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Under Fire
Excellent archive of texts and images on the representations of war and violence in Art. Jordan Crandall was the creator [from]
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august 2011 by agora
Mute magazine - Culture and politics after the net
The Zapatista revolt in 1994 managed to irreversibly open the Pandora's Box for Mexico. The revolt unleashed proletarian forces and had a catalytic effect for the formation of new and reactivation of existing indigenous and campesino organisations as well as politico-military groups which have now become forces to reckon with in Mexican politics. After the State's unmitigated repression of popular protests in Atenco and Oaxaca, the politico-military groups, in particular, have grown much stronger than before, and their belligerence against the State and capitalism attracts more and more members and supporters from the growing number of people who have lost hope that anything essential can ever be changed by peaceful means. Mexico is on the threshold of a new cycle of struggle that reassumes armed and combative actions as indispensable for any fundamental social and political change.
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november 2008 by agora
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