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How to generate ActiveRecord insert SQL (Example)
A protip by lankz about ruby, rails, activerecord, and arel.
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july 2018 by aghecht
Active Record’s queries tricks – benjamin roth – Medium
My favourite part of Rails is clearly ActiveRecord’s scopes. Their expressiveness and their reusability is simply great. Say you have a users table, with a profile association.
If you need to query…
august 2017 by aghecht
Decorating ActiveRecord
Avoid some tricky edge cases when decorating ActiveRecord models.
april 2017 by aghecht
Five More Active Record Features You Should Be Using
Understanding the ActiveRecord API is an important step towards proficiency in the Ruby on Rails framework. These five features should help new and seasoned Ruby on Rails developers expand their tool set.
may 2016 by aghecht
Announcing Scenic - Versioned Database Views for Rails
Database views can improve the performance, composability, and readability of
your rails application and Scenic is here to help.
rails  activerecord 
january 2016 by aghecht

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