Mill Ends Park
The world's smallest park was dedicated in 1948 as the only colony for leprechauns west of Ireland.
destinations  parks 
The World's Tiniest City Park Just Got a Little More Official
Mill Ends Park in Portland, Oregon, now has its own sign.
parks  destinations 
What in the Word?! The forerunners of ‘harbinger’ | OxfordWords blog
In the case of harbour and harbinger, their origins are harbored in ancient Germanic roots: hari or heri, ‘army’ (also seen in the verb harry and name Harold) and berga, ‘shelter’ or ‘protection’ (with its older sense of ‘hill’, found in countless place-names ending in -berg, –borough, and –burgh).
words  English  etymology  philology 
4 days ago
How to configure SC4 to work with your new hardware
By now many of you have brand new computers and are wondering why SC4 won't run worth a hoot on it. That reason is due to the limitations imposed by the current graphics hardware during the time of the games inception. This means the graphics rules for the game are fairly static to say the least and won't play nice with mismatched pieces per say. The good thing is that we can change that to fit our mismatched pieces. Here's how I was able to work it.
simcity  hardware 
14 days ago
The Decreasing Usefulness of Positive Visual Security Indicators (and the Importance of Negative Ones)
Chrome in particular has led the charge putting warnings on insecure login pages … and in the very near future, warnings on all insecure pages…. So let's focus on those; drive awareness of that and accept that padlock icons are rapidly becoming a sign of a bygone era.
web  webdev  security  uris  ssl  interface 
20 days ago
Using gender-neutral pronouns could actually misgender people.
"Instead, then, let’s all agree to try our best. I don’t appreciate being they/them–ed, but I know the people who misgender me can’t read my mind and don’t know what that act represents to me."
language  sexism  English 
24 days ago
Pittsburgh's Last Wooden Street
The last street in Pittsburgh that's paved with wood.
infrastructure  roadgeek  destinations 
24 days ago
Installing Network Addon Mod (NAM) for Mac
Hi all I have been playing SC4 on the Mac since it was ported over. I recently learned about the NAM on here and am very excited about it. But I can't...
25 days ago
Why You Should Drink More Bourbon This Spring
Whiskey Smash, Bourbon Lemonade, Mint Julep.
4 weeks ago
The Fossil Encased in 'Case In Point'
"In point" is occasionally summoned as a synonym of "on point" in its legal sense, but it is chiefly found in the phrase "case in point."
words  English 
4 weeks ago
How to Save the Day, Repeatedly, with a Notepad – Michael A. LaPlante – Medium
You will save the day repeatedly when you simply write down what transpires. Capture what happens and the decisions that were made along the way, especially your own. You will gain “super powers” of both recollection and observation. You will become recognized as an authority on the past and how we have arrived at the present.
notebooks  journaling  work  encouragement 
4 weeks ago
The Woman Who Gave the Macintosh a Smile
In 1982, she was a sculptor and sometime curator when her high-school friend Andy Hertzfeld asked her to create graphics for a new computer that he was working on in California. Kare brought a Grid notebook to her job interview at Apple Computer. On its pages, she had sketched, in pink marker, a series of icons to represent the commands that Hertzfeld’s software would execute.
macos-classic  apple  design  housewares 
5 weeks ago
The 'Harvard Sentences' Secretly Shaped The Development Of Audio Tech
During World War II, the boiler room under Harvard's Memorial Hall was turned into a secretive wartime research lab. Here, volunteers were subjected to hours of noise as scientists tested military communications systems. Out of this came the Harvard sentences, a set of standardised phrases still widely used to test everything from mobile phones to VoIP.
telephony  radio  English  language  history  audio 
5 weeks ago
An Opportunistic Infection
So we have a weakened party. We have a dysfunctional government due to this weakened party. There is no sound leadership in the party. The nominees for President did not, in my opinion, include a single qualified person. This is the weakened political body, a body susceptible to an opportunistic pathogen. Donald Trump is someone who never in the past would be taken seriously as a presidential nominee. He is like the bacteria in your colon. They have a place, a necessary place in the scheme of things but not in government. He is a self promoting businessman of questionable success, an entertainer, an insult artist, a narcissistic joke actually. But now, he is dangerous to the weakened political body and he can’t be stopped.
politics  government  democracy 
5 weeks ago
Spaced repetition & Darwin’s golden rule
Spaced repetition is a memory hack. We know that spacing out your study is more effective than cramming, but using an app you can tailor your own spaced repetition schedule, allowing you to efficiently create reliable memories for any material you like.

Charles Darwin noted any facts or thoughts that were contrary to his own views, because he found such contrary items were most liable to slip from his memory.
memory  psychology 
5 weeks ago
20 Lessons from the 20th Century About How to Defend Democracy from Authoritarianism, According to Yale Historian Timothy Snyder
1. Do not obey in advance. Much of the power of authoritarianism is freely given. In times like these, individuals think ahead about what a more repressive government will want, and then start to do it without being asked.
fascism  democracy  activism  politics  bastards  history 
7 weeks ago
IBM System/360 - CHM Revolution
IBM’s System/360, a new family of general-purpose computers, changed everything. Programs for one System/360 computer ran on all, letting customers readily consolidate computing capabilities.
computing  history 
7 weeks ago
What I Carry in My Mental Health 'Crisis Kit'
By an anxiety sufferer. The specific contents aren’t important, but the idea may be helpful.
anxiety  depression  psychology  self-care 
7 weeks ago
As Trump Mounts Another Campaign of Division, Humiliation & Fear, 2018 Promises to Be an Epic…
He appeals to angry voters who want to blame somebody else for the disruptions of the modern world. He gives voice to fear and loathing. His endless efforts to demonize, dehumanize and “other” immigrants and refugees is the glue that holds together his coalition. It’s the animating force of his ethno-nationalism. It’s the rally chant that still echoes. It’s the tail that wags the GOP dog.
politics  liberalism  activism 
7 weeks ago
martymac/ldapscripts: Simple shell scripts to handle POSIX entries in an LDAP directory
Written for Samba's LDAP, but they might well work with OpenLDAP. Not sure.
ldap  work  unix 
7 weeks ago
The Egyptian Theatre
This architectural stunner is one of the few surviving Egyptian Revival theaters in the U.S.
architecture  destinations 
8 weeks ago
Let them paste passwords
We think that stopping password pasting (or SPP) is a bad thing that reduces security.
9 weeks ago
Resilience Engineering: Learning to Embrace Failure - ACM Queue
It's very nearly the holiday shopping season and something is very wrong at a data center handling transactions for one of the largest online retail operations in the country. Some systems have failed, and no one knows why. Stress levels are off the charts while teams of engineers work around the clock for three days trying to recover.

The good news is that it's not a real disaster—though it could have been.
work  sysadmin 
10 weeks ago
FPCO Frequently Asked Questions
Includes description of Directory Information.
ferpa  security  work 
10 weeks ago
SwiftOnSecurity tagging dodgy e-mails
This phishing message to our CEO made it past multiple spam filters somehow, but two of my text-matching O365 Exchange Transport rules caught it and tagged it and alerted me, and a third rule silently alerted me. 100% custom-built, in-house by me.
work  email  office365  security  phishing 
10 weeks ago
Welcome to The Red Leather Studio!
Handcrafted Traveler's Notebook Covers and Other Leather Goods.
notebooks  midori 
11 weeks ago
'M*A*S*H' Finale, 35 Years Later: Untold Stories of One of TV's Most Important Shows
In honor of the 35th anniversary of the series finale, THR looks back at the history M*A*S*H — as told by those who built it.
television  comedy  war 
12 weeks ago
MoDOT to Unsnarl Grandview Triangle
2003 article in Construction Equipment Guide: “The new construction will extend beyond the current confines of the interchange, west on I-435 to 103rd Street, north on I-435 to 87th Street and east to Blue Ridge Boulevard on both U.S. 71 and I-470. Seven other interchanges will be impacted by the new construction. In total, 22 new bridges will be constructed, including a new rail span for the Kansas City Southern Railway, and three temporary bridges. Despite the new bridge construction, the new interchange will have fewer bridges and reduced maintenance. On I-435 alone, three existing bridges will be replaced by one new bridge.”
infrastructure  roadgeek 
12 weeks ago
'Ladies of the Evening' Marker
It isn’t every day that you see a historical marker that commemorates local prostitutes. There’s one in Nevada City, California, though. It’s a small, hidden tribute to the city’s past as a wild gold rush town.
destinations  history 
12 weeks ago
Checking for Breached Passwords in Active Directory
In simplistic terms, PwnedPasswordsDLL will check a requested Active Direvtory password change against a local store of over 330 million password hashes. If the hash is found in the breached passwords, the requesting password is rejected. This entire process takes ~1 second against over 330 million previously breached password hashes.
security  passwords  activedirectory  win-admin  work 
february 2018
Away In A Grotto: Christmas Eve Homily 2017 – PeaceBang
It is absolutely true, every day no matter what arguments anyone has tried to have with you on the subject: the unmistakable core of Jesus’ teachings is a love, and a blueprint for a social order that unmistakably insists that the poor should be cared for, that the rich shall be humbled, that the stranger and the refugee and the immigrant shall be welcomed and honored and included, that women should be listened to and respected, that those who have been judged by moral purity codes should be included and embraced, that children have an important and valuable perspective and are to be cherished as autonomous beings and not just an extension of ourselves, that the law is never more important than love, and that the greatest force in the universe wants it this way.
christmas  christianity 
february 2018
Alto’s Odyssey Review: Desert Tranquility
The sky above the desert has chosen a peculiar, almost plum-like shade of purple tonight as I’m nimbly moving past tall silhouettes of cacti and palm trees, when I see the black contours of a rock.
february 2018
Why Is Vitamin D So Important to Thyroid Patients?
Thyroid treatment isn't optimal—and may not work—if you do not have adequate vitamin D for the crucial final metabolic step, which takes place at the site where thyroid hormone actually works. This happens inside the nucleus of the cell. Vitamin D needs to be present at sufficient levels in the cell in order for the thyroid hormone to actually affect that cell. That is why vitamin D is so crucial.
february 2018
The Mirage of Knowledge: Tom Nichols and “The Death of Expertise”
Narcissism elevates feelings above facts, and it breeds social resentment, a major driver, Nichols believes, of the revolt against expertise. “People cannot accept ever being at a disadvantage in a conversation with anybody else,” he says. “It’s a persistent insecurity that goads people into having to say that they know something even when they don’t. Which didn’t used to be the case—we used to be a much more reasonable culture. You know, everybody doesn’t have to know everything.”
books  Russia  knowledge  culture 
february 2018
The Crisis Of (Nordic) Social Democracy
The [Norwegian] Labour Party’s central role in implementing the compromise transformed the party’s organization as well as its politics. This brought a deradicalization of the party – among other things via adopting a social partnership ideology. In short, the party changed from being a mass organization for working people into an administrator of the class compromise.
socialism  labor  politics 
february 2018
Boycott the Republican Party
In our two-party system, the surest way to accomplish these things is to support the other party, in every race from president to dogcatcher. The goal is to make the Republican Party answerable at every level, exacting a political price so stinging as to force the party back into the democratic fold.
politics  bastards 
february 2018
Dealing with “Security Nihilists” – Hacker Noon
I realized that no matter what happens to the horses, that I am still a well-trained and capable professional. That the decisions that other people made in response to the good and professional work I have done is not my fault. It still irks me that people can be so criminally shortsighted (and that their short-sightedness can affect my life) but I’m learning to live with it.
security  sysadmin  work-environment  leadership  work  management 
february 2018
Unicode symbol as text or emoji
Using unicode variation selectors to force the rendering of symbols as either text or emoji. (e.g. ↩️ vs. ↩)
unicode  webdev  html 
january 2018
Top 5 Bullet Journaling Ideas of 2017
Mood Trackers
Seasonal Bucket Lists
Monthly Intro Pages
Circular Designs: calendar wheels, trackers
Creative Monthly Logs
january 2018
The Notecard System: The Key For Remembering, Organizing And Using Everything You Read | RyanHoliday.net
A few weeks after finishing the book, return to it and transfer those notes/thoughts on to the appropriate note cards. Why wait? Waiting helps you separate the wheat from the chaff. I promise that many of the pages you marked will not seem to important or noteworthy when you return to them. This is a good thing–it’s a form of editing.
writing  reading  notebooks 
january 2018
Re: Securing cn=config and allowing micro-engineering
Working with new-style OpenLDAP configs (cn=config).
ldap  work 
january 2018
World's Fastest Pop Machine
For a mere 75 cents, the 40-year-old machine spits out cans so fast, locals say it’s impossible to push the button and catch your drink with the same hand.
destinations  soda 
january 2018
How Should One Read a Book? — Virginia Woolf
The only advice, indeed, that one person can give another about reading is to take no advice, to follow your own instincts, to use your own reason, to come to your own conclusions. If this is agreed between us, then I feel at liberty to put forward a few ideas and suggestions because you will not allow them to fetter that independence which is the most important quality that a reader can possess.
january 2018
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