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Rethrick Construction
Critical, drop-everything bugs become daily affairs, and the sense of confidence in the engineering strength of the structure begins to erode. This leads to low morale, burnout, and less internal cooperation for fear of taking on too many bugs.

Of course I enjoyed my time on Wave like no other time in my career. It was equal parts frustration, joy, defeat and passion. I don't regret a single moment of being associated with it. It remains a wonderful attempt at creating something unique, exciting and incomparably bold. Nor do I want to ascribe blame to anyone on the team or Google at large. I just want to point that even the smartest, most motivated and talented people in the world--with a track record of delivering success--are alone not sufficient to overcome complexity that creeps up on you. Maybe we should have known better, but we didn't.

In the end, the man-month as a scalable unit of work is hubris worthy of a Greek tragedy.
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october 2011 by Aetles

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