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MacOS Mail Anti Inline Plugin • Clive Galeni's Blog
The plugin solves situations with awkwardly inlined images when sending images to anyone who is not using Mail App. If you want your images to appear as attachments to your recipients then this plugin is for you. It also prevents Mail auto-preview feature and display attachments as icons by default. It does something similar to what Attachment Tamer used to do.
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march 2017 by Aetles
Delete2Archive - Archive Gmail Messages Using the Delete Key in OS X Mavericks Mail • Things of Interest
Introducing Delete2Archive, a plugin for Mail in OS X Mavericks that brings back the old delete key behaviour for Gmail accounts, archiving messages instead of moving them to the trash!
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may 2014 by Aetles
Phishing with plain text emails
It looks like plain text, but it's actually HTML with unstyled text and more text hidden in between: try copying and pasting the links from these two examples and see for yourself.
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march 2014 by Aetles
Outbox — A beautiful inbox for postal mail
How does it work?

Outbox picks up and digitizes your mail 3X a week so you can view, sort, and organize your mail from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad anytime, anywhere.
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april 2013 by Aetles
10.6: Change Mail's 'Copy Address' behavior - Mac OS X Hints
In versions of Mail prior to OS X 10.6, you could copy an email address from a message by Control-clicking on the address and choosing Copy Address from the contextual menu. As part of my job, I do this a lot -- users will email me, asking to look up their account name, for instance, so I need to paste their email address into a web form.

In 10.6, it seems someone at Apple decided that Copy Address should really mean Copy Name And Address And Add Angle Brackets Around The Address, because that's exactly what happens when you use Copy Address in Snow Leopard's Mail app. Instead of getting on the clipboard, you get Sue Sample <>.

Besides now having an incorrect name on the Copy Address contextual menu item (thought admittedly, the alternative is a bit lengthy), this behavior is incredibly irritating if you want only the email address on the clipboard. Thankfully, some engineer somewhere deep within Apple included a hidden preference to change this behavior -- and the fine folks at Mac Daddy World (the Ecamm Network blog site) dug deep and discovered this preference.
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december 2011 by Aetles
How to secure your e-mail under Mac OS X and iOS 5 with S/MIME
As one of the oldest applications of the Internet, e-mail has never been known for having top-notch security. This reputation isn't completely undeserved: even today, anyone who knows how to bring up the preferences of a mail program can send out messages with any "From:" address they please. Ironically, such forged messages may travel to and from mail servers over encrypted connections. This helps make sure that nosy types with big WiFi antennas don't get to see your mail or passwords, but it doesn't keep your mail safe from equally nosy mail server admins—or subpoenas by nosy governments.

But not all hope is lost for e-mail. Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) can secure your mail by encrypting a message at the source and only decrypting it once it's in the hands of the receiver. S/MIME also supports digital signatures, so you can know for sure who sent the message and that it wasn't changed in transit. (Big caveat: the nosy governments could still be in cahoots with the certificate authorities, so we make no promises there.)

In the past, we've written about GPGMail, a plug-in that lets Apple's use GNU GPG encryption. Unfortunately, GPG is a pretty unwieldy system and GPGMail could take a very long time to be updated for a new Mac OS X release. (There is currently a stable version available for Snow Leopard and an alpha version for Lion.)

The advantage of S/MIME is that it's built into Mail on the Mac and, as of last week, also in iOS. (I've only tried this using iOS 5 on an iPhone 4, but I assume things work much the same on iPads and iPod touches.) 
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october 2011 by Aetles
Favorite Mailboxes in Lion Mail » Matt Legend Gemmell
The recently released Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” (read my review of it at The Guardian) includes a new version of Mail, Apple’s desktop email client. There are several new features in Mail that I’m enjoying, and one of the least promoted is the new Favorites Bar. I think it’s very useful, particularly if you like to use keyboard shortcuts as much as possible, and so I’ve written this brief article describing how it works.
apple  lion  mac  osx  mail 
september 2011 by Aetles
Apple - Support - Discussions - How do I send the same email to ...
I have created some folders in Mail and one has about 387 emails in it that I've received. How can I send one email out to all 387 of them without doing them all one at a time?
mail  applemail 
february 2011 by Aetles
TidBITS Networking: Achieving Email Bliss with IMAP, Gmail, and Apple Mail
For the past few months, I've been unusually happy with my overall email situation. I won't say it's perfect, but it's way better than it has been in the past - much better even than when I was running my own mail server on my own Xserve, a setup that I would have thought offered me the ultimate in flexibility and power. The ingredients I now rely on - Google's Gmail (via Google Apps Standard Edition, which lets me use my own domain name), IMAP, and Apple Mail - provide the sweet spot that best suits my needs. However, as I discovered through a considerable amount of trial and error, the recipe needed to combine all these ingredients into an edible dish was anything but obvious. For those who have had less-than-satisfactory experiences with their email providers and software (especially Gmail and Apple Mail, respectively), I'd like to share how I achieved my personal state of email satisfaction.
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june 2009 by Aetles
Email Injection - SecurePHP
Om man använders PHP:s funktion mail() måste man filtrera alla input annars går det att använda för spam och anonym epost.
php  mail  email  injection  spam  säkerhetshål  Säkerhet 
february 2007 by Aetles
Mike Davidson: How to Use Gmail over IMAP
En variant av att använda Googles Gmail som IMAP.
google  gmail  imap  mail  epost  mejl 
may 2006 by Aetles
How To Code HTML Email Newsletters [HTML & XHTML Tutorials]
Sitepoint om hur man kodar HTML-mejl på bästa sätt.
html  mejl  mail  e-post  Webbutveckling 
may 2006 by Aetles
PHPMailer - full featured email transfer class for PHP
En bra "email transfer class" för PHP som kan en hel del när det gäller att skicka mejl via PHP.
php  mejl  mail  library  bibliotek  class  klass 
december 2004 by Aetles

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