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Separating iCloud apps between different family devices | iLounge Article
The apps available on a given iOS device are determined by the iTunes Store account used to purchase those apps and whether they have been installed either directly over-the-air from the App Store or synced on via iTunes. Further, an iOS device can actually be authorized to use apps from more than one iTunes Store account; the device is automatically authorized for whichever account was used to purchase a given app when the app is synced from iTunes or downloaded from the App Store on the device.

On the other hand, an iCloud account is used primarily to share information between devices wirelessly over-the-air. This includes information such as contacts, calendars, photos, and browser bookmarks as well as application data for those apps that specifically support iCloud for data storage.

Although most people use the same Apple ID for both their iCloud account and iTunes Store account, this is actually not at all necessary, and in many family situations, each user gets their own personal iCloud account while a family iTunes Store account is often used for purchasing and installing apps and media content. Similarly, different Apple IDs can also be used for Game Center, iMessage, and FaceTime, and if you’re subscribing to iTunes Match or re-downloading previous iTunes purchases from iCloud, it is the iTunes Store account that is used to determine this, not the iCloud account.
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