eye swept onto shore about 5 miles east of Pahala with winds at 60 mph at 2:30 a.m. local time. Iselle is the first tropical storm to hit the state in 22 years, and Hurricane Julio, a Category 3 storm, is about 1,000 miles behind in the Pacific. No deaths or major injuries were reported. So far the extent of damage across the Big Island has been limited to downed trees and some roof damage, John Drummond of Hawaii County Civil Defense said. At one point there were 33,000 homes without power. The latest number is at 21,000, Drummond said. The storm is expected to inundate Hawaii with 5 to 8 inches of rain, with up to a foot of rain in some spots. Iselle was classified as a tropical storm at 11 p.m. HST Thurs
Summer  2014  August  notes  GreenPlanet  tropical  storm  Iselle  HawaiiTropical  Hawaii 
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Hawaii: Guests can tread in Godzilla's footsteps on Oahu tour - Los Angeles Times
Visitors can walk in Godzilla’s footsteps, and live to tell about it, during a movie set tour on Oahu. The owners of Kualoa Ranch are sworn to secrecy and can’t divulge details until after “Godzilla” opens May 16, but it is known that at least one scene was filmed on a set built at the ranch’s Secret Island. It is one of the stops on a tour of the lush valley that guides refer to as “the backlot of Hawaii.”
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Hawaii: Kauai zip line gives you an after-dark adrenaline rush - latimes.com
after-dark zip-line experience is the newest outdoor adventure for thrill-seekers on Kauai. For folks for whom a daytime zip through the forest isn’t a big enough adrenaline rush, Koloa Ziplines has launched the Sunset Zip, a heart-pumper that begins at 5 p.m. daily on the Garden Isle. While traveling across a total of eight lines, including one nearly half-a-mile long, participants will see the sunset over Kauai’s south shore and, later, the starry sky. The attraction costs $176 a person. For about $10 more, guests can choose the “Flyin Kauaian” experience in which they soar through the air head-first, thanks to a special harness. Flashlights and headlamps, which can create an eerie glow after dark, are provided. The course takes 3 1/2 to four hours to complete. There’s a 270-pound weight limit, and customers must be at least 7 years old. Anyone 17 or younger must be accompanied by an adult. Info: Koloa Ziplines, (877) 707-7088.
Spring  2014  April  notes  HawaiiTropical  Hawaii  Kauai  vacation  travel  tourism  tourists 
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Disney's Aulani helps elevate Ko Olina as a destination - latimes.com
Uncle Ito, one of the resident storytellers at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa, is blessed with an abundant sense of humor. In a recitation of the menehune people's favorite foods (banana, sweet potato, fish, poi), he's been known to insinuate a Disney reference to Mickey ice cream bars. Similarly, the story of a new tourism boom on Oahu, Hawaii's most visited island, can't be told without bringing up Disney. Since opening in August 2011, Aulani has helped fuel visitorship and elevated its Ko Olina location on Oahu's west shore as an attractive alternative to Waikiki. Once envisioned by developer Herbert K. Horita as Oahu's answer to the Kaanapali Beach Resort on Maui, Ko Olina and its four man-made lagoons remained all but unnoticed until a partnership headed by developer Jeff Stone took over the project in 1998. It had one full-scale resort (since rebranded as the J.W. Marriott Ihilani), a Ted Robinson-designed golf course and a whole lot of empty space fronting those scenic lagoons.
Spring  2014  April  notes  HawaiiTropical  Hawaii  Oahu  KoOlina  Aulani  Resorts  resort 
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Hawaii's Kona Coast beckons with a growing food scene to savor - latimes.com
"Don't dip your head into the dark chocolate," a male voice behind me said. Dark melted chocolate swirled in 2-foot-wide pots, filling the air with the scent of cocoa as our group toured the Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory in Kailua Kona on the Big Island. During our weeklong trip to the Big Island in October, my husband, Michael, and I had decided that when we weren't snorkeling, we would explore its back roads, an investigation that soon turned into a do-it-yourself foodie tour of the Kona Coast. Our first stop was a 90-minute tour of the Amy B.H. Greenwell Ethnobotanical Garden in the town of Captain Cook, about nine miles south of Kailua-Kona. Peter Van Dyke, the 12-acre garden's manager and tour guide, introduced us to traditional Hawaiian staples such as taro, sweet potatoes and breadfruit as well as coconuts, bananas and other plants Polynesians brought to the islands. Van Dyke also shared that the most authentic lau lau, a traditional dish in which butterfish and pork are
Spring  2014  April  notes  HawaiiTropical  Hawaii  BigIsland  Kona  Kailua-Kona  KonaCoast  vacation  travel  tourism 
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Sacred Hawaiian site is reborn in Maui's Maliko Gulch - latimes.com
"Don't ask for anything while you are in this canyon," Sydney Smith, my guide and a longtime Hawaii resident, said as we balanced precariously on rocks, descending deep into Maliko Gulch. "A film crew was once here, set up a tripod, lights, models and was just about to take photos, when the photographer said, 'Now we just need some wind.' A powerful gust came whooshing through the valley, knocking down the tripods and light reflectors. And then like that" — she snapped her fingers — "the wind vanished." Catching my look, she added, "And that is just one example of the magic of this canyon." Truth be told, I didn't know what to expect from this tour. A local friend had mentioned that the Maliko Retreat, a vacation rental in upcountry Maui, would be a good candidate for the guidebook I was researching, so I squeezed in a stop, dragging along my husband and kids. Little did I know, after a quick peek at Sydney's lovely rental property overlooking the jacaranda-blanketed Makawao hills,
Spring  2014  April  notes  HawaiiTropical  Hawaii  Maui  Maliko-Gulch  GreenPlanet 
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Hawaii: Waikiki Joy reborn as Oahu's Aqua Oasis with rates from $108 - latimes.com
Waikiki hotel, renamed the Aqua Oasis, has relaunched after a $2.5 million renovation. Introductory room rates start at $108 a night. The rebranded hotel, formerly known as the Waikiki Joy at 320 Lewers St., officially opened Tuesday. The 96-room property is close to a host of restaurants and shops and is a few blocks from the beach. The Oasis has a mix of standard rooms, junior suites and one-bedroom apartments, all of which have had a makeover. San Francisco designer Anthony Laurino juxtaposed splashes of bold patterns and bright color accents with backdrops of natural finishes and more neutral colors. Guests who book by April 30 will receive a 15% discount for stays through Dec. 10. That brings the rate for a basic room to $108 for much of May and $176 during July, a peak travel month. The rates include continental breakfast and in-room Wi-Fi. Reservations can be made online or b
Spring  2014  April  notes  HawaiiTropical  Hawaii  Oahu  Waikiki  WaikikiJoy  AquaOasis  hotel  travel  vacation  tourism  tourists 
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Postcards From the West: Hanalei, Hawaii - latimes.com
North Shore of Hawaii's northernmost island, the earth writhes like a topographer's fever dream — 3,000-foot cliffs, plunging waterfalls, tangled green valleys and sharp, serrated ridgelines. That's the Na Pali Coast. Just east of those cliffs, Kauai's Kuhio Highway carries you past taro fields, a seaside village, a two-mile crescent of sand and a 300-foot pier that's dwarfed by mountains, greenery and surging surf. This is Hanalei Bay, which Hollywood would have had to create if Mother Nature hadn't. You might know this neighborhood from "South Pacific" (1958). Or "The Descendants" (2011). Or — attention, TV geeks — the pilot for "Gilligan's Island" (shot in 1963). If Waikiki is the classic crowded Hawaiian beach, the North Shore is the iconic coastal outpost. But everything looks a bit different when you get up close. So L.A. Times photographer Mark Boster and I arrived in February, eager to poke around when the crowds are smaller and the surf is bigger.
Spring  2014  April  notes  HawaiiTropical  Kauai  NorthShore  NaPaliCoast  HanaleiBay  island  vacation  travel  tourism  tourists 
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Brazil's Sancho Bay named best beach of 2014 by TripAdvisor reviews - latimes.com
In the United States, Lanikai Beach takes the top spot with lots of love for some of Hawaii's most iconic beaches: 2. Ka'anapali Beach, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii 3. Siesta Key Public Beach, Siesta Key, Fla. 4. Hanalei Beach, Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii 5. Wai'anapanapa State Park, Hana, Maui, Hawaii 6. Wailea Beach, Wailea, Maui, Hawaii 7. Hunting Island State Park, Beaufort, S.C. 8. Manini'owali Beach (Kua Bay), Kailua-Kona, Island of Hawaii, Hawaii 9. Saint Pete Beach, Saint Pete Beach, Fla. 10. Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii TripAdvisor culled traveler reviews and ratings for beaches over a 12-month period in coming up with the 2014 statistics released Tuesday. California didn't make a showing on the world or domestic best beaches list, now in its second year. The beach on Sancho Bay (or Baia do Sancho) at No. 1 is a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site located on the island Fernando de Noronha, east of the mainland. Other top 10 in the world include: 2. Grace Bay, Prov
Spring  2014  March  notes  beaches  HawaiiTropical  vacation  travel  tourism  tourists 
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To deter bridezillas, get married on a beach, survey says - latimes.com
Those are the findings of a survey released this week along with the announcement of a new Expedia online wedding-planning service featuring Hawaii, Mexico (Cancun, Riviera Maya and Los Cabos), Jamaica or the Dominican Republic. Expedia and marketing firm Northstar surveyed 1,000 single or engaged people in what they're calling the American Altar Report. It found most would consider a destination wedding and that the stress level for wedding planning ranks up there with working on taxes or going on a job interview. The most popular location for an away ceremony: beaches, specifically Hawaii and the Caribbean. Mountain lodges and vineyards or country settings follow. Most in the survey said guests shouldn't be expected to fly for more than six hours and they should be given at least seven months' notice to attend a ceremony. Just to kick the tires, I checked out the Expedia weddings page and found places on Maui such as the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and the Ritz-Carlton in Kapalua.
Spring  2014  March  notes  HawaiiTropical  weddings  resorts  beaches  Expedia  resort 
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Hawaii: A free whale watch also helps the humpback mammals - latimes.com
Visitors to Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island can join in a free whale-watching experience on March 29 when they will not only be on the lookout for whales but also be counting them. Humpback whales come to Hawaii each winter to mate and calve, and the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary tracks their numbers during the Sanctuary Ocean Count that’s held one Saturday morning each January, February and March. About 2,000 volunteers are needed for the counts, which take place at 62 locations scattered across the three islands. Most are easily accessible. Some, such as the ones at Oahu’s Ihilani and Turtle Bay resorts, don’t even require guests to hop in a car. The count’s website provides details of the various locations. “The purpose is twofold,” said project manager Jordan Ching. “We don’t claim the data we collect is scientifically accurate…but it provides a snapshot of broader trends. Even more important is the awareness that’s spread.”
Spring  2014  March  notes  HawaiiTropical  Hawaii  BigIsland  Oahu  Kauai  whales  whale-watching  HumpbackWhales  GreenPlanet 
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Planning your trip to Belize - latimes.com
THE BEST WAY TO BELIZE From LAX, Delta offers nonstop service to Belize City, and United, American, Delta and TACA offer connecting service (change of plane). Restricted round-trip airfares begin at $631, including taxes and fees.Hotel transfers from Belize City to Blancaneaux Lodge cost $210 for a family of four, with the longer transfer from Blancaneaux to Turtle Inn costing $325. Flights are available between Belize City, Blancaneaux Lodge and Placencia but are more expensive than ground transfers. WHERE TO STAY High-season rates (January to May, with even higher rates at Christmas and Easter) at Blancaneaux Lodge start at $339 a night for a cabana, and $629 a night for the two-bedroom villa we occupied. During the summer and fall, rates drop to $279 and $549, respectively. High-season rates at Turtle Inn start at $449 a night for a garden-view cottage, and $819 a night for the seafront villa we occupied. During the summer and fall, the rates drop to $319 and $679, respectively.
Winter  2014  February  notes  HawaiiTropical  Belize  resorts  resort 
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Belize's Ambergris tops TripAdvisor's 10 best islands - latimes.com
Ambergris Caye in Belize was recognized Wednesday as the world's top island in TripAdvisor's 2014 Travelers' Choice awards. The western Caribbean island is a dream spot where scuba divers can tour the Belize Barrier Reef and the 400-foot-deep Blue Hole filled with sea life and stalactites.The others: 2. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos 3. Bora Bora, French Polynesia 4. Marco Island, Fla. (which tops the U.S. list below) 5. Lewis and Harris, Scotland 6. Naxos, Greece 7. Aitutake, Cook Islands 8. Nosy Be, Madagascar 9. Easter Island, Chile 10. Ko Tao, Thailand In the United States, Marco Island off west coast Florida took the top spot for its white beaches and "sparkling sea." Beach-combing and golf go hand in hand at this island, TripAdvisor says. The others: 2. Chincoteague Island, Va. 3. Anna Maria Island, Fla. 4. San Juan Island, Wash. 5. Maui, Hawaii 6. Kauai, Hawaii 7. Island of Hawaii 8. Nantucket, Mass. 9. Hilton Head, S.C. 10. Key West, Fla.
Winter  2014  February  notes  HawaiiTropical  Belize  top10  island  AmbergrisCaye  TripAdvisor  Providenciales  Turks  CaicosIslands  BoraBora  FrenchPolynesia  MarcoIsland  Florida  AnnaMariaIsland  Washington  SanJuanIslands  Hawaii  Maui  Kauai  vacation  travel  tourism  tourists 
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