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The Mac App for Homebrew
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may 2014 by Aetles
Setting Up My Mac Without MAMP | Lullabot
I recently got a new Mac and needed to configure it as a local web server for the many Drupal sites I work on. I used to use MAMP for this, but lately have been using the built-in functionality that comes on a Mac instead. MAMP is easy to install, but it creates a duplicate version of PHP and a duplicate version of Apache. That takes up space on my machine and occasionally causes trouble when some operation uses the wrong version of PHP because of confusion about which installation should take precedence. Setting up a Mac without MAMP used to be sort of complicated, but it's been getting easier and easier with every version of Mac OS, and it's not that hard any more. I thought I'd share the process I'm using now.
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september 2013 by Aetles
Red Sweater Blog – The Sandbox’s Big Red Button
In short: the Big Red Button gives Apple an out.

Whatever mistakes they make in the devising of high-level entitlements can be theoretically undone after-the-fact by supplying developers with special Big Red Button entitlements that pass along specific permissions to the lower-level sandbox, liberating the application to do whatever important task it needs to do.
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june 2012 by Aetles · Sandboxing
Speaking of Radar, we encountered a fairly nasty problem after launching xScope. Many of our customers are designers and developers who love SSDs. It’s common to use a symlink in your Home folder to put big datasets like Pictures, Music and Movies on a separate hard drive. When you do this, folder access in the application sandbox container breaks. A small number of users who use symlinks are also getting crashes after launching the app that was downloaded from the Mac App Store:

xpchelper reply message validation: sandbox creation failed: 1002
Container object initialization failed: The file couldn’t be opened.
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january 2012 by Aetles

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