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Secrets of the Instant Pot - The New York Times - chicken tacos
So: 6 or so chicken thighs, ideally skinless, maybe boneless, too. Put them in the pot along with a small can of diced tomatoes and a seeded, chopped jalapeño, along with a tablespoon of chile powder and a little cumin, maybe some smoked paprika. (You could use a cup or so of salsa verde instead, if you have any around, for a green version.) Set the machine to high pressure for 14 minutes, manual release, and then shred the meat back into the sauce and serve with warm tortillas, cheese, whatever you like.
chicken  chickenthigh  dinner  pressurecooker  tomato  cumin  salsa  easy 
february 2019 by agraseck
Baked Ranch Chicken Tenders and Veggies - Damn Delicious
Calls for ranch dressing packet.Baby red potatoes or any other veggies to roast.
chickenbreast  chicken  dinner  egg  cornflakes  zucchini  potato  parsley  easy  fast 
december 2017 by agraseck
Skillet Pasta with Sausage - Taste and Tell
Suggests using a frozen veggie medley which includes green beans, bell peppers etc.
kielbasa  dinner  pasta  fast  easy  milk  parmesan  greenbeans  bellpepper 
may 2016 by agraseck
8 Awesome Midweek Recipes - The New York Times
We’re thinking it may be a good idea to buy a mess of Italian sausages and bell peppers of the red, yellow, green persuasion. Cut the peppers into quarters and the sausages into thirds. Toss with olive oil, chile flakes, salt and black pepper, add a bunch of whole garlic cloves, and roast that mess on a sheet pan in a hot oven for 20 to 30 minutes, turning everything over once or twice to crisp. Serve with bread or polenta: It’s a very nice.
bellpepper  sausage  sheetpan  easy  fast  polenta  garlic  dinner  trysoon 
january 2016 by agraseck
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