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Southwestern Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie
So good!!! Especially with a mix of beef and lamb. OAMM Oct 13
beef  lamb  sweetpotato  onion  garlic  bellpepper  greenchile  tried  toprint  cumin  tomato  cheddar  butter  cream  parsley  cilantro  dinner  freezer 
june 2014 by agraseck
Sweet and Spicy Vegetarian Vidalia Chipotle Burgers | OAMC from Once A Month Mom
Can be vegan or veggie or with meat. Serve with carmelized onions and chipotle-yogurt.
OAMM May 2012
dinner  freezer  yogurt  chipotle  onion  cornmeal  breadcrumbs  egg  pumpkin  quinoa  rice  lentil  beef 
june 2012 by agraseck
Squash and Sweet Potato Lasagna {Vegetarian} |
Make vegetarian with lentil/rice ground beef substitute; or beef.
OAMM June 2012
vegetarian  freezer  dinner  mozarella  beef  rice  lentil  tomatosauce  sweetpotato  yellowsquash  lasagna 
june 2012 by agraseck
Shortcut Moussaka - Recipe -
Very tasty, husband approved. Time-consuming but components can be made separately.
toprint  tried  beef  potato  lamb  eggplant  parmesan  milk  nutmeg  cinnamon  onion  clove  tomato  breadcrumbs  dinner 
november 2011 by agraseck
Pumpkin Black Bean Tamale Bake | OAMC from Once A Month Mom
Tasty, but looked grey and unappetizing. Next time will add a little tomato sauce to improve the aesthetic! OAMM Oct 11
printed  tried  beef  butternutsquash  pumpkin  onion  blackbean  corn  greenchile  creamcheese  cornbreadmix  egg  milk  dinner  freezer  fall 
october 2011 by agraseck
Make Freezer Cooking Work for You Even if You Don’t Like Casseroles :: Money Saving Mom®
Other ideas: hamburgers, meatballs (lamb, pork or beef!), chicken burritos or enchiladas, pizza dough
freezer  beef  lamb  pork  leftoverchicken  pizza 
may 2011 by agraseck
Easy Dinner Recipe: Slow-Cooker Black Bean Enchiladas | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
Use leftover meat if or make it vegetarian. Consider just layering the tortiallas because they fall appart as they cook.
slowcooker  blackbeans  vegetarian  salsa  dinner  onion  bellpepper  corn  cumin  cheddar  tortilla  chicken  beef  pantry  easy  winter  fall  tried  printed  leftoverchicken 
december 2010 by agraseck
Enchiladas Recipe | Simply Recipes
A good base recipe. We usually make with ground beef, but sometimes with zucchini and summer squash, leftover chicken, or black beans.
leftoverchicken  farmshare  summersquash  zucchini  dinner  vegetarian  tomato  cilantro  texmex  tortilla  salsa  beef  repertoire  favorite  tried  printed  cheddar  onion  freezer 
october 2009 by agraseck
Chili-Pasta Skillet
Recipe is the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook
dinner  Emergency  kidneybean  repertoire  tomato  cheddar  beef  tried  tomatosauce  pasta  favorite 
august 2008 by agraseck

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