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Yogurt and Sumac Sauce Recipe - Bon Appétit
Serve with coal-roasted eggplants (2 small), 10-15 min on medium heat coals (ash-covered, glowing red, no black) and on naan or pita
yogurt  sumac  eggplant  summer  appetizer  vegetables  grill  pita 
april 2015 by agraseck
edible perspective - Home - Grilled Romaine Salad
Very simple treatment for romaine, just need lettuce, lemon, olive oil and parmesan The rest is extra.
salad  repertoire  toprint  grill  bellpepper  simple  avocado  vegetables  parmesan  tried  easy  lettuce  summer  onion  lemon 
july 2013 by agraseck
Grilled Potato Salad Recipe - 101 Cookbooks
Cilantro and jalapeno are another option. Or toss in yogurt sauce.
grill  lemon  salad  summer  starch  potato  lettuce  scallion  ricevinegar  vegetarian  sesameoil  vegan  cilantro  jalapeno  yogurt 
july 2008 by agraseck
Kalyn's Kitchen: Recipe Update: Grilled Ginger-Soy Pork Chops
Try again with a longer marinade to see if more flavorful.
pork  ginger  soysauce  dinner  grill  garlic  tried  printed 
may 2007 by agraseck

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