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chopped salad with feta, lime and mint | smitten kitchen
Very tasty and flexible. Used green beans, radicchio and some lettuce. Use whatever crunchy vegetables you have on hand.
tried  toprint  salad  vegetables  vegetarian  radish  greenbeans  cucumber  bellpepper  corn  summer  scallion  lime  sumac  mint 
october 2014 by agraseck
10 Super Fast Summer Sandwiches « Pink of Perfection
* prosciutto + arugula + ricotta cheese + drizzle of olive oil
* tomato + mashed avocado + lemon juice + sea salt
* hummus + cucumber + avocado + sprouts
* sardines + frisee + avocado + hardboiled egg
sandwich  summer  lunch  prosciutto  arugula  ricotta  tomato  avocado  lemon  hummus  cucumber  beansprouts  egg  sardine  frisee  fast  easy  farmshare 
december 2010 by agraseck
Recipe - Greek-Style Nachos -
So tasty! Halve the sauce, and serve the topping and pita chips separately so the leftover chips don't get soggy.
printed  farmshare  yogurt  mint  feta  appetizer  cucumber  lamb  pita  dinner  lemon  cumin  tomato  olive  tried  repertoire 
june 2009 by agraseck
Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Word of Mouth: Labneh
Good in eggs for breakfast; dotted with olive oil and served with pita;
yogurt  egg  breakfast  appetizer  cucumber  mideast 
january 2009 by agraseck
The Amateur Gourmet: Otsu
Fairly easy, tasty. Good hot, with asparagus instead of cucumber.
tofu  tried  pasta  soysauce  dinner  vegan  cucumber  Asian  cilantro  scallion  printed  asparagus  vegetarian  farmshare  lunch  sesame  lemon 
may 2007 by agraseck

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