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The English Vice (1600 words)
Summary: Surely there is some explanation of why Bertie accepts so much from Jeeves.
jeeves.and.wooster  bertie/jeeves  smut  yuletide.2007  adina_atl  fic 
march 2009 by ahab
Transatlantic (900 words)
Summary: "It's the gift of the fucking Magi, that's what it is."
boffle  real.person.fic  yuletide.2007  pg  dafnagreer  fic 
february 2008 by ahab
Of Paparazzi and Context (1200 words)
Summary: Hugh travels to see Stephen when he hears of some unpleasant news and learns that, sometimes, letting go means making a phone call and not buying a plane ticket.
boffle  real.person.fic  hugh/stephen  pg  yuletide.2007  adbaculum  fic 
february 2008 by ahab
The Call (900 words)
Summary: After Stephen disappears to Belgium, he has to get in touch with Hugh again somehow.
boffle  real.person.fic  hugh/stephen  pg-13  anonymous  yuletide.2007  fic 
february 2008 by ahab
The Genuine Article (1800 words)
Summary: Rusty Ryan is a hustler, in every sense of the word, and Danny has always liked to watch him work.
ocean's.eleven  danny/rusty  smut  isagel  fic  yuletide.2007 
january 2008 by ahab
What Happens In Freedom Stays In Freedom (11,000 words)
Summary: A star witness is on the run, and Lassiter and Shawn have to hit the road to bring him back to Santa Barbara.
psych  shawn/lassiter  smut  scribblinlenore  yuletide.2007  fic  10000-20000 
january 2008 by ahab
The Fearless Moral Inventory of Milhouse Van Houten (2100 words)
Summary: Milhouse is an alcoholic. Milhouse is a war correspondent. Milhouse loves Lisa.
simpsons  milhouse/lisa  r  het  yuletide.2007  meyerlemon 
december 2007 by ahab
Hasta La Vista (700 words)
Summary: PC's done with Vista, but Vista's not done with PC.
mac/pc  pg-13  yuletide.2007  airawyn  fic 
december 2007 by ahab
Hanging Out, BFF (1000 words)
Summary: Mac and PC hang out, like the BFFs they are.
yuletide.2007  wolf_cat  fic  mac/pc  pg  gen 
december 2007 by ahab
Live To Tell (3300 words)
Summary: Sometimes who you are is in spite of everything, not because of it.
burn.notice  gen  pg-13  romanticalgirl  yuletide.2007  fic 
december 2007 by ahab
International Man of Mystery (1400 words)
Summary: He has dinner with his mother and brother every second Thursday and he prays every night for something to take him away from all of this.
burn.notice  michael/fiona  het  pg-13  kris  yuletide.2007  fic 
december 2007 by ahab
Affirmation (1200 words)
Summary: "So it's not Cadillac-worthy. Is at least enough to get a discount on the money I owe you?"
burn.notice  fiona/sam  pg-13  het  dbzlives  yuletide.2007  fic 
december 2007 by ahab
Into the Black Petals (1000 words)
Summary: "We are more than our hunger and yet we belong to the moon."
burn.notice  michael/fiona  r  het  yuletide.2007  voleuse  fic 
december 2007 by ahab
A Fucking Conversation about Whatever (1200 words)
Summary: A fucking conversation between Dwayne and Frank about whatever.
little.miss.sunshine  pg-13  yuletide.2007  kristiinthedark  fic 
december 2007 by ahab
Insecurity Comics (300 words)
Summary: T-Rex feels insecure about his tiny arms after someone makes fun of him.
dino.comics  g  yuletide.2007  fic  kyuuketsukirui 
december 2007 by ahab
September (2400 words)
Summary: Quite a lot of the things going on in Matt's life lately can be prefaced by the phrase "after the events of last July."
die.hard  john.mcclane/matt.farrell  r  yuletide.2007  entwashian  fic 
december 2007 by ahab
How Enos Finally Caught Daisy (Or, Possibly, The Other Way Around) (3600 words)
Summary: John's not afraid of new things. He just prefers to take life as it comes, when he can.
die.hard  john.mcclane/matt.farrell  smut  yuletide.2007  tigerlady  fic 
december 2007 by ahab
Emma's Friends (2900 words)
Summary: Hugh, Stephen & Emma take a break from filming "Peter's Friends."
peter's.friends  real.person.fic  boffle  hugh/stephen/emma  threesome  smut  karaokegal  yuletide.2007  fic 
december 2007 by ahab
Character Bleed (200 words)
Summary: It's not just character bleed he needs to worry about.
doctor.who  real.person.fic  david.tennant/john.simm  r  yuletide.2007  jade_starlight  fic 
december 2007 by ahab
Just That Simple Thing (5700 words)
Summary: "Daisy Duke, did you break into my house today?” John's voice was extra rumbly when he was pissed. Matt didn't find that hot. Not at all.
die.hard  john.mcclane/matt.farrell  smut  yuletide.2007  torakowalski  fic 
december 2007 by ahab

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