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Prableen Kaurs blogg : Helvete på Utøya
A strong Norwegian teenager survived the deed, here is his story. Amazing strenght, so brave and kind to share it. [from]
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july 2011 by agora
Richard J. Evans: Why did Stauffenberg plant the bomb? - signandsight
Yet Stauffenberg was much more than an action hero driven by the kind of simple moral imperative that suits Hollywood's desire to portray everything in terms of starkly opposed opposites of good and evil. He found moral guidance in a complex mixture of Catholic religious precepts, an aristocratic sense of honour, Ancient Greek ethics, and German Romantic poetry. Above all, perhaps, his sense of morality was formed under the influence of the poet Stefan George, whose ambition is was to revive a "secret Germany" that would sweep away the materialism of the Weimar Republic and restore German life to its true spirituality. Inspired by George, Stauffenberg came to look for a revival of an idealized medieval Reich, in which Europe would attain a new level of culture and civilization under German leadership. A search of this kind was typical of the Utopianism that inhabited the wilder shores of Weimar culture – optimistic and ambitious, but also abstract and unrealistic.
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february 2009 by agora
Daffys elixir - Dawsons lozenges | British History Online
[damask-rose water]

A ROSE WATER made specifically from the DAMASK ROSE. It has been noted among the stock of an APOTHECARY [Inventories (1625)], but according to Nicholas Culpeper, it was less satisfactory in medicine than a water made from the RED ROSE [Culpeper (1792)]. Damask rose water was an ingredient in several classic recipes, including at least one in the official Pharmacopoeia [Recipes (Pemberton)]. However the rose was highly scented, and a water was also distilled from its petals for the purposes of TOILETRY. An eighteenth century recipe 'To preserve the face, from being deform'd by the smallpox' included it [Recipes (Lowers)], supporting the idea that it was esteemed to improve the complexion as much as to be taken inte
Damask water

Probably most often an abbreviated label for DAMASK ROSE WATER, but an OED quotation dated 1611 suggests it was used sometimes as a synonym for SWEET WATER.

OED earliest date of use: 1306

Sources: Inventories (early).
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february 2009 by agora
“Archive Fever: Uses of the Document in Contemporary Art - Art - Review - New York Times
the culture, on the street, in the media, and finally in what is called the collective memory, the “Where were you when you heard about the World Trade Center?” factor.
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january 2008 by agora
Endangered languages encode plant and animal knowledge - earth - 19 February 2007 - New Scientist Environment
David Harrison spoke at the American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting in San Francisco, California, on Saturday.
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november 2007 by agora
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