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👋 Goodbye Sprockets. Welcome Webpacker – Alessandro Rodi – Medium
This guide will let you through the process of migrating your Rails Application from Sprockets to Webpacker. Even though Webpacker suggests to keep using Sprockets for CSS and images, I don’t really…
rails  sprockets  webpack 
17 days ago by aghecht
Top 5 mistakes in the early phase of rails project - Code Coding
First to market. Early working prototype. Limited starting budget. Sounds familiar, right? This is often the reality of new rails applications. But hey, we got a support from our framework. We can write a working prototype very fast and deploy the app. But this is our loan. We are often making a technical debt in the early phases of development. And sometimes paying the debt is more painful that we can imagine. Here are the top mistakes that we do in the early phase of the developmen...
20 days ago by aghecht
Ruby on Rails — Should I still use it? – The Set List – Medium
I’ve been using Rails since 2005. It was still version 0.12 when I picked it up to create my first startup with Y Combinator. Ruby on Rails is old. Oy, I’M old. So it begs to be asked, is Ruby on…
11 weeks ago by aghecht
Ruby on Rails Security – The Set List – Medium
We talk to a lot of folks about Rails, from VCs looking to staff their next company to new coding bootcamp grads. And one thing we see from newcomers and veterans alike is a lack of knowledge of web…
rails  security 
11 weeks ago by aghecht
[EN] Domain Driven Rails Architecture
Time: 30-40 min Level: Intermediate/Advanced Code: GitHub References: The Modular Monolith: Rails Architecture – Dan Manges Counterintuitive Rails - Ivan Nem...
rails  domaindrivendesign 
11 weeks ago by aghecht
Nine tips for Rails migration mastery
Several guidelines to help you navigate the many database changes you'll make throughout your career as a Rails developer.
rails  migration 
11 weeks ago by aghecht
Upgrading GitHub from Rails 3.2 to 5.2 | GitHub Engineering
On August 15th GitHub celebrated a major milestone: our main application is now running on the latest version of Rails: 5.2.1! :tada:
october 2018 by aghecht
How to generate ActiveRecord insert SQL (Example)
A protip by lankz about ruby, rails, activerecord, and arel.
rails  activerecord 
july 2018 by aghecht
Rails API + JWT auth + VueJS SPA: Part 2, Roles – Yulia Oletskaya – Medium
GitHub is where people build software. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.
rails  vuejs 
june 2018 by aghecht
Rails API + JWT auth + VueJS SPA – Noteworthy - The Journal Blog
This is a quick guide designed to help newbie developers to build VueJS SPA with authenticated API calls. We’ll start with building an API-first REST-ful Rails backend. API-first means that the same…
rails  vuejs 
june 2018 by aghecht
Separating Data and Code in Rails Architecture – Root Engineering – Medium
The backend platform that powers Root is a Rails application. It’s comprised of 65k lines of Ruby application code and 135k lines of test code spread across 37 engines and 22 gems. We’ve been…
rails  architecture 
june 2018 by aghecht
The Modular Monolith: Rails Architecture – Dan Manges – Medium
One of the hardest things about building a startup is handling the rapid growth in team and technology. The best way to build software with a team of three engineers is different than with ten…
rails  architecture 
june 2018 by aghecht
Russian doll caching in Rails | AppSignal Blog
By nesting cache fragments, views are almost never rendered completely. Even when the data changes, most of the rendered pages are served straight from the cache.
rails  cache 
april 2018 by aghecht
Basecamp 3 for iOS: Hybrid Architecture – Signal v. Noise
We’ve written quite a bit in the past about our approach to building hybrid mobile apps. Basecamp 3 represents the latest generation of this architecture, taking everything we’ve learned from…
rails  ios 
february 2018 by aghecht
Improving spec speed in a huge, old Rails app – Goiabada
We got a 6-year-old Rails app with ~370k LOC and a ~6k-test suite which took 24 minutes to complete. Not good! We took a few days off of the main project to see if we could make things better.
rails  rspec 
october 2017 by aghecht
Marrying Rails, Turbolinks and JavaScript Custom Elements
Rails 5.1 just arrived and brought with it a curated setup for webpack.
Think what you want about webpack, but it’s the new
default for JavaScript module loading and bundling in Rails and therefore
here to stay. So here’s a quick post on how to get the new
JavaScript goodness up and running with your existing Turbolinks setup.
rails  turbolinks  webpack 
august 2017 by aghecht
Realtime with React and Rails - via @codeship | via @codeship
To showcase using ActionCable in a Rails app with React, let's explore how to use Rails, React, MobX, and websockets in a realtime location app.
react  rails  actioncable 
august 2017 by aghecht
The future of AMS – João Moura – Medium
By, João Moura A lot of people have being using Rails to develop both their internal or external API, but building a high quality API can be hard, and performance is a key point to achieve it. I'll share my stories with APIs, and tell you how Active Model Serializer, component of Rails-API, helped me.
rails  activemodelserializer 
july 2017 by aghecht
Setup your Ruby on Rails Server with Ansible -
Go from development to production for your Rails app with Ansible. Come and watch how you can get your Rails app into production on your own server in about half an hour.
rails  ansible 
may 2017 by aghecht
Setting up React & Rails has never been easier | Kodius
In this post we'll go demonstrate a very basic Rails + React project setup.
rails  react 
march 2017 by aghecht
Three Database Architectures for a Multi-Tenant Rails-Based SaaS App
We’ll review three database designs that suit multi-tenant Rails-based SaaS applications.
rails  multitenancy 
february 2017 by aghecht
Sharing models between Rails Apps - Part 1 |
"Build a microservice and expose an API."

That would be the quick answer if you ask any developer how to share business logic between applications...
november 2016 by aghecht
Using Services to Keep Your Rails Controllers Clean and DRY
This blog post examines ways to wrap calls to external service calls into local service objects to simplify controller logic in Rails.
rails  serviceobjects 
october 2016 by aghecht
A Pattern for Service Objects in Rails - Sebastian's Blog
Service Objects in Rails allows to neatly separate the business logic of your application in reausable components. This post describes our …
rails  serviceobjects 
october 2016 by aghecht
Littlelines | Using Phoenix with Legacy Rails Applications
Ruby on Rails Web Development Consulting and Web Designers.
phoenix  rails 
september 2016 by aghecht
Tips for Upgrading From Rails 3.2 to 4.0 - The Lean Software Boutique
There are already quite a few guides in the wild to help with the upgrade ofRails 3.2 to Rails 4.0.The official Rails guidefor upgrading from Rails...
july 2016 by aghecht
Fast Rich Client Rails Development With Webpack and the ES6 Transpiler - Blog - ShakaCode Forum
Discuss Ruby on Rails and modern client side JavaScript, such as React and ES6
rails  webpack  react 
june 2016 by aghecht
The second European edition of the ElixirConf takes place in funky Berlin on 11-12 May. Besides the 2 days of learning and community fun, a full day of tutorials on Elixir and Phoenix is scheduled for 10 May. The tutorials start at 9am at the conference venue, with a short registration from 8.40.
phoenix  rails 
june 2016 by aghecht
Webpack in the Rails Asset Pipeline | Tom Dooner
This snippet of code integrates Webpack into the Sprockets build process
rails  webpack 
june 2016 by aghecht
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