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Really interesting functional language. Love the nice data definition syntax, love the functional aspects. Optional type annotations. Fantastic testing and documentation support. Really nice.
language  functional  script  totry 
november 2013 by aggregat4
Asual | Summer - The HTML5 Presentation Layer Library for Java
@boristerzic yes it's real, it will be presented on #java2days here in Sofia.You can check it here:
spring  summer  java  development  webdev  html5  library  totry  java2days 
october 2010 by aggregat4
OSGi Bundle Versioning Service (OBVS)
Definitely need to try out this new automated versioning service for #osgi bundles:
osgi  development  versioning  webapp  totry 
september 2010 by aggregat4
davidB's yascaladt-doc at master - GitHub
I think competition in this space may be good, too bad it isn't for Netbeans.
scala  eclipse  plugin  ide  programming  totry 
november 2009 by aggregat4
pixelsnap - Project Hosting on Google Code
All Inkscape users, looks like this is worth checking out for better quality diagrams:
inkscape  plugin  alignment  grid  pixels  totry 
september 2009 by aggregat4
spock - Google Code
I'm going to have to try this at work. Next time I write some code. Hopefully sometime this year again. <sigh>
testing  tools  groovy  java  totry 
march 2009 by aggregat4
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