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Yogurt and Sumac Sauce Recipe - Bon Appétit
Serve with coal-roasted eggplants (2 small), 10-15 min on medium heat coals (ash-covered, glowing red, no black) and on naan or pita
yogurt  sumac  eggplant  summer  appetizer  vegetables  grill  pita 
april 2015 by agraseck
My Favorite Falafel Recipe at
Easy to make in food processor. Double batch probably best though triple batch possible.
freezerfave  chickpeas  dinner  vegetarian  vegan  cilantro  freezer  onion  parsley  garlic  cumin  tomato  tahini  pita  mideast  tried  printed  foodprocessor  repertoire 
july 2011 by agraseck
Recipe - Greek-Style Nachos -
So tasty! Halve the sauce, and serve the topping and pita chips separately so the leftover chips don't get soggy.
printed  farmshare  yogurt  mint  feta  appetizer  cucumber  lamb  pita  dinner  lemon  cumin  tomato  olive  tried  repertoire 
june 2009 by agraseck

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