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The top 1% - Fault Lines - Al Jazeera English
RT @alphaleah: #OWS : MT @AJEnglish: With 1% of #Americans controlling 40% of the country's wealth, we examine the gap between http://t. ... [from]
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november 2011 by agora
Buildings and Food: Shirin Neshat: Art in exile
Shirin Neshat gives here an important TED talk about being an Iranian artist living/working in exile. I feel empathy. [from]
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july 2011 by agora
Iran: the bait that could hook the world’s biggest shark « Fear is Tyranny
plain and honest reasoning, propelled by the evidences of history and nature.
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june 2008 by agora
E:M | Café Blog in Tehran
Hossein Derakhshan's English weblog on Iran, technology and pop culture
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june 2007 by agora

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