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Theft and Loss Recovery for iOS Users — Fraser Speirs
Let's say, for the sake of argument, that I'm walking down the street in a large city somewhere abroad and I'm approached and forcibly relieved of all the valuable possessions on my person. In a typical tech conference scenario, that would be my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch all gone.

What now? Well, there are two phases to this: damage limitation and disaster recovery.
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april 2017 by Aetles
Migrating from Dropbox | the Atomic Bird House
Over the past year or so I've been trying out Resilio Sync (formerly BitTorrent Sync) as a possible alternative to Dropbox. It's gradually improved to where I think I can rely on it. With my Dropbox subscription up for renewal in a couple of weeks, now's the time. In this post I'll describe how to set up Resilio to get a Dropbox-like experience.
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november 2016 by Aetles
CrashPlan for Home Restore-to-Door Service to be Discontinued Jan. 4, 2016 : Code42 Helpdesk
On January 4, 2016, we will discontinue our optional, paid Restore-to-Door service for CrashPlan Home subscribers.  It has been our pleasure to offer this service for several years, but due to declining interest, we are choosing to focus these resources on improving our customer support responsiveness.
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january 2016 by Aetles
Golden Hill Software - CloudPull
Google provides great cloud-based services, but it is important to keep a local copy of your data. This ensures that you have your data even if your account is compromised, Google has an outage, or data goes missing from your account.

CloudPull seamlessly backs up your Google account to your Mac. It supports Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Google Drive (formerly Docs). By default, the app backs up your accounts every hour and maintains old point-in-time snapshots of your accounts for 90 days.
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october 2015 by Aetles
Backing Up iPhoto & Aperture Libraries - Code42
Backing up Aperture with CrashPlan is similar to backing up iPhoto. However, it's more common with Aperture than with iPhoto to have multiple Aperture libraries. You should include the .aplibrary folder for each library in your backup file selection (e.g., /Pictures/Aperture Library.aplibrary/). However, like with iPhoto, you should exclude two subfolders within your library folders: Previews and Thumbnails. 
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october 2014 by Aetles | is a wrapper script derived from the script of Damon Timm ( and designed to automate and simplify the remote backup process of duplicity on Amazon S3 instances or other backup destinations (ftp, rsync, sftp, local file…).

See the README file hereafter for more informations.

Please note: IS NOT duplicity! It is only a wrapper script for duplicity written in bash!
amazon  backup  scripting 
august 2013 by Aetles
iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer
When you get a new computer, iTunes can help move your music so you can play and sync it from the new computer. Read below for help choosing the option that is right for you.
apple  backup  itunes  mac  migration 
january 2013 by Aetles
Picturelife securely stores all your digital photographs and organizes them beautifully

Your pictures are safe at Picturelife. We offer the same security that banks use to ensure the highest quality transfer from your computer or mobile device to our servers from anywhere in the world. Once uploaded, your pictures are automatically added to your timeline and can be placed into albums as you see fit. Photos taken with GPS-enabled devices such as the iPhone are placed on a map so you can see exactly where you were when the photo was snapped.
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december 2012 by Aetles
“iCloud Backup” –
I figured that a “Genius” would quickly figure out whether it still had iOS 4, and if so, would just update it to iOS 5 or 6 and then set up iCloud backup.

But instead of doing what I assumed would be a non-destructive update, the Genius did a restore. And, apparently, didn’t explain what that was going to mean.
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september 2012 by Aetles
articles:metaverse [CrashPlan Support Site]
Well, it turns out that really isn't a problem at all! iTunes attaches metadata that says, “Don't back me up” to each movie rental file. CrashPlan is smart enough to note the request and ignore the file.
Any program on OS X can tag any file with the “Don't back this up” metadata. Another example of this would be VMware, a product that lets you run Windows on Mac. The virtual disk file “vmdk” is tagged with “Don't back this up” and we honor that request.
Generally this approach is the best one. Let the developers agree on what is important for backup and what isn't. Let customers worry about more important things.
But what if you don't agree with VMware and you want to back up that VMware image?
timemachine  backup  osx  crashplan 
july 2012 by Aetles
Turn an Old Computer into a Networked Backup, Streaming, or Torrenting Machine with Ubuntu
You've heard the word "server" thrown around a lot, but usually in the context of web sites or big companies that have a lot of data to store. In reality, a server can be just as useful in your home. In this guide, we'll walk through how to create your own server at home that you can put in the closet and leave on 24/7, ready to do any streaming, downloading, or backup you might need at a moment's notice.
linux  server  backup  mediaserver 
june 2012 by Aetles
articles:how_backup_works [CrashPlan Support Site]
Have you ever wondered what goes on with CrashPlan behind the scenes? In this article, we'll take a closer look at exactly what happens when CrashPlan is backing up.
crashplan  backup 
june 2012 by Aetles
How Toy Story 2 Got Deleted Twice, Once on Accident, Again on purpose
A huge chunk of Toy Story 2 was indeed deleted and was only recovered by a stroke of luck and the intense efforts of the Pixar staff.

But what most people don’t know is that the whole movie was actually tossed out again, not by the computers, but by the filmmakers themselves. It was then completely remade with mere months to go before a release date that was set in stone, cementing Pixar’s legacy as a crucible of commitment to quality.

The story that Jacob shared with me ended up containing some interesting lessons for people working with large amounts of technical data, but more than that, it has a lot to say about just how much of what makes Pixar’s movies so great has to do with the people who work there and their insane dedication to making things great.
movies  pixar  toystory2  backup 
may 2012 by Aetles
PhoneView for iPhone and iPad - Save SMS, iMessages, Voicemail, Call History, Music, Photos, Notes - Ecamm Network
Full iPhone and iPad Access

Save iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app data, voicemail, text messages, iMessages, call log, notes, contacts, music and photos to your Mac.
backup  iphone  mac  osx  ipad 
april 2012 by Aetles
Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions
This topic contains answers to many common, general questions about Time Machine.
It does not, however, cover diagnosis and correction of specific problems or errors.  See Time Machine - Troubleshooting  for such help.
For questions and problems specific to Time Capsules, see Using Time Machine with a Time Capsule.  General problems with Time Capsules are covered in Apple’s  Time Capsule  forum.
apple  backup  mac  timemachine 
march 2012 by Aetles
A Guide to Backing Up Pinboard - Behind Companies
So with so much dependency on all this, I knew I needed to save this stuff. If Pinboard disappeared tomorrow, I need a way to access this stuff I’m saving. Maciej Ceglowski, developer of Pinboard, gives you the option at any time to export all your items as HTML, XML, or JSON. Data portability is good. However, there’s no automated option to do this.

So I came up with a way to automate everything. This is an idiot’s guide to do it, since I’m by no means a pro at this stuff - I just poke around until I can make it work.
backup  pinboard  dropbox  ifttt 
december 2011 by Aetles
FolderWatch - Brothers Roloff
Automatically keep a copy of your project up-to-date on an external drive or a file server.
backup  mac  sync 
december 2011 by Aetles
Speeding Up Your Backup [CrashPlan Support Site]
Designed not to make heavy demands on your computer's resources, CrashPlan's default settings trade speed for quiet, background operation. There are times, however, especially during a first backup, when you decide speed is more important. Here are some temporary adjustments that allow backups to complete faster, as well as some items to consider before changing any settings.
backup  crashplan 
december 2011 by Aetles
TimeMachineEditor is a software for Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion that lets you change the default one-hour backup interval of Time Machine.
You can change the interval or create a more sophisticated scheduling (see screenshot below).
This is useful if you don’t need to backup every hour and don’t want the performance penalty. This is also especially useful if you manipulate lots of data within one hour as you would spend the whole day backing up.
backup  mac  osx  timemachine 
november 2011 by Aetles
Ivo Flipse - Google+ - And it turns out I was right: Backify was too good to be…
And it turns out I was right: Backify was too good to be true.

I just got an email that they are no longer a reseller of LiveDrive and you even don't have access to the your backups. The irony is off course that yesterday my hard drive crashed and I had a backup of all my ebooks on it...
backify  livedrive  backup  cloudstorage 
november 2011 by Aetles
TechNazgul: CrashPlan Online Backup: Maximizing Upload Speeds
Note that the problems related to dedupe/compression observed in this post were fixed by CrashPlan in the 3.03 software release in March of 2011.  As of March, 2011, the problems with CogentCo remain problematic (limits of 300-500 Kbps through CogentCo vs. 3 Mbps + through any other route).
The recent comments in a forum thread at CrashPlan re: compression / deduplication and CPU usage prompted me to run a series of tests with different configuration settings to see how/if it impacted upload speeds to CrashPlan Central (their online backup archive).  Below are the details on the tests I performed as well as the results.
crashplan  backup 
october 2011 by Aetles
Two Months With CrashPlan
It has been about two months since I started using CrashPlan to backup all of my data to the cloud. A few weeks ago I wrote the article – CrashPlan and Why The Cloud Makes Sense - to highlight my initial experiences as well as provide an overview of what CrashPlan has to offer. My initial backup set was 1.8TB and it took about 7 weeks to finish. During that time throughput was all over the map. Most of the time it was 1.5Mbps or less. For several weeks it rarely got above 700-800Kbps. That is until a couple of weeks ago when I changed the Data De-duplication configuration from Automatic to Minimal…
crashplan  backup 
october 2011 by Aetles
Time Machine - Frequently Asked Questions 30. What are Local Snapshots?
On Lion only, to make recent backups available to Time Machine users while travelling or otherwise away from their backups, Time Machine may make "Local Snapshots" hourly.
These snapshots are made only on portable Macs, and are kept on the Mac's internal HD (and on any other disks/partitions being backed-up) for a few days, space permitting.
backup  macosx  osx  timemachine  osxlion  lion 
september 2011 by Aetles
Maintain app organization when restoring iOS devices | Phones | iOS Central | Macworld
If you’ve ever had to restore an iOS device from its iTunes backup—for example, if you’ve upgraded to a new phone, or if Apple has replaced an iPhone that was having problems—there’s a good chance you’ve come across one of the most frustrating bugs in the iTunes/iOS 4 system: Much of your painstakingly created Home-screen organization is wiped out. Specifically, most of your third-party apps are no longer on the screens where you placed them, and while a few of your folders may remain, even those are missing most of their original contents (which are instead scattered across various screens).
backup  ios  iphone  itunes 
may 2011 by Aetles
soma-zone: BackupLoupe
With BackupLoupe you are able to answer questions like
Why is Time Machine so slow?
Why is my Time Machine drive already full?
Which files are actually being backed up?
Has a particular file/folder been backed up at all?
How many revisions of a file/folder exist in Time Machine?
A file/folder was deleted accidentally. When did this happen and where is the latest backup?
Is my backup drive big enough? Should I consider buying a larger one? And if yes, when?
In addition BackupLoupe provides intuitive ways to restore any item backed up by Time Machine to any location or exclude directories from future backups.
backup  mac  timemachine 
january 2011 by Aetles
Drush 4 : Automated Drupal Site Database Backups made easy
Following the release of Drush 4 and picking up on a couple of suggestions made by Moshe Weitzman and Nick Thompson on my previous Drush 3 Automated backup post, it was time for a revised post.

Drush 4 makes it really REALLY easy to backup all your sites, no more bash scripting etc.
drupal  drush  backup 
january 2011 by Aetles - Instapaper's backup method
I mentioned earlier on Twitter that my home computer downloaded a 22 GB database dump every three days as part of Instapaper’s backup method, and a lot of people expressed interest in knowing the full setup.

The code and database are backed up separately. The code is part of my regular document backup which uses a combination of Time Machine, SuperDuper, burned optical discs, and Backblaze.

The database backup is based significantly on MySQL replication. For those who aren’t familiar, it works roughly like this:

The “master” database is configured to write a binary log (“binlog”) of every change it makes to the data.
A snapshot of the entire database is taken, noting the current position in the binlog, and copied to the “slave” server.
The slave server can then start itself up with that snapshot, knowing what binlog position it needs to start from, and continuously stream the binlog data from the master, replicating every change that the master makes, to keep itself up to date.
And the binlogs can be decoded, edited, or replayed against the database however you like. This is incredibly powerful: given a snapshot and every binlog file since it was taken, you can recreate the database as it was at any point in time, or after any query, between the time it was taken and the time your binlogs end.

Suppose your last backup was at binlog position 259. Someone accidentally issued a destructive command, like an unintentional DELETE or UPDATE without a WHERE clause on a big table, at binlog position 1000. The database is now at position 1200 (and you don’t want to lose the changes since the bad query).
backup  mysql 
november 2010 by Aetles
Online Backup for Mac | Arq | Haystack Software
Backup You Can Count On
Arq backs up the critical files on your Mac to the Internet.

Your backups are stored at Amazon S3 ("Simple Storage Service"), the gold standard of reliable online storage in the industry, backed by, a large stable company.

Backups of your Mac are complete and accurate, including all "metadata" -- something that many other online backup offerings can't claim (see results).
backup  mac  macosx 
october 2010 by Aetles Backing Up Live VMware Fusion Virtual Machines
My theory detailed above is only one piece of the puzzle: with backup, automation is king.
Fortunately VMware Fusion 2 and later come with a vmrun command that gives us a basis to automate the taking of snapshots for backup purposes.
Here’s a small Ruby script that dynamically discovers all running VMs, creating a new snapshot unimaginatively named “backup snapshot”, deleting any old snapshots if present:
backup  mac 
october 2010 by Aetles
Startup disk recovery and repair — lessons learned. | This User’s Experience
Yesterday, the SSD startup drive in my OS X MacBook became extensively corrupted, such that the computer would no longer boot from it. The process of recovering and repairing the drive revealed a number of important lessons related to recovery preparedness.
june 2010 by Aetles
Cool Tools: Crashplan
As an alternative to the previously reviewed Mozy, I prefer CrashPlan for offsite data storage. It’ll back you up to external hard drives, or computers on your network, or flat-rate cloud storage, but its great innovation is the ability to back up over the internet, with permission, to another CrashPlan user. This is terrific for maintaining your own automatic offsite backups between work and home, or spreading backup religion to friends and family. All you need is broadband and spare disk space.
march 2010 by Aetles
Using Apple Software Restore
Apples utvecklarinformation om hur att använda Apple Software Restore. (Kanske gammal sida?)
backup  asr  apple  mac  os  x  Mactips 
july 2006 by Aetles
Mike?s Mac OS X Management Software and Tips: Apple Software Restore
En artikel om Apple Software Restore, ett verktyg för att ta backup i OS X.
backup  asr  apple  mac  os  x  Mactips 
july 2006 by Aetles
Command-line Backup Solutions on Mac OS X
Apples egen text om hur man bör och kan göra backuper från kommandoraden i Mac OS X.
backup  asr  apple  mac  os  x  Mactips 
july 2006 by Aetles
Install rdiff-backup for incremental backups
Ett tips på macosxhints om att installera och använda rdiff-backup (framförallt handlar det om att installera det genom DarwinPorts).
macosxhints  backup  DarwinPorts  rdiff  rdiff-backup  Mac 
september 2005 by Aetles
Big Drive Backup
PCWorld testar backuplösningar på hårddiskar, externa direktanslutna, NAS-enheter och även onlineservicer.  external  drive  backup  nas  online  service  Lagring 
august 2005 by Aetles

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