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Employee Scheduling  |  OR-Tools  |  Google Developers
The following sections present two examples of employee scheduling problems, and show how to solve them using the CP-SAT solver.
google  python  algorithms  algorithm  learning  development 
14 days ago by agius
I just don’t want to be a software developer anymore
hobby coding isn’t at all like coding for work. Very few coding jobs allow you to do the kind of work that hobby coders enjoy. I think in many ways the industry is becoming a lot like the programming portrayed in Snow Crash
career  software  tech  culture  development  burnout 
25 days ago by agius
Self-hosted, open-source Slack alternative
chat  opensource  slack  open_source  app  apps  development  culture  community 
5 weeks ago by agius
1Kprojects - Buy & Sell Side-Projects
1Kprojects is a curated marketplace where makers sell their neglected projects and
unused domains.
business  startup  market  side_projects  development 
october 2019 by agius
The Terraform plugin for the Dominos Pizza provider.
funny  terraform  development  culture 
september 2019 by agius
H1QL is a safe subset of SQL and enforces strict access control to only expose data the requester is authorized to see
ruby  rails  graphql  language  github  hackerone  sql  database  api  development 
april 2019 by agius
Sorbet Playground
Sorbet is an optional type-safe system for Ruby. is a REPL for trying it out
computers  programming  ruby  language  development  tools 
april 2019 by agius
Security Belt
A framework for improving the IT-Security of your teams
training  education  it  security  netsec  infosec  development  culture  process 
april 2019 by agius
Mock Server
Kinda like nock or webmock, except runs an actual server and lets you specify mock requests & responses

Could be useful as a simple recorder for test exploits & such
testing  tests  test  server  development  debugging  security  netsec 
april 2018 by agius
Introduction  |  Caja  |  Google Developers
The Caja Compiler is a tool for making third party HTML, CSS and JavaScript safe to embed in your website. It enables rich interaction between the embedding page and the embedded applications.
css  development  html  javascript  security  netsec  infosec  js 
january 2018 by agius
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