Blackjack Spring has been joy for many over years
"The water pouring out at approximately five gallons per minute is soft and nearly mineral free and has a wonderful taste verified by the many people who have sampled it."

I would guess this is from the Manhattan Mercury.
Kansas  history  destinations 
Devops Is a Poorly Executed Scam
If you've hired people explicitly as peacemakers between development and ops, you fucked up somewhere in your hiring process; it's fixing a self-inflicted problem.
sysadmin  work 
10 memorable gas stations that offer more than fuel
A gas station doesn’t have to be an obligatory stop on a road trip - it can be part of the fun.
gas-stations  roadtrip  architecture 
3 days ago
Removing Old Versions of TLS
Firefox & other major browsers to remove TLS 1.0
ssl  web  webdev  security  work  apps  firefox 
6 days ago
School Patrol Flagpole
Sister Carmela Hanggi, the principal of the school near the Cathedral of Saint Paul, organized a group of volunteer eighth-grade boys to help the younger students safely cross the street. On February 17, 1921, the guards she appointed helped students cross the street to the cathedral
roadgeek  destinations  transportation 
8 days ago
How a fraudster got $12 million out of a Canadian university: They just asked for it | The Star
In the most comprehensive picture of the case ever published, StarMetro follows the money stolen from Edmonton’s MacEwan University as it crosses the ocean and back before being reinvested in Vancouver real estate.
education  edsec  finance  phishing  email  security  work 
10 days ago
WAGA analog Sign-Off 2009
They invited in their first chief engineer (then 99 years old!) to push the button to turn the analog signal off. How cool is that! (On top of that, their current chief engineer makes sure to give a proper sign-off announcement.)
broadcasting  television  history  video 
12 days ago
Broadcasting Magazine
the news journal for the broadcasting Industry. Initially covering radio it expanded to include television and cable and related fields. This site covers 1931-1999.
broadcasting  radio  television  history  linklist 
13 days ago
TV Technical Difficulties
YouTube playlist of technical difficulty moments from TV broadcasts.
television  broadcasting 
14 days ago
The Waste Land: Five Limericks [by Wendy Cope]

In April one seldom feels cheerful;
Dry stones, sun and dust make me fearful;
Clairvoyantes distress me,
Commuters depress me--
Met Stetson and gave him an earful.
19 days ago
Parker's Challenger-like Thrift Time Pens
Just said "PARKER PEN", many were non-cataloged. Resembles the Challenger, the Duette, the Moderne…
fountain-pens  history 
23 days ago
The epic rise and fall of the name Heather
At its peak in 1975, more than 24,000 girls were named Heather, making it the US’s third most popular girls name, after Jennifer and Amy. In 2017, it was the 1,129th most popular name, given to only 219 girls born that year.
naming  names 
25 days ago
For Whomst Does the Neologism Toll? : Word Routes : Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus
“Many incorrectly believe that 'whom' is a form of 'who' that pretentious people use when they want to sound smart. But if that were the case, then 'whomst' would be even smarter, and 'whomst'd' would be for absolute geniuses only.” To follow this logic, you'd have to be a Wile E. Coyote-level super-genius to use even longer variations, such as whom'st'd've'ed, which I promise I didn't make up.
English  words  humor 
26 days ago
On Craft, Appropriation, and Distance.
We cannot un-know. And so we must come to terms with what we make, what we buy, what we sell, what we believe, who we are, who we have yet to become, and how to choose accordingly.
art  diy  fountain-pens  culture 
28 days ago
Imperial Triumph ref List
The Sheaffer Imperial Family of Fountain Pens
fountain-pens  sheaffer 
4 weeks ago
What is a PEM file and how does it differ from other OpenSSL Generated Key File Formats? - Server Fault
In summary, there are four different ways to present certificates and their components:

PEM - Governed by RFCs, its used preferentially by open-source software. It can have a variety of extensions (.pem, .key, .cer, .cert, more)

PKCS7 - An open standard used by Java and supported by Windows. Does not contain private key material.

PKCS12 - A Microsoft private standard that was later defined in an RFC that provides enhanced security versus the plain-text PEM format. This can contain private key material. Its used preferentially by Windows systems, and can be freely converted to PEM format through use of openssl.

DER - The parent format of PEM. It's useful to think of it as a binary version of the base64-encoded PEM file. Not routinely used very much outside of Windows.
security  ssl  work 
4 weeks ago
Smart kids eventually grow up | A Candle in Sunshine
Worse, if you haven’t managed to get a handle on the whole “hard work” thing instead of coasting on your smarts, chances are you’ve started to fail in ways you never did as a kid. You used to be able to do most things quickly and competently because the bar was low.
psychology  depression  encouragement 
4 weeks ago
PenHero.com - A Photo Study of the Eversharp Skyline Nib
Low-line pens with heart-shaped breather holes, high-line pens with banners. Manifold to flexible.
fountain-pens  history 
5 weeks ago
Fountain Pen Ink Properties
My favorite ink property is shading, my second favorite is lubricated, and my third is sheen.
fountain-pens  ink 
5 weeks ago
Practical Guide to Dating the Parker 51
Translation from Spanish, but lots of great info.
fountain-pens  history 
5 weeks ago
What stable kernel should I use? - Greg Kroah-Hartman
So, here’s a short list of different types of devices, and what I would recommend for their kernels:

* Laptop / Desktop: Latest stable release
* Server: Latest stable release or latest LTS release
* Embedded device: Latest LTS release or older LTS release if the security model used is very strong and tight.
linux  work 
8 weeks ago
Q: Why Do Keynote Speakers Keep Suggesting That Improving Security Is Possible? A: Because Keynote Speakers Make Bad Life Decisions and Are Poor Role Models | USENIX
Some people enter the technology industry to build newer, more exciting kinds of technology as quickly as possible. My keynote will savage these people and will burn important professional bridges, likely forcing me to join a monastery or another penance-focused organization. In my keynote, I will explain why the proliferation of ubiquitous technology is good in the same sense that ubiquitous Venus weather would be good, i.e., not good at all. Using case studies involving machine learning and other hastily-executed figments of Silicon Valley’s imagination, I will explain why computer security (and larger notions of ethical computing) are difficult to achieve if developers insist on literally not questioning anything that they do since even brief introspection would reduce the frequency of git commits. At some point, my microphone will be cut off, possibly by hotel management, but possibly by myself, because microphones are technology and we need to reclaim the stark purity that emerges
security  funny  video  work  culture  computing 
8 weeks ago
'Disable SMT/Hyperthreading in all Intel BIOSes' - MARC
Solving these bugs requires new cpu microcode, a coding workaround, *AND* the disabling of SMT / Hyperthreading.
security  work  vulnerabilities 
8 weeks ago
BBR, the new kid on the TCP block
A look at Google's delay-controlled TCP flow control algorithm, called BBR.
networking  tcpip  work 
9 weeks ago
Re: `[[ -n $VAR ]]` equal to `[[ $VAR ]]`?
ZSH 5.0.6 and later support [[ $VAR ]]
zsh  shell 
9 weeks ago
AT&T Archives: Saul Bass Pitch Video for Bell System Logo Redesign
He worked closely with AT&T, designing not only the 1970 "bell" logo that was ubiquitous for a decade, but also the globe logo unveiled in 1983.

One reason for this bell logo's ubiquity? The redesign was the largest corporate re-identity program in the U.S., ever.
video  branding  design  history  telephony  logos 
10 weeks ago
What does ${1+"$@"} mean?
The ${1+"$@"} syntax first tests if $1 is set, that is, if there is an argument at all.
If so, then this expression is replaced with the whole "$@" argument list.
If not, then it collapses to nothing instead of an empty argument.
unix  shell  history  work 
10 weeks ago
6502TestPrograms - VisualChips
For the most part these test programs aim to test emulators, which are subject to different bugs than CPU implementations, and therefore the effective coverage may not be as good as expected. Such tests are generally self-checking - there is no golden results file of bus activity - and generally assume some specific platform's I/O facilities.
apple2  6502  assembler 
11 weeks ago
RE: Very useful !#^
A ZSH History Substitution Summary
shell  zsh 
11 weeks ago
6502 Instruction Set
Decoded into a table by high-nibble and low-nibble, among other things.
6502  assembler  apple2 
11 weeks ago
6502 Disassembler
Disassembler in JavaScript.
apple2  assembler  6502 
11 weeks ago
Re: Complex forms deprecated?
Some ZSH history from Bart Schaefer.
zsh  shell  unix  history 
12 weeks ago
ssh - Why does remote Bash source .bash_profile instead of .bashrc
Because of this line in man ssh:

"If command is specified, it is executed on the remote host instead of a login shell."
shell  ssh  unix 
12 weeks ago
V7/x86 on VirtualBox | Robert Nordier
Downloadable Version 7 Unix for x86 on VirtualBox
unix  history  work 
july 2018
Pick a Hill Worth Dying On, America
Affirm life, speak truth, defend the vulnerable, call out injustices—and gladly brave the criticisms and the wounds you sustain in doing it, knowing that they are a small price to pay for the nation that could be if you speak—or will be if you do not.
politics  culture  fascism  activism 
july 2018
Stop The Madness
Safari extension to stop websites hijacking UI.
safariextz  web 
july 2018
Captive portal and HTTPS problems | Ruckus Wireless Customer Community
This issue of not being redirected to a captive portal affects every wireless vendor including Ruckus. As more and more sites uses HSTS, getting a proper redirect becomes harder. I am hoping that Ruckus is sitting on the working group for this new standard and is pushing hard to get it ratified. In the long run, if something is not done, products like Cloudpath or Aruba's Clearpass will lose their value if it becomes really tough to get a proper redirect.
networking  wifi  cloudpath  work  rfc  web 
july 2018
This 1983 Demo Says So Much About Apple’s Past, Present, And Future
Between them, the IIe and Lisa, and the way Apple explained them to us BCS members, are full of lessons that remain resonant in the era of the iPhone.
apple  apple2  marketing  history 
july 2018
When Burial Begins
We are all so accustomed to the idea of burying the dead, that it takes a moment to realise just how peculiar this behaviour really is. Most animals blithely ignore the dead bodies of other members of their pack or herd. What makes us so different? How and when did burial begin?
death  prehistory  religion  archaeology 
july 2018
Here's Why Your Static Website Needs HTTPS
It was Jan last year that I suggested HTTPS adoption had passed the "tipping point", that is, it had passed the moment of critical mass and as I said at the time, "will very shortly become the norm".
web  security  ssl  work 
july 2018
Examples of Handwriting Styles
Palmer, Zaner-Bloser, D’Nealian, others
july 2018
Sheaffer Snorkel Guide
Sheaffer Snorkel vintage pen collectors guide
july 2018
iTunes Goes Classical
For Apple Lossless files (m4a) this new data maps directly to existing metadata fields, and everything works smoothly. However, with MP3, AIFF, and some WAV files, which use the ID3 format for metadata, Apple plays fast and loose. They shoe-horn the new data into the “Grouping” field, which is already widely used in the (mostly non-Apple) community to hold other custom data. For most people, though, this won’t be a problem in practice.
itunes  music  metadata 
july 2018
Warning: Your Browser Extensions Are Spying On You
List of browser extensions that have tracking code.
privacy  security  safariextz  web 
july 2018
Nib Manufacturers
Chart by danielpi on FPN of who makes nibs for whom.
fountain-pens  reference 
july 2018
The Secret Code of Lewis and Clark
The “artichokes” code, not just a simple Caesar cipher.
july 2018
PenHero.com - PenGallery - A Parker 51 Fantasy Trip Part 1
These two 51 fantasy pens are 1990s vintage pens made by Ariel Kullock, a very creative collector, restorer, and maker of unique pens in Buenos Aries, Argentina.…

Argentina appears to be a major source of parts and complete pens as Parker had a factory there and the machinery and talent for making them still exists there.
june 2018
Audio Archaeology: Mother Goose Rock ‘n’ Rhyme (1990)
Mother Goose Rock ‘n’ Rhyme, also called Shelley Duvall’s Rock and Rhymeland, was a made for TV movie from 1990, with frequent play on the Disney Channel during the early nineties. It’s distinctive for having music video-style production as well as starring a number of well-known musicians and actors. The musical star power alone is insane – Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Bobby Brown, The Stray Cats, Little Richard, ZZ Top, Paul Simon and Art Garfunkle (though not in the same scenes), and that’s just hitting all the high notes.
music  television  video  literature 
june 2018
Finding wisdom in Old English
The right and wrong way to use speech is a recurring concern in Old English poetry. A wise person should be wærwyrde ‘careful with speech’ (as if ‘wary with words’), and there are many faults to be avoided in speaking: one should not be hrædwyrde ‘hasty with words’, or oferspræce ‘too talkative’ (like a person who ‘over-speaks’), or twispræce ‘double in speech’, deceitful or overly flattering (the verbal equivalent of being ‘two-faced’).
words  English  philology 
june 2018
TWM window manager on RHEL 7
At issue is Red Hat’s decision to remove the window manager TWM from their version 7 distribution. Every now and again, you will have a minimal Linux installation for a server, however you still need some sort of GUI for completing a software installation. At House of Brick, we find that this is very common when doing Oracle Database installations.
work  linux  redhat 
june 2018
Embracing SSSD in Linux | Geekdom
RHEL6 came in to place and introduced sssd. Aside from the awful name, it was yet another hideous beast fighting to control. Like many others, I had reluctantly embraced nslcd because it was close to the old ldap.conf file, the configurations were generally the same, and it took a short amount of time to get implemented. SSSD was a completely different beast that requires some time to learn and understand before diving fully in.
ldap  activedirectory  linux  unix  work 
june 2018
Strange: KBM engine keeps turning off
KM crashes in 10.13, related to sleep/wake.
june 2018
Smoky Hill DAR: Tales of Route 40
Old 40 Highway played a major role in the history of Ellsworth County. It is alternately called the Smoky Hill Trail, Old 40 Highway, and the Golden Belt Highway.
roadgeek  history  Kansas  us40 
may 2018
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