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{5 Minute} Pressure Cooker Salmon and Rice Pilaf - Health Starts in the Kitchen
Calls for 1/4 cup of dried 'vegetable soup mix' to make pilaf. 5 minutes in pressure cooker from frozen salmon!
rice  salmon  pressurecooker  dinner  easy  fast 
september 2019 by agraseck
Secrets of the Instant Pot - The New York Times - chicken tacos
So: 6 or so chicken thighs, ideally skinless, maybe boneless, too. Put them in the pot along with a small can of diced tomatoes and a seeded, chopped jalapeño, along with a tablespoon of chile powder and a little cumin, maybe some smoked paprika. (You could use a cup or so of salsa verde instead, if you have any around, for a green version.) Set the machine to high pressure for 14 minutes, manual release, and then shred the meat back into the sauce and serve with warm tortillas, cheese, whatever you like.
chicken  chickenthigh  dinner  pressurecooker  tomato  cumin  salsa  easy 
february 2019 by agraseck
Slow Cooker Pineapple Pulled Pork Tacos | Easy Gluten Free Dinner
Basically tacos al pastor. 2.5 lbs pork tenderloin. Turns out great! good for leftover sandwiches or burrito bowl.
slowcooker  pressurecooker  pork  pineapple  soysauce  apricotjam  ketchup  tortilla  cilantro  scallion  texmex  dinner  tried  toprint 
december 2017 by agraseck
Slow cooker cranberry pork roast - New Leaf Wellness
2.5 lb bone in (for slow cooker) pork shoulder. Mom's recipe uses onion soup mix
pork  slowcooker  honey  cranberrysauce  tried  pressurecooker 
january 2017 by agraseck
Pressure-Cooker Lamb Stew Provencal - Beyond Mere Sustenance
Tasty. Made with sweet potato, potato, turnip. Can use any combination of root veggies. Left out mushrooms and pearl onions. Very flexible recipe.
lamb  shallot  pressurecooker  rosemary  mushroom  parsnip  potato  sweetpotato  parsley  redwine  garlic  dinner  soup  tried  toprint  turnip  pearlonion  whole30 
january 2017 by agraseck
Red-Cooked Pork Shoulder and Chestnuts
For the leeks, if you're unable to find them, you can sub the same amount of diced shallots, I've made it with both, and the flavor hasn't been compromised with the substitution.

Dry sherry subbed for the shaoxing wine. I've used both, but I feel like the sherry is a little more versatile for using with other recipies (it's not salted like the shaoxing I bought was). And you can drink the sherry (heh).

I use 2 star anise pods because I love the flavor. Mine might not be super strongly flavored though. It tastes mildly like liquorice though, so be forewarned!

Jarred chestnuts (not water chestnuts) have been difficult for me to find, so I used about a half lb of shiitake mushrooms- sliced and sauteed in a little sesame oil to get a nutty flavor to replace the chestnuts. You can sautee them at any point and set them aside to add at the end. I haven't pressure cooked the mushrooms before, but you might be able to do that. My fear was that they'd turn mushy.
30 min in instant pot
leek  sherry  soysauce  garlic  ginger  pork  scallion  ricevinegar  cinnamon  staranise  rice  shiitake  pressurecooker  slowcooker  dinner  asian 
september 2016 by agraseck
Easy Pressure Cooker Green Chili With Chicken Recipe | Serious Eats
pepitas a nice touch. Soupy. 2 chicken quarters needs hominy to bulk up. Could probably use boneless skinless thighs in a pinch.
pressurecooker  chicken  chickenquarter  chickenthigh  tomatillo  serrano  poblano  jalapeno  cilantro  cumin  dinner  onion  texmex  tortilla  lime  tried  toprint  hominy  pepita  whole30 
august 2016 by agraseck
Recipes for Health - Risotto With Beet Greens and Roasted Beets - Recipe -
IP: steam beets with 1 cup water, 6 min, QR. Peel, chop. Make risotto with 3 cups water, 6 min, QR. Add beet greens and cheese last.
pressurecooker  repertoire  printed  tried  beet  risotto  redwine  dinner  winter  parmesan  parsley  garlic  onion  vegetarian  vegan 
february 2009 by agraseck

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