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Recipe - Ale, Cheddar and Cauliflower Soup -
Way too boozy! I would cut the beer in half and use a larger cauliflower. Just barely fit in the small Dutch oven.
tried  bacon  onion  soup  carrot  celery  garlic  cauliflower  beer  bayleaf  cayenne  mustard  cheddar  cilantro  chives  fall  winter  dinner 
september 2011 by agraseck
Chicken Soup With Lemon and Bulgur - Recipes for Health -
Wumesh didn't like, but I did. Various herbs can be used. Calls for 3lbs cut up chicken.
tried  toprint  freezer  lunch  chicken  soup  leek  bulgur  quinoa  carrot  onion  garlic  lemon  parsley  tarragon  chives  cilantro  dinner  chickenquarter 
april 2011 by agraseck
Spring Tabbouleh Recipe - 101 Cookbooks
More lemon juice next time. Otherwise tasty. Makes 4 servings.
asparagus  chives  dinner  lunch  vegetarian  egg  bulgur  salad  peas  walnut  spring  printed  tried 
april 2008 by agraseck

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