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Flat Zucchini Omelet Recipe |
The recipe didn't make a lot of sense. 1 lb of zucchini for 2 eggs? I used 6 and basically made a frittata instead.
breakfast  zucchini  dinner  farmshare  egg  marjoram  tried 
august 2014 by agraseck
Orangette: But the soup
Very tasty but it spoiled quick - freeze half. Fits in small dutch oven.
toprint  rice  garlic  pumpkin  sriracha  acornsquash  tried  lime  coconutmilk  soup  curry  dinner  butternutsquash  winter  maplesyrup  fishsauce  fall  vegetarian  farmshare  lunch  onion  whole30 
november 2013 by agraseck
zucchini fritters | smitten kitchen
Wu loved it with fried eggplants slices, mozzarella and tomato sauce.
vegan  egg  easy  leftovers  tomatosauce  mozzarella  dinner  vegetarian  toprint  tried  farmshare  summer  zucchini 
october 2012 by agraseck
Breakfast Tacos With Eggs, Onions and Collard Greens — Recipes for Health -
Don't really need a recipe - just steam some collard greens and serve with scrambled eggs in tacos.
farmshare  toprint  fast  easy  tried  vegetarian  salsa  feta  quesofresco  cilantro  egg  chile  garlic  onion  texmex  tortilla  breakfast 
june 2012 by agraseck
Zucchini Cornbread: Recipe :
Tasty, pretty and easy to make a double batch to freeze. I used 2-3 cups of shredded zucchini per loaf.
zucchini  freezer  repertoire  bread  buttermilk  summer  printed  tried  farmshare  cornmeal 
november 2011 by agraseck
curried lentils and sweet potatoes | smitten kitchen
OAMM Oct 11 Very tasty, flavorful, can increase the spice a little. Add red lentils in last 20 minutes to prevent mushiness. Don't de-seed jalapenos.
almond  repertoire  garlic  chard  tried  lime  cumin  starch  dinner  lentil  sweetpotato  vegan  cilantro  freezer  easy  jalapeno  fall  scallion  printed  farmshare  vegetarian  fast  onion 
october 2011 by agraseck
Roasted Potatoes with Wilted Kale and Creamy Tahini Dressing « Pink of Perfection
The potatoes get nice and crispy. Half a bunch of kale. Use the leftover tahini sauce to make chicken salad.
repertoire  garlic  vegetables  parmesan  tried  starch  kale  printed  farmshare  potato  vegetarian  tahini  lemon 
april 2011 by agraseck
Mac & Cheese with Squash and Spinach « eggs on sunday
Healthy tasting - needs more salt or spice. Wu liked it. 2nd time I doubled the mustard; used Northwoods Fire seasoning, doubled, in place of cayenne; garlic powder instead of chopped; a healthy dose of Sandwich Sprinkle and several teaspoons of salt!
repertoire  freezerfave  pumpkin  acornsquash  butternutsquash  spinach  pasta  casserole  drymustard  cayenne  garlic  nutmeg  cheddar  gruyere  breadcrumbs  dinner  winter  fall  tried  printed  freezer  farmshare 
april 2011 by agraseck
A Versatile (& Gluten-Free!) Recipe: Sweet Potato Sformato | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
Husband approved! Very tasty, each step fairly easy though lots of steps became time-consuming. To make easier, bake/microwave sweet potatoes ahead of time. Buy pre-grated cheese. Uses whole milk (microwave 2 min). Used sausage to make a fuller meal. A Southwestern variation could use cheddar and chili powder.
vegetarian  farmshare  fancy  asiago  sweetpotato  winter  fall  simple  milk  thyme  sausage  pork  nutmeg  egg  starch  dinner  tried  toprint 
april 2011 by agraseck
Roasted Potatoes with Wilted Kale and Creamy Tahini Dressing « Pink of Perfection
The potatoes get nice and crispy. Half a bunch of kale. Use the leftover tahini sauce to make chicken salad.
repertoire  whole30  garlic  vegetables  parmesan  tried  starch  kale  printed  farmshare  potato  vegetarian  tahini  lemon 
april 2011 by agraseck
Pasta with Creamy Zucchini Sauce « Pink of Perfection
Easy tasty dinner. Don't need a recipe. Needs more cream, goat cheese was a good addition.
pasta  dinner  zucchini  easy  fast  summer  cream  garlic  parmesan  vegetarian  tried  toprint  farmshare 
february 2011 by agraseck
10 Super Fast Summer Sandwiches « Pink of Perfection
* prosciutto + arugula + ricotta cheese + drizzle of olive oil
* tomato + mashed avocado + lemon juice + sea salt
* hummus + cucumber + avocado + sprouts
* sardines + frisee + avocado + hardboiled egg
sandwich  summer  lunch  prosciutto  arugula  ricotta  tomato  avocado  lemon  hummus  cucumber  beansprouts  egg  sardine  frisee  fast  easy  farmshare 
december 2010 by agraseck
Roast Cod with Potatoes and Onions
From Bittman book. Creamy, buttery, and delicious.
fish  potato  onion  cookbook  easy  fast  dinner  tried  farmshare 
march 2010 by agraseck
Enchiladas Recipe | Simply Recipes
A good base recipe. We usually make with ground beef, but sometimes with zucchini and summer squash, leftover chicken, or black beans.
leftoverchicken  farmshare  summersquash  zucchini  dinner  vegetarian  tomato  cilantro  texmex  tortilla  salsa  beef  repertoire  favorite  tried  printed  cheddar  onion  freezer 
october 2009 by agraseck
Zucchini Muffins Recipe | Simply Recipes
Uses up 3 cups of zucchini! Very moist, good with dried cherries.
cranberry  repertoire  cinnamon  breakfast  walnut  tried  egg  zucchini  butter  printed  raisin  farmshare  muffin  nutmeg 
july 2009 by agraseck
Recipe - Greek-Style Nachos -
So tasty! Halve the sauce, and serve the topping and pita chips separately so the leftover chips don't get soggy.
printed  farmshare  yogurt  mint  feta  appetizer  cucumber  lamb  pita  dinner  lemon  cumin  tomato  olive  tried  repertoire 
june 2009 by agraseck
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